Future Plans Of Lava International Ltd To Set Feet In Indian Market


The Indian smartphone market has been growing at a fast pace. It allows national and international mobile manufacturers to target millions of customers. According to Research and Markets, the market size of Indian smartphones was valued at $139 billion in 2o21. As per recent data, it is expected to reach $281 billion by the end of 2028 with a CAGR of 10.5%. 

Lava International Ltd is an Indian multinational mobile handset company started in 2009 when people were unaware of the smart features we see in phones. The image of Lava among Indian customers has always been a “Swadeshi Mobile handset Manufacturer.” However, the company faced various challenges amid competition with International smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, and Vivo. 

The decline in sales and demand made Lava off-track and raised a big question about its comeback. On the other hand, investors willing to buy Lava International Ltd unlisted shares are also curious about its future plan to target the Indian smartphone market.

In this blog, we will discuss the possible plans of Lava to set feet in the Indian market.

History Of Lava International Ltd In the Indian Market

The history of Lava International Ltd includes its enormous success and downfall due to the involvement of international smartphone brands. There was a time when Lava International Ltd was known for “Quality on Budget” as its mobile handsets were affordable and came with great features.

The company was founded in 2009 by Vishal Sehgal, Hari Om Rai, Sunil Bhalla, and Shailendra Nath Rai. Lava International is an Indian multinational company headquartered in Noida, UP. However, after 2015, Lava International was affected by the entry of new smartphone brands, including Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and Oppo, and got off track. 

One of the main reasons behind it is the lack of planning for the advent of 4G in India. It was the time when Indian smartphone brands like Lava and Intex fell back, which reduced their market share from 15% to 7% during 2015-2018. The lower market share also negatively affected the Lava share price in India during this period.

Possible Plan Of Lava International Ltd For The Future

Lava International Ltd must make a solid comeback in the Indian smartphone industry. Today, the sales of Lava smartphones are low, negatively affecting the company’s market position. Here are the possible future plans of Lava International Ltd for setting its feet in the Indian market:

Affordable 5G Smartphones

The central Unique Selling Point (USP) of Lava since its inception is its budget-friendly mobile handsets. In the future, Lava International Limited is expected to understand the 5G ecosystem of India and design affordable smartphones for customers. According to the sources, Lava plans to launch its next series of 5G smartphones under Rs 15,000. Recently, the company introduced the Agni series, which got a great customer response.

Associate With New Suppliers

Lava International Ltd also plans to associate with new supply chain partners to boost its 5G smartphone manufacturing process. In the next few years, the main focus of Lava’s officials will be to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain and invest heavily in its R&D and local. With a great response to the Agni series, we can expect more high-spec smartphone models from Indian smartphone manufacturing brands.

Raise New Funds

For any company, it is essential to have funds to facilitate business operations. Lava International Ltd future plan might be to raise new funds via its Initial Public Offering (IPO). When the company filed a DRHP, SEBI directed Lava to refile the IPO papers with further updates. It is expected that Lava is planning to raise Rs 1400-1500 crore via its IPO. However, the company has no exact date for Lava International Ltd IPO. It is difficult to forecast the Lava share price in NSE amid limited data. 

Until the company’s IPO goes public, you can buy Lava unlisted shares and become an early investor. Its unlisted shares perform well and offer good returns compared to its peers.

Buy Lava Unlisted Shares With Stockify

Lava, an Indian home-grown brand, revamped its comeback in the Indian smartphone market. With the new business plan of offering high-spec 5G smartphones at a budget price, many opportunities are waiting for companies and their investors. You can also become a part of Lava’s growth by investing in its unlisted shares. Lava pre-IPO shares are actively trading in the grey market. You can easily buy Lava International Ltd unlisted shares using the best unlisted shares broking platform.

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1- What Is The Market Share Of Lava International Limited In India?

As per the report of F&S, Lava International Limited has a market share of 13% in terms of sales volume in India. 

2- How Can I Buy Lava Pre-IPO Shares?

You can easily buy Lava unlisted shares by using online trading platforms like Stockify. Here you will get access to top-performing unlisted shares before their listing on the BSE and NSE.

3- Is Lava International Limited A Profitable Company?

Yes, Lava International Limited is a profitable company with an authorised share capital of Rs 396.10 crore. For more info about Lava, subscribe to Stockify.

4- What Is The Lava International Limited Share Price Today?

According to recent market data, the current unlisted share price of Lava International Ltd is Rs 105.0 per share.

5- How Can I Buy Unlisted Shares Of Lava International Limited Online?

You can easily buy unlisted shares of Lava International Ltd by using Stockify. Select the number of shares, pay, and unlisted shares will be credited to your DEMAT account.

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Lava International Ltd, a multinational mobile manufacturing brand, plans to set its feet in the Indian market again. These might be the possible plans of the company.


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