The Diverse Income Streams of Mohan Meakin Ltd. 

Mohan Meakin Limited, the oldest alcohol company in India, is known for making the best-known rum, “Old Monk.” Edward Dyer established the company in Kasauli. The company manufactures Beer, Rum, Whiskies, Vodka and Gin. The company is also a manufacturer of vinegar, cornflakes, wheat porridge, and other products. The company has been making profits and is moving on a growth trajectory. In the third quarter of the financial year 2023, the company saw revenue growth of 115% as compared to the previous quarter of the last year. This has given the investors and shareholders hope for the future. The company’s performance has been exemplary in the financial or grey markets. Mohan Meakin Ltd. unlisted shares have performed well in the past few months, giving the investors a good ROI. If you want to be a part of the company’s growth, buy unlisted shares, and multiply your returns. 

Let us decipher what led to the company’s unprecedented growth and unmatched financials. Here is how the company generates its revenue, which in turn generates profits for the unlisted shareholders. 

How Does The Company Generate Money? 

Mohan Mekain has multiple sources of income generation. Here are the three main sources of revenue used by the company:

  1. The sales and manufacturing of alcoholic products (These include beer, whiskies, vodka, rum, etc.)
  2. The sales and manufacturing of non-alcoholic products (These include Juices, Canned products, Corn Flakes, Wheat Porridge Vinegars etc.)
  3. The royalty obtained by allowing the bottling and manufacturing of the company’s products all over India

These revenue streams are the primary source of income for the company to earn money and generate significant profits. Mohan Meakin Ltd has made a good share of the revenue from the export of its premium quality alcoholic beverages, which includes Old Monk Rum, Old Monk Legend Rum, Old Monk Deluxe Rum, Old Monk Supreme Rum, Old Monk Orange Rum, Old Monk Gold.

Reserve Rum, Solan Gold Indian Single Malt Whisky, Old Monk 10000 Super Beer and Old Monk the Original Premium Beer Can. These beverages are exported to other countries like UAE, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Australia, Estonia, Hong Kong, the USA, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Congo, Japan and Kazakhstan. 

The company is also diversifying its revenue streams and is not limited to liquor and alcohol. Mohan Meakin is also making its entry into different areas like mineral water, breakfast foods, fruit juices, and glass factories. 

These are a few of the primary channels Mohan Meakin uses to make a good profit. If you also want to benefit from this company’s growth, buy Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares and generate substantial ROI. 

Mohan Meakin Ltd. Financial Reports 

The company has diversified streams of revenues and an extensive business model bound to generate profits. Let us see if the business model improved the company’s financials. 

Net Sales655.8947.91020.910991370.424.720.2
Total Income660.4954.11027.81101.91379.425.220.2
Net Profit15.333.226.440.351.527.835.4
Shareholder Funds58.792.2117.8158.4211.133.337.7
Total Assets206.4230.1254.9290348.720.214

The data depicts that the net sales and the profits, assets and shareholder’s funds have been growing by a significant margin. The year-on-year growth for these parameters represents an upward trajectory for Mohan Meakin. Investing in Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares can be a good time considering the financials. 

Invest In Mohan Meakin Unlisted Shares For A Generous ROI. 

The best way to generate returns from the company’s growth is by investing in its unlisted shares. Mohan Meakin has shown positive signs of financial growth in the grey market. You can buy unlisted shares and create significant returns from the company’s growth. Look at the extraordinary performance of Mohan Meakin unlisted shares. 

Generate a good ROI by investing in Mohan Meakin unlisted shares. You can visit Stockify, the best platform to buy and sell unlisted shares,  to get expert guidance, an easy process and a well-researched and detailed analysis of the unlisted shares. Connect with us today! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the current price of Mohan Meakin Ltd. unlisted shares? 

Mohan Meakin Ltd. unlisted shares are currently trading at Rs. 1500. The price of unlisted shares may fluctuate. To get updated information on Mohan Meakin Ltd. unlisted share price, you can visit Stockify. 

Q2. Is Mohan Meakin Ltd. listed in the stock market? 

The company is not yet listed on the stock market, but if you want to invest, you can buy Mohan Meakin Ltd. unlisted shares. Visit Stockify to buy and sell unlisted shares. 

Q3. Is Mohan Meakin IPO available? 

The company has not released its IPO. There is no information on the official website. Until the company releases its IPO, you can buy Mohan Meakin pre-IPO shares to generate revenue. To buy Mohan Meakin pre-IPO shares, connect with the experts on  Stockify! 

Q4. Who is the owner of Mohan Meakin? 

The company was originally established by Edward Dyer in the year 1855 but was purchased by NN Mohan after independence. 

Q5. Where can I buy Mohan Meakin Ltd. unlisted shares? 

Stockify can be an excellent platform to buy Mohan Meakin Ltd. unlisted shares. The easy registration process, well-researched analyses, updated stock information, and expert advice make Stockify a good platform for trading unlisted shares. 

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Not only Old Monk, but Mohan Meakin also makes money via other sources. Read the blog to discover the revenue stream of the company.


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