Cial(cochin inernational airport limited)

CIAL Leading The Way to Innovations: Becomes The World’s First Green Airport

Cial(cochin inernational airport limited)

Amidst the rising carbon and greenhouse gases emissions by the travel and aviation industry, Cochin International Airport has taken considerable steps to break the chain and emerged  as a torchbearer. Today, airports are not just transport hubs but full-fledged industrial hubs. In order to create a sustainable airport, CIAL has contributed to this direction by becoming the first “green airport” in the world, for which it also won an award from the United Nations. By becoming India’s first green airport, it is also performing well in the grey market and attracting potential investors to invest in CIAL unlisted shares. The company has not filed for an IPO, so early investment in the pre-IPO shares will be a better opportunity for people to earn ROI in the future. 

If you’re planning to buy CIAL pre-IPO shares, you must know about CIAL’s past financial performance and what exactly is leading its way to innovations. Without much ado, let’s get started. 

A Detailed Overview Of CIAL

Established in 1994, Cochin International Airport Limited owns the Cochin International Airport, formally inaugurated by the former president of India, K.R Narayana, on 25 May 1999. Located in the state of Kochi, CIAL is the busiest and largest airport in Kerala. Also, it is the first airport in India built under a public-private partnership (PPP) model. The company depicts a sustainable business model, which largely adheres to people, culture, and community. It offers services like transportation, accommodation, security services, a shopping arcade, maintenance and repair of aircraft, overhaul services, and much more. The company is also involved in the aviation training institute, offering training to cabin crew, engineers, pilots, and technicians for in-flight and ground support. 

With its powerful performance in the aviation industry, CIAL recorded an operating profit of Rs. 248.9 in QFY2022-03, as opposed to Rs. 74.2 IN QFY2021-03. Look at the financial performance of the company in the table below. 

Particulars 2021-222020-212019-20
EBITDA 21766423
EPS 0.68-2.285.62
Total Income 418252655

Before you buy CIAL unlisted shares, make sure you are well aware of the company’s financial performance to make a wise decision. 

CIAL, The World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Airport

Cochin International Airport Ltd is the world’s first fully powered airport by solar energy. The company started its solar initiation in 2013 with a 100kWp pilot plant. Till now, the company has generated more than 25 crores units of green power from numerous solar PV installations at the airport, which helps diminish the carbon footprints by 1,60,000 metric tonnes. For this approach, the airport was also awarded the “Champion of Earth” award in 2018, United Nations’ highest environmental honour. Since the airport operates on solar power, it fulfils all electricity requirements. Today, CIAL is the largest airport in the state of Kerala and holds the rank of 7th biggest airport in India in terms of passenger traffic. 

Innovations Led By CIAL 

Unlike other airports in the world, what are the factors that CIAL takes into consideration to become a fully solar-powered airport worldwide? In this section, you will read the innovative initiatives led by CIAL supporting their solar agenda. 

Solar Energy

One of the primary focuses of CIAL to be regarded as a fully solar-powered airport is its use of solar energy. Presently, CIAL has 50MWp of installed solar capacity. The airport generates surplus power, which supplies back to the grid. As per Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), the airport generates as much electricity as it produces throughout the day to the KSEB grid. With its multiple solar PV systems, CIAL has produced more than 25 crore units of green energy to date. The green energy initiative taken by CIAL will help diminish carbon dioxide emissions and coal-fired power stations in the next 25 years. 

Photovoltaic Agriculture 

Another major initiative by CIAL is Photovoltaic Agriculture. In this step, vegetables are produced in empty spaces between solar panels. The water used for washing solar panels runs off to the vegetables in between, making it reusable water. This technique is helpful as it will prevent soil erosion and decrease the dust accumulating on PV models. Till now, the CIAL airport has generated around 90 metric tonnes of pesticide-free vegetables using agro-photovoltaic operations. 

Undoubtedly, CIAL’s move into renewable energy will help the company grow in the future, giving investors an excellent opportunity to invest in CIAL pre-IPO shares. If you want to make hassle-free trading in CIAL or other pre-IPO companies in India, Stockify is here to help. We guide investors through the trading process to make trading seamless. Speak to our brokers today. 


  1. How much revenue has CIAL generated in the last year?

Ans. In FY2021-22, CIAL generated Rs. 403.98 Cr revenue as opposed to Rs. 227.17 Cr in FY19-21, showing the positive growth of the airport. 

  1. What is the CIAL unlisted share price today? 

Ans. Cochin International Airport Limited unlisted share price today is Rs. 170. However, the prices fluctuate based on the company’s market trends and financial performance. 

  1. How will I know whether investment in CIAL unlisted share is good or not?

Ans. You can connect with the expert brokers at Stockify to know about the performance of the company. The brokers will help you make a wise decision regarding unlisted shares trading. 

  1. What was the EBITDA of CIAL in 2022?

Ans. The recorded EBITDA of Cochin International Airport Limited was Rs. 202.63 Cr from Rs. 185.71 in 2021, which shows the positive growth of the airport. 

  1. Why should I rely on Stockify for trading?

Ans. Stockify is the leading online stock broking platform in India, helping potential investors with buying and selling unlisted shares seamlessly. 

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CIAL is fully powered by green energy and was awarded the Champions Of Earth Award 2018. Read how this airport is leading the way to innovation.


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