Decoding The Nse Pre-IPO Shares Price History Over The Last Five Years

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is the leading stock exchange in India. The company offers investors a platform to invest in various trading options to reap investment benefits. Currently, NSE unlisted shares have become a great investment opportunity for retail investors to diversify their portfolios. Why? Ever since the news about the NSE’s IPO rolled out in the unlisted share market, retail investors have become excited to know more about the NSE share price history over the last five years. If you’re planning to invest in NSE unlisted shares and want to know whether this company would be the right investment, this blog is for you. Here, we will walk you through the NSE pre-IPO price history over the last five years. Let’s decode together. 

A Glimpse Of NSE Pre-IPO Shares In The Unlisted Share Market

Before we talk about NSE’s unlisted share price history of the past five years, let’s understand the position of its shares in the unlisted share market. Presently, NSE pre-IPO stocks are among the top-performing shares. NSE offers investors a golden opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and yield a high return on their investment. In the past five years, NSE share prices have consistently fallen about 50%; nevertheless, its share prices surged from Rs. 3,400 per equity share to Rs. 3,700 per equity share.

Overview Of NSE Unlisted Shares In The Past Five Years 

The National Stock Exchange(NSE) has been in talks for its IPO, which might be released in the coming months. As soon as this news was out, the NSE share price increased by nearly 7%. It is not the first time the NSE stock price has surged, but in the past years, a significant change in its pre-IPO shares has been witnessed. Let’s quickly understand the NSE share prices in the last five months.


In 2019, the performance of the NSE unlisted shares was available for trading at around Rs. 1,000 per equity share. The company’s revenue was recorded at Rs. 3,514 Lakh, and EBITDA was recorded at Rs. 24,411 Lakh this year. Compared to the previous corresponding year, this year, the company performed well and earned high revenue. 


In 2020, NSE unlisted shares were trading somewhere between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 1500. Further, the revenue in this year was Rs. 3,896 Lakh, which is higher than the previous year. Also, the EBITDA was recorded at Rs. 2,655 Lakh. So, the data for this year is more than the previous year. 


In January 2021, NSE pre-IPO shares were available for trading at Rs. 1,900 per equity share. The company’s unlisted share prices increased due to high revenue and business operations. Talking about the revenue for this year, the company generated Rs. 6202 Lakh revenue, which is a whopping amount than the previous year, and the recorded EBITDA was Rs. 4718 Lakh. 


In 2022, NSE share prices increased and were available for trading at Rs. 3,400 per equity share. This year, the company’s revenue was Rs. 9,500 Lakh, and EBITDA was Rs. 7,069 Lakhs. Certainly, the company performed better than its previous year and attracted many retail investors to invest in its unlisted shares. 


At the start of 2023, NSE pre-IPO shares were trading at Rs. 3,600 – Rs. 3,700 per equity share. Also, the revenue of the company increased compared to all the previous four years. The revenue was recorded at Rs. 11586 Lakh and EBITDA at Rs. 9631 Lakh. 

One of the primary reasons for the increased share price of NSE is due to the announcement of an IPO by the company. The company’s growth in the past few years and the demand for its unlisted shares is the main reason why retail investors want to buy NSE unlisted shares and get access to its first sale of IPO shares. 

Invest In NSE Pre-IPO Stocks With Stockify 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much profit did NSE generate in the last quarter of FY23?

Ans. In the last quarter of FY 22-23, the company generated a consolidated net profit of Rs. 2,067 crore, which is 31% higher than Rs. 1,580 crore reported in the previous year. 

What is the competitive strength of NSE?

Ans. NSE is the largest stock exchange in India and the third largest in the world. The company continued to enjoy a market share of around 94% in the Capital Market segment, with nearly 100% market share in the Equity Derivatives segment. 

How much revenue did NSE earn in FY23?

Ans. In FY 22-23, the company recorded a revenue of Rs. 11,586 crore against Rs. 9,500 crore in FY 21-22. This shows a positive growth of the company in the recent year. 

Where do I buy NSE unlisted shares?

Ans. You can buy NSE pre-IPO stocks at Stockify. Whether you want to buy or sell pre-IPO stocks, you can use the Stockify platform to make your trading seamless. 

At what price NSE pre-IPO stocks are available for trading?

Ans. The current NSE share price is Rs. 3,600 per equity share. The prices fluctuate based on the company’s performance and market trends. Speak to expert brokers today.

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NSE, India’s biggest stock exchange, has witnessed major changes in its share price in the past five years. Read this blog to know.
NSE, India's biggest stock exchange, has witnessed major changes in its share price in the past five years. Read this blog to know.


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