Future Outlook Of Indian Potash Limited In The Share Market

Indian Potash Limited is a well-known name engaged in producing and marketing cattle feed and other agricultural products. It is a company with a network of farmers across the different states of India. Incorporated in 1955, it works with a vision of promoting the balanced use of potash. 

Indian Potash Limited has diversified into dairy, cattle feed, sugar, and Rural Warehousing. It is a private company offering unlisted shares for trading in the Pre-IPO market. As an investor, you should know the future of Indian Potash Limited in the share market. This blog will help you explore the possibilities of investing in this company.

Different Business Segments of Indian Potash Limited

Indian Potash Limited is a well-known name in the agriculture sector that has a vast customer base across different states of India. It is also India’s largest Potash importer and has warehouses across India. Before analysing the company’s future position in the share market, it is vital to have a basic understanding of its business segments. 


Indian Potash Limited offers different fertilisers to farmers with the help of its vast network of dealers. It provides a variety of fertilisers used in the crops. The company has been widely known for potash, which is its Unique Selling Point (USP). 

Cattle Feeds

The company also produces and promotes cattle feed in the northern and southern parts of the country. Indian Potash Limited has two plants for the production of cattle feed. One is at Sikandrabad (UP), and the other is in Renigunta (Andhra Pradesh) to meet the demand.

Dairy Products

It also provides different types of dairy products with the help of its Milk Plant across many states and union territories. As per sources, Indian Potash Limited produces seven lakhs litres of milk per day. It supplies its dairy-based products to Mother Dairy.


The company is also engaged in the sugar supply and has acquired five sugar mills from the UP Government. It also produces pharma-grade sugar and supplies it to various pharmaceutical companies such as Abbot, GSK, and more. Apart from it, Indian Potash Limited also supplies sugar to food and beverage companies.

Indian Potash Limited Performance In Pre-IPO Market

The future outlook of the company will depend on the performance of Indian Potash Limited shares. It is also essential for you to be aware of the company’s current and past performance in the share market. Here is the updated financial report of Indian Potash Limited for the financial year 2021 and 2022:

Financial Year20212022
Operating RevenueRs 16,554 CrRs 18,503 Cr
PATRs 853 CrRs 1619 Cr

As per the data from the table, Indian Potash Limited’s financial performance has increased in terms of operating revenue and Profit After Tax. In FY 21, the company’s operating revenue was Rs 16,554 crore, which increased to Rs 18,503 crore in FY 22.

In addition, the other financial metrics of Indian Potash Limited, like Net Profit Margin (NPM) and Equity Per Share (EPS), also increased. During the financial year 2021-22, Indian Potash Limited unlisted shares also showed a good growth rate and allowed investors to make good returns. The price of its unlisted shares went from Rs 720 to Rs 1,207 per share from 2020 to 2022. Currently, Indian Potash Limited unlisted share price is Rs. 1450.

Future Outlook Of India Potash Limited Share Price

There can be various possibilities for investors of Indian Potash Limited who are interested in its pre-IPO shares. As per the recent performance, the company showed exceptional growth in the Pre-IPO market regarding revenue and profit. In future, we can expect a high Indian Potash Limited share price once the company works towards its business expansion plans.

In addition, it is expected that Indian Potash Limited will also work on bringing its IPO and allow investors to buy Indian Potash Limited shares. Since it is a profitable business, the demand for its products will keep increasing, which will positively affect the price of its shares in the stock market. However, it is challenging to predict Indian Potash Limited share price in NSE, but its current financials reflect the company’s strong position in the share market.

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1- How Indian Potash Limited Unlisted Share Price Is Determined?

The price of Indian Potash Pre-IPO shares is determined based on the company’s current performance and market condition.

2- Where To Check Indian Potash Limited Share Price Daily?

You can check the unlisted share price of Indian Potash Limited by using online unlisted shares trading platforms like Stockify.

3- What Is The Lock-In Period Of Indian Potash Limited Shares?

The lock-in period for Indian Potash Limited shares is six months. For more info, you can connect with our experts.

4- What Is The Minimum Ticket Size To Invest In Indian Potash Limited Unlisted Shares?

The minimum ticket size of Indian Potash Limited Pre-IPO shares is between Rs 30K to 50K.

5- How To Buy Unlisted Shares Of Indian Potash Ltd Online?

You can buy unlisted shares of Indian Potash Ltd online using the Stockify platform. Here you can buy Pre-IPO stocks in a few simple steps.

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Indian Potash Limited is one of the fastest-growing companies performing well in the share market. Here’s its predicted future outlook in the share market.


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