How Did Mohan Meakin Ltd Become India’s Favourite Beer Brand?

Beer is the third most popular drink worldwide, as per the report shared by the Brewer World, and countries encourage the consumption of this modern – alcoholic beverage made from all-natural ingredients. Mohan Meakin Ltd is a famous brewery that has become one of the favourite beer brands of people in India. According to the financial reports, the company’s current market capitalisation is Rs. 121.88 Cr. The range of operating revenue of the company has risen to Rs. 500 Cr in FY22, and EBITDA increased by 19.88%, surpassing the last year. Additionally, the company has been performing well in the unlisted share market. 

If you want to boost your investment portfolio by investing in Mohan Meakin Ltd pre IPO shares, then you must know the history of Mohan Meakin Ltd.

In this write-up, we will walk you through the history of Mohan Meakin Ltd company and how it became a renowned name in the brewery industry in India. 

Tracing Back The History Of Mohan Meakin Ltd 

Mohan Meakin Ltd is the first Indian brewery established in 1855 by Edward Abharam Dyer at Kasauli in the Himalayan mountains of India under the name Dyer Breweries. He was India’s brewing pioneer who brought bliss to this sun-drenched land to quench the thirst of millions of people in India – modern beer. He realised for the first time that there were few places on earth where a good drink was welcomed. With such thought in mind, he started a brewery in India with the name Dyer Meakin & Co. Ltd. 

The name of the company changed from Dyer Meakin & Co. Ltd to Dyer Meakin Breweries Ltd in 1935 when Burma was dismembered from India. Additionally, the name again got changed from Dyer Meakin Breweries Ltd to Mohan Meakin Ltd in 1980; hence it’s known as Mohan Meakin Ltd. 

The Main Business Of The Company

Mohan Meakin Ltd is into manufacturing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages using organic ingredients. The alcoholic products include beer, brandy, whisky, rum, gin, and vodka. The non-alcoholic products that the company manufactures include mineral water, apple juice, brewed and non-fruit vinegar, and breakfast foods like wheat porridge, corn flakes, wheat flakes, wheat dalia and malt extracts. Undoubtedly, the company has been a pioneer in its industry and has made steady progress by establishing breweries and distilleries in different parts of the country. 

Additionally, the company exports its alcoholic products to various countries, including the United States, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Kenya, Germany, Hong Kong, Oman, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, and the Demographic Republic of the Congo. With such a powerful presence worldwide, Mohan Meakin Ltd is the right company to invest in pre-IPO shares. You can check the price or buy Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares with Stockify today. 

The Financial Performance 

If we look at the company’s financial performance over the past few years, it has registered exceptional growth. In 2019, the sale of the company was 94,794 Lakh and recorded 1,37,042 Lakh in 2022. The net profit also rose from 3,315 in 2019 to 5,145 in 2022, which witnessed remarkable growth. Further, the company ended the financial year 2021-22 with an annual revenue of Rs. 13.7 billion, significantly higher than Rs. 10.09 billion in the last financial year. 

Additionally, the company’s total income was summed up to be Rs. 89.5 million compared to Rs. 28.6 million in the last year. From FY19 to FY22, the revenue of the company has seen consistent growth, giving investors an opportunity to invest in Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares. Though the company is already performing well in the grey market, there is no information on whether the company filed for DRHP for the IPO or not. 

Why Buy Unlisted Shares Of Mohan Meakin Ltd?

Unlisted shares are a great option to diversify your investment portfolio and earn high ROI for the long term. Since the Mohan Meakin Ltd Company has not filed for IPO, it is the best opportunity for investors to buy Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares to reap profit in the future once the company goes public. It is one of the most remarkable companies in the beer industry that can help potential investors to earn exponential ROI in the future. If you want to buy Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares and other top pre-IPO company shares, Stockify is here to help you. You can connect with our expert brokers to simplify your trading process. Let’s connect and start trading today!


Que 1. How to buy Mohan Meakin Ltd pre IPO shares?

Ans. You can buy Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares through Stockify, a leading online brokerage platform to help you buy and sell unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies in India. Connect with us to start trading. 

Que 2. What is the minimum ticket size to buy Mohan Meakin Ltd pre IPO shares?

Ans. For the past few years, the unlisted share market has become quite big; therefore, the ticket size has been reduced from the usual 5-10 lac to 35k-50k in today’s scenario. Get in touch with brokers at Stockify to buy Mohan Meakin unlisted shares. 

Que 3. How to track and check the daily price of Mohan Meakin pre-IPO shares?

Ans. To check the price of Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares, you can visit the Stockify website. Here, we update the price daily based on market fluctuations. Stay tuned with us.

Que 4. Is investing in Mohan Meakin Ltd pre IPO shares profitable?

Ans. Yes, as an investor, you can earn a high return on your investment. The company performed well in the past few years, and its revenue increased from 1100 crore in FY21 to 1370 crore in FY22, which shows an excellent growth of 25%. 

Que 5. What is the current price of Mohan Meakin Ltd unlisted shares?

Ans. Mohan Meakin Ltd pre IPO share price today is Rs. 1400. However, the price keeps fluctuating based on the market condition.

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Mohan Meakin Ltd earned 13.7 billion in revenue in the last financial year. Read the history of Mohan Meakin Ltd to make a wise investment decision.


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