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Dividend History Of HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares

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The dividend of any company plays a vital role in determining the stock price. Companies pay dividends to shareholders to distribute profit, which shows the corporate financial health and earning potential. HDB Financial Services, an unlisted company, also offers investors an opportunity to earn Return On Investment and boost their investment portfolio by investing in HDB Financial Services unlisted shares. For investors, dividends work as a catalyst for additional investment options.  

HDB Financial Services unlisted share also provides investors with a dividend history based on unlisted shares available in the market. In this write-up, we will confabulate the dividend history of HDB Financial Services, which will help you make a better investment decision in the future. Stride along with us till the end. 

An Overview Of HDB Financial Services 

Established in 2007, HDB Financial Services is a leading non-banking financial company catering to the growing needs of an aspirational India, serving both Individual and business clients. The company is a well-established business with robust capitalisation and is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank. HDB Financial Services has been accredited with CARE AAA & CRISIL AAA ratings for its remarkable services and robust long-term debt and bank facilities performance. The company also got an A1+ rating for its short-term debt and commercial papers, making it a robust financial institution in the country.

The company offers secured and unsecured loans to different customer bases, which include customer loans, asset finance, and enterprise loans. Today, HDB Financial Services has over 1400 branches across 24 Indian states and three union territories. 

Consumer Loans

They offer loans to customers for the purchase of the products such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, audio and video equipment, moveable products in the house, personal loans, essential non-consumable, lifestyle products, and a lot more, which can help fulfil long and short term requirements of the people.  

Enterprise Loans

The company helps SMEs by providing them loans to fulfil their working capital needs to execute big orders, purchase new machinery for the increase in production, loan for boosting business, and refinance existing loans, to name a few. SMEs can take secured or unsecured loans against property, security, or anything else. 

Asset finance 

If people want to purchase new or other used commercial vehicles, construction equipment generating income for the borrowers, and tractor loans, the company also provides the same. Refinancing existing vehicles and equipment facilities are also given to people. 

Dividend History of HDB Financial Services 

Now that you know about the services HDB Financial Services offers and its performance since its inception, we will walk you through the dividend history of HDB Financial Services unlisted shares over the years. Potential investors who invest in HDB Financial Services’ services can earn a certain percentage of dividends based on the pre-IPO market fluctuation. 

HDB Financial Services company has shared data on dividend history till now. The company shares a percentage of the face value of its unlisted shares to shareholders. Investors who buy HDB financial unlisted shares can earn annual dividends, which can increase over the years as the company grows and performs well in the future. The company has been paying decent dividends to its investors for many years. Let’s now shed light on the company has dividends to its investors since 2002. 

In 2002, the company paid a 0.91% dividend to investors annually; the dividend increased by 0.25% in 2003, which was 1.16%. Investors earned a higher percentage of dividends on HDB Financial Services’ unlisted shares in 2003 than the previous year. In 2004, the dividend percentage decreased to 0.78% and 0.73% in 2005. 

Investors sought the hike in 2006 when they got 1.06% of dividends on their unlisted shares. In 2007, the percentage of dividends came down to 0.68%, 0.97% in 2008, 0.57% in 2009, and 0.54% in 2010. During these years, investors didn’t earn flabbergasting returns on their HDB Financial Services unlisted shares as the company’s performance could have been better. From 2011 a little jump in the dividend percentage was seen that was increased by 0.14%, which reached 0.68%. 

In 2012, the percentage increased to 0.70 and 1.23% in 2013, yielding investors a significant return on their unlisted shares. The percentage was again affected in 2014 and came down to 0.70%, 0.59% in 2015 and then rose to 0.61% in 2016. Another year was not so lucky for investors as they could only get 0.56% and 0.51% in 2018. 

During these years, investors earned fewer dividends as compared to other years. In 2019, the company offered dividends two times to investors, which was 0.50% in June and 0.72% in July. In 2020, no dividend was offered to investors due to the company’s weak financial performance. In 2021, the company offered 0.31% of dividends to investors, which is relatively less than all the percentages of dividends given to investors in the previous years. Investors didn’t earn enough this year, which proved to be an unfortunate year for them. 

2022 saw a rise in the percentage of dividends, which was 0.85, giving investors a high return on their investment. In 2023, the dividend percentage offered to investors on May 12 was 0.85, which is decent compared to previous years. The dividend given to investors throughout these years was paid annually, and you can see how the dividend percentage went up and down these years. HDB Financial Services unlisted shares also performed well in the grey market and allowed investors to earn a high return on their investment. 

As a potential investor, if you’re looking to invest in unlisted shares, then you must check the HDB Financial Services unlisted share price to make a wise decision. Investors should connect with the best online brokerage platform to buy unlisted shares in India. You can connect with brokers at Stockify to make your trading hassle-free. 

Financial Performance Of The Company In The Past Few Years

Particulars FY20FY21FY22
Net sales 10756.510944.811306.3
Total income 10756.510944.811306.3
Net profit 1004.9391.51011.4
Shareholder funds 8017.88446.29539.7
Total assets 60714.562641.162025.9
EPS 12.734.9612.8

The table above reveals that the company’s financial performance has been improving since FY20, which is a positive sign for the company. The company’s remarkable performance attracts potential investors to invest in HDB Financial Services’ unlisted shares and earns a high ROI before the company gets listed. 

The dividend history of HDB Financial Services unlisted shares has been positive throughout the years and offers you an opportunity to invest in its shares. At Stockify, we help you buy unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies in India to boost your investment portfolio. Our expert brokers will give you every detail about the company to make your trading hassle-free. It’s time to reap long-term dividends with the right company; connect with us and start trading today. 


Que 1. Is trading in HDB Financial Services unlisted shares legal in India?

Ans. Yes, trading in unlisted shares of HDB Financial Services is legal in India, and the trading occurs in the over-the-counter market via online brokerage platforms like Stockify. 

Que 2. Does SEBI regulate unlisted shares?

Ans. India’s Securities & Exchange Board doesn’t regulate the unlisted share market. However, specific rules and regulations are applicable in the grey market, such as the DP charge for every transaction, lock-in period, stamp duty, etc. 

Que 3. Where do I check HDB Financial Services unlisted share price?

Ans. You can quickly check HDB Financial Services share price BSE only on Stockify. Our team of experts keeps updating the prices of unlisted shares based on market fluctuations. 

Que 4. What is the minimum ticket size for HDB Financial Services unlisted shares?

Ans. The ticket size for investment has dropped as most people started investing in the unlisted share market. The minimum ticket size for HDB Financial Services unlisted shares is between 30k and 50k. 

Que 5. Which is the best place to buy and sell unlisted shares in India?

Ans. Stockify is the best-unlisted shares brokering platform to buy and sell unlisted shares. We have expert brokers who will provide you with relevant information about the company. Connect with us and start trading today! 

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