Price Of Indian Potash Limited Shares Is Expected To Rise In Coming Months: Here’s Why

The Indian economy widely depends on agriculture, as it contributes more than 17% to the total GDP. Being a farming-centric nation, India always seeks potash, fertilisers, and modern agriculture equipment to yield more. Fertiliser and potash prices are increasing exponentially; in 2021, prices surged by 80%, and in 2022 there was a rise of 30%. The soaring prices are influenced by factors like high input costs, supply disruptions due to sanctions (Belarus and Russia), export restrictions (China), and increasing demand worldwide. 

Furthermore, in October 2022, European ammonia production capacity was reduced by 70%, creating a global shortage of potash and fertilisers. Indian Potash Limited, a leading importer of muriate of potash, di-ammonium phosphate, sulphate of potash, and fertilisers, has been benefiting from the surging demands for fertiliser and potash. For the financial year ending on 31 March 2022, the IPL’s EBITDA has increased by 13.05 percent, and its book net worth has grown by 14.72 %. Here we will understand why fertiliser, potash, and the Indian Potash Limited unlisted share prices are expected to increase.

Indian Potash Limited Unlisted Share Details

The following table represents all share details of Indian Potash Limited.

Current price of Indian Potash Limited unlisted share₹ 1450 per equity share
Total available shares100
Face value₹ 10 per equity share
Lot size25 shares
Market cap₹ 43471 crores
52W high₹ 2150 per equity share
52W low₹ 1450 per equity share
Book value₹ 2142.3 

Impact Of Increasing Potash & Fertilisers On Indian Potash Limited Unlisted Shares

Due to the lower supply and increased demand, the prices of fertilisers and potash have continuously risen. Let’s know the reason behind the price surge and what we can expect.

Why Are Potash & Fertilisers Prices Rising?

The prices of fertilisers and potash are continuously rising because of the following reasons – 

  1. Export Restrictions

Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the import and export among the nations have been badly impacted. The potash exports from Belarus have fallen by more than 50 % as the country cannot use EU territory for import-export.

  1. Robust Demand

Fertilisers and potash are essential items used globally, and their consumption and demand remained high during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now, the need for potash and fertilisers is rising because, without these items, farming is near impossible.

  1. Climate Concerns And Natural Disasters

Extreme temperatures and disasters like hurricanes impact fertiliser and potash production facilities. The climate and weather also slow the deliveries, increasing production costs and supply disruptions.

  1. High Production Costs

Rising natural gas prices led to a decrease in ammonia production—a vital substance used in manufacturing nitrogen-based fertilisers. In addition, coal prices are also soaring, driving up production costs.

  1. Supply Chain Disruptions

Fertilisers and potash prices spiked due to the economic sanctions and disruptions in Black Sea trading routes. Moreover, China also suspended the fertilisers export to meet the country’s increasing demands.

What Can We Expect In The Future?

As the new crop season approaches, the demand for potash and fertilisers will rise again. Since the availability of the items is less, the prices of potash and fertiliser will increase in the future. With the increasing demand and pricing, the sales of Indian Potash Limited are also increasing exponentially. The current market cap of the Indian-originated fertiliser company is more than ₹ 43471 crores and growing rapidly. The Indian Potash Limited unlisted share prices have also seen a surge and are expected to rise. It is the best opportunity to leverage the growing shares of Indian Potash Limited by purchasing its unlisted shares and diversifying the investment risks.

Financial Details Of Indian Potash Limited 

The financial details of Indian Potash Limited are listed below; all the details are in crores.

YearRevenueEBITDAOPMPAT NPM Shares Face valueEPS
201711,728740.936.32%361.02 3.08%1.43 10252
201813,201722.725.47%347.52 2.63%1.4310243
202014643 867.975.93%3772.57%2.8610132

How Can You Benefit From The Rising Prices Of Indian Potash Limited Unlisted Shares?

The demand for fertiliser and potash has increased worldwide, and it is expected to keep increasing. The growing revenue of Indian Potash Limited speaks about its increasing global sales and export. Moreover, the Indian Potash Limited unlisted shares have also surged, creating an excellent opportunity for investors to earn high ROI by investing.

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Q1 – How can I buy Indian Potash Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – You can use Stockify – India’s leading online stock broking platform, to buy and sell Indian Potash Limited unlisted shares.

Q2 – Are unlisted shares regulated by SEBI?

Ans – SEBI rules and regulations apply to the unlisted share market.

Q3 – Is buying and selling Indian Potash Limited unlisted shares legal in India?

Ans – Buying and selling unlisted shares is entirely legal in India. To learn more about stock trading, you can connect with the experts at Stockify.

Q4 – Are Indian Potash Limited unlisted shares worth investing in?

Ans – Yes, Indian Potash Limited unlisted shares are worth investing in. However, share prices continuously fluctuate hence know the market conditions before investing.

Q5 – What is the price of Indian Potash Limited unlisted share today?

Ans – The current price of Indian Potash Limited unlisted share is ₹ 1450 per equity share. To know the updated prices of unlisted shares and other financial stats in detail, use Stockify.

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The global demand for potash and fertilizers has surged. Click here to know why the Indian Potash Limited unlisted share price is expected to rise.


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