Why Is The Business Model Of KIAL Designed For Extensive Profit?

Will Tata take over the airport, or will Adani take the chance? What will be the fate of Kannur International Airport? 

Amidst the rising financial difficulties, the KIAL is in talks with two prominent business tycoons, Tata and Adani. Who will take the reins of the airport functioning? Is the airports’ functioning faulty, or is this just another effort toward privatisation? Read the blog to learn about Kannur International Airport’s functioning and the key points that make the business model earn profit. What made the airport run into a loss? 

Before getting into the details of the profits and losses of the airport, let’s have an overview of the company. 

Kannur International Airport Limited 

KIAL is a publicly listed company working to construct and manage airports and is built in an area of 2,300 acres. Like the Cochin International Airport, Kannur International Airport is also built on PPP (Public Private Partnership) model. It is Kerala’s second greenfield airport. The airport started operations in 2018 and hit the milestone of 1.5 million passengers within the first nine months.

The airport was built in two phases, EPC-1 and EPC-2. The construction of the first phase started in 2014, and it began its operations in December 2018. Since the airport functions on the PPP model, 23% of the shares in the company are held by state-owned organisations, 26% by the government, and 49% by private companies. 

The company is not yet listed in the primary market; the Kannur International Airport Ltd unlisted shares are available for investors to be traded. The investors have earned significant profits by investing in the company. If you also want to invest in the company, buy unlisted shares. But before you decide to get the unlisted shares, it is essential to look at the company’s financial performance and how the company is making profits. 

How Is The Business Model Of The Company Profitable?

Certain factors have made the company earn profit. Let us look at these factors that make the company’s business model earn extensive profits. 

Like Cochin International Airport, the Kannur International Airport is also based on the PPP model, which has proved profitable for the former. 

Another reason that may result in the airport’s profitability is its vast user base. The Kannur International Airport is in Kannur and caters to people from Coorg, Mysore, and other nearby areas. Business opportunities and tourist inflow from the Gulf countries are also an added advantage.

Kannur International Airport is leaving no stone unturned to grasp the opportunities to become a profitable business. The airport also explores opportunities to tap into the goods and freight market. The spice export market of Kerala and the cargo-oriented industries based in Mysore are also being explored by KIAL. 

Apart from these, the company is also improving its services and making considerable advancements considering sustainability, making the airport’s future ready. This approach attracts passengers worldwide and becomes a haven for investors. Kannur International Airport unlisted shares to make a good profit

What Do The Financials Say? 

Given below is a table depicting the financial indicators of Kannur International Airport Ltd. Let us have a financial analysis of the company before investing in Kannur International Airport unlisted shares. 

Net Sales0.415115.944.8-61.3382
Total Income3.419.1117.850.3-57.3145.5
Net Profit-9.9-47-95-18594.7165.4
Shareholder Funds10611114.81198.61013.6-15.4-1.5
Total Assets1885.82130.52250.62106.6-6.43.8

The company’s income, total assets and net sales have seen a substantial increase in three years, but the net profits, ESP and the shareholder’s funds have shown a dismal performance. Will this performance affect Kannur Airport share price? Find out in the next section. 

Kannur International Airport Unlisted Shares| Is It A Good Investment? 

Even though KIAL has been compounding losses for the past couple of months, the investors are still betting on the unlisted shares of the company to earn a good ROI. The share has performed well in the past year and has provided investors with a fair share of returns. You can also buy Kannur International Airport Limited unlisted shares to be a part of the growth journey. Here is the unlisted share performance of KIAL.

If you want to join KIAL’s growth journey, buy unlisted shares. How? Use Stockify: the best platform to buy and sell unlisted shares. Visit the website for more information! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the share price of KIAL unlisted shares? 

The share price of KIAL is Rs. 110 per share equity. The prices of unlisted shares may fluctuate depending on the company’s performance and market share. 

Q2. How can I buy KIAL unlisted shares? 

Buying and selling KIAL unlisted shares simply with Stockify. You can select the unlisted share you want to buy, complete the KYC and verification, proceed to the payment, and complete the process! 

Q3. Is it good to buy KIAL unlisted shares? 

The KIAL unlisted shares are a good investment option to start your investing journey. Consult an expert before you buy and sell unlisted shares. Stockify has trained professionals who can guide you through the process. Visit the website to connect with the experts. 

Q4. Where can I check KIAL unlisted share price? 

You can check the updated price of KIAL unlisted shares on Stockify. The platform gives a well-researched, analysed, and updated price. You can also connect with the experts at Stockify for more information. 

Q5. Is it legal to buy and sell unlisted shares? 

Buying and selling unlisted shares is legal in India. You can use online stock broking platforms to trade in unlisted shares. One such platform is Stockify. Visit the website to know more. 

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What makes KIAL’s business model a profitable one? Is it the PPP model or the greenfield model? Read more to find out.


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