Revenue Model of Mohan Meakin Ltd- A Detailed Analysis

Mohan Meakin Ltd is one of the oldest alcohol companies in India, established in 1855 by Edward Dyer in Kasauli. The company has a broad customer base in India and is known for its famous beverage product, “Old Monk.” During the last few fiscal years, Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares remained profitable for investors. However, it is also crucial for every investor to understand the revenue model of Mohan Meakin Ltd in detail. Let’s analyse Mohan Meakin Limited’s revenue model and cash flow in detail.

History Of Mohan Meakin Limited

Mohan Meakin Limited is one of India’s successful breweries, launched in 1855 by Edward Dyer, who moved from England to India. It is India’s oldest brewery company which started making alcohol when the Britishers ruled India. Edward was seen as the pioneer who brought modern beer to India.

After a few years, another man named H.G. Meakin came to India from a well-known brewing family named Brunton-on-Trent and founded Meakin & Co. Ltd. In 1969, Narendra Mohan Nath, an Indian Entrepreneur, raised funds and acquired a majority of stakes in Dyer’s Meakin Breweries and took over the management. 

It was the year 1980 when the company’s name was changed to Mohan Meakin Ltd. Today, Mohan Meakin has various principal brands, including Old Monk, Golden Eagle Beer, Black Knight, etc. 

Analysis Of The Revenue Model Of Mohan Meakin Ltd

Mohan Meakin share in the liquor market increased by 30% in the last ten years, showing its exceptional growth. In addition, the company’s performance in the Pre-IPO market was also positive, which created a high demand for Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares

When it comes to the revenue model of the company, the majority of its revenue comes from its different liquor lines, which include beer, whiskey, rum, gin, and more. Here is the liquor profile of Mohan Meakin Limited:

  • Gin: Big Ben London
  • Brandy: Triple Crown, D.M., MMB, Doctor’s Reserve No.1
  • Rum: Old Monk Supreme, Old Monk Gold Reserve, Old Monk White, Old Monk Deluxe, and more
  • Beer: Golden Eagle, Asia 72, Black Knight, Old Monk 10,000, Meakin 10,000, Lion
  • Whiskey: Top Brass, Golden Eagle, Salon No.1, Blue Bull, and more.

Out of all the product lines, Old Monk is the largest-selling rum in India and 3rd in the world. It constitutes 80% of the Mohan Meakin Ltd revenue and is vital to its revenue model. Besides, beer brands like Golden Eagle, Lion, and Black Knight Brands constitute 8% of its revenue. 

The company generates the rest of the revenue from selling its other brands like Big Ben London. In addition, its revenue model also includes the sale of Mohan Meakin Pre-IPO shares which are traded in the grey market. However, the percentage of revenue it generates from the sale of each Mohan Meakin Ltd share is unknown.

Cash Flow Report Of Mohan Meakin Limited

To understand the revenue model of Mohan Meakin Limited, it is also vital to analyse its cash flow report for the different financial years. The revenue generated from the different cash flows also affects Mohan Meakin Ltd Pre-IPO shares performance to some extent. Here is the updated cash flow report of Mohan Meakin Ltd:

Particulars (in cr.)FY19FY20FY21FY22
Cash flow from operating activity4,9361,48229,704,768
Cash flow from investing-2,341-875-864-4,551
Net Cash Flow551791,187665
Free Cash Flow2,5204791,8963,769
Cash Flow From Financing-2,042-526-919-101

As per the data shown in the report, Mohan Meakin Ltd revenue from cash flow increased from FY 2019-22, which includes its free cash flow, net cash flow, and cash flow generated from operating activity. However, Mohan Meakin Ltd cash flow which it generated from financing and investing, was negative.

The company’s revenue model is specified that involves its significant revenue from sales and the rest from other business activities. Mohan Meakin Ltd is active in the Pre-IPO market and allows retail investors to buy Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares. However, the income it earns from its unlisted share is still unspecified.

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1- What Is The Estimated Revenue Of Mohan Meakin Ltd In Fy22?

As per the data shared by the company for FY22, the revenue of Mohan Meakin Ltd was over Rs 500 crore on 31 March 2022.

2- What Factors Affect Mohan Meakin Ltd Unlisted Share Price In The Pre-IPO Market?

Mohan Meakin Ltd share price depends on the market conditions and the company’s financial performance. These are the prominent factors that affect Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted share price.

3- When Will Mohan Meakin Ltd IPO Go Public?

There is not enough information available about Mohan Meakin Ltd IPO. As per the sources, Mohan Meakin Ltd IPO may go public at the beginning of next year.

4- How To Check The Updated Mohan Meakin Ltd Pre-IPO Shares?

You can check the Mohan Meakin share price on Stockify, India’s best online platform for unlisted shares.

5- Who Regulates The Unlisted Share Market In India?

The capital market regulator, the Securities & Exchange Board Of India (SEBI), indirectly regulates the unlisted share market in India. Its rules and regulations, like the lock-in period, are applicable in the Pre-IPO market.

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Mohan Meakin Limited generates revenue from different sources, including alcohol brands like Old Monk, Lion, etc. Let’s see its revenue model in detail.


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