In-Depth Analysis Of ESL Steel Limited Upcoming IPO

ESL Steel Limited, also known as Electrosteel Steel Limited, is an integrated steel producer in Bokaro, Jharkhand, India. The company was incorporated in 2006 and promoted by Electrosteel Castings Ltd to set up a 2.2 MTPA steel plant. In 2019, it announced a profitable business as it achieved its targeted business turnover in less than a year. Since then, ESL Steel Limited has gained huge popularity among investors.

ESL Steel Limited is not listed on the stock market yet and provides its unlisted shares for trading in the Pre-IPO market. Investors are waiting for its most anticipated IPO, which might launch at the end of this year. Right now, retail investors can buy ESL Steel Limited unlisted shares by using an online unlisted shares trading platform. However, the news of its IPO raises various questions like ESL IPO size, release date, price per equity, and more. In this blog, we will analyse ESL Steel Limited upcoming IPO in detail.

Details Of ESL Steel Limited IPO

ESL Steel Limited’s upcoming IPO will allow investors to buy equity shares of the company at the pre-decided face value. However, investors with ESL Steel Ltd unlisted shares can participate in an IPO registration process. It is equally essential for you to know the basic details of ESL Steel Limited IPO before making an investment decision.

Particulars of ESL Steel Limited IPODetails
Date of IPONot disclosed yet
Listing DateNot disclosed yet
Face ValueRs 10 per share
Price Per Equity ShareRs 35 per equity share
Issue TypeBook built issue via IPO
Lot SizeApprox 600 shares
Retail (min)Rs 6,600
Retail (max)Rs 1,98,000
Total Issue Size225,516,188 shares

The IPO issue shares will be available publicly once the company gets listed on BSE and NSE. It allows retail and institutional investors to buy ESL Steel Limited IPO shares. For this, the company already determined the percentage of equity shares allotted to different investors. As we can see from the table above, the amount for retail purchase is pre-set, which is Rs 6,600 (min) and Rs 1,98,00 (max).

Reservation Of ESL IPO Shares Among Investors

The next thing you should analyse about ESL Steel Limited upcoming IPO is the reservation of equity shares for different investors. ESL reserves its total shares of 225,516,188 for High Net-Worth Individuals (HNI), Qualified Institutional Brokers, and Retail investors. Here are the details of the reservation of ESL IPO shares among different investors:

  • QIB Shares: 135,309,713, which is 60% of the total shares
  • HNI Shares: 22,551,619, which is 10% of total shares
  • Retail Shares: 67,654,856, which is 30% of total shares

It shows that the ESL Steel Ltd shares will broadly target qualified institutional brokers and retail investors. 

What Is The Objective Of ESL Limited IPO?

The upcoming IPO of ESL Steel Ltd will serve the company’s objective, including expanding business operations. Like any other company, ESL will focus on raising new funds while issuing public shares during the IPO. As per the information released by the company, its major objective behind the upcoming IPO is to raise new funds for constructing an Integrated steel and D.I. pipe plan in Jharkhand, India. 

The capacity of this integrated steel plant will be 2.2 MTPA. In addition, ESL Steel India Limited IPO will also facilitate it to margin the money towards the bank guarantee. In addition, the company’s focus is to make its equity shares public by listing securities in the stock market like BSE and NSE.

Should You Subscribe To ESL Steel Limited IPO?

Every investor wants to buy IPO shares and become a part of the company’s long-term growth. ESL Steel Limited IPO may go public at the end of this year. The question here is whether you should subscribe to it or not. For any IPO, there are some risks associated as the performance of IPO shares largely depends on the stock market conditions and the company’s performance. 

Here, you need to conduct in-depth research of ESL Steel Limited past business performance, including operating revenue, profit & loss, EBITDA, and more. After properly analysing the risk and long-term benefits, you should subscribe to the ESL Steel Limited IPO.

However, you can also invest in ESL Steel Limited unlisted shares, which will allow you to diversify your investment portfolio. At Stockify, you will find ESL Steel Limited past performance and financial reports for different fiscal years. We keep updating the ESL Steel Limited unlisted share price based on current market conditions.

Our experts also guide you in selecting the right Pre-IPO shares for long-term benefits. To buy unlisted shares of ESL Steel Limited and other top-performing Pre-IPO companies, contact us today!


1- How Can I Subscribe To ESL Steel Limited IPO?

You can subscribe to the IPO of ESL Steel Limited using the company’s website or a third-party share brokerage platform.

2- What Things Are Required To Buy ESL Steel IPO Shares Online?

To buy IPO shares of ESL Steel Limited, you need a DEMAT account, PAN card, and bidding details of the IPO.

3- What Is The Issue Price Of ESL Steel Limited IPO Per Share?

The estimated issue price of ESL Steel Ltd per share is Rs 35 per share.

4- How To Check ESL Steel Unlisted Share Price Today?

You can check the current unlisted share price of ESL Steel Ltd on Stockify. We keep updating the unlisted share price here.

5- Should I Buy ESL Pre-IPO Stocks Before Its IPO?

You can buy unlisted shares of ESL Steel Ltd by using Stockify. Here, we will guide you throughout the buying process.

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An upcoming IPO of ESL Steel Limited is an opportunity for investors to make a good return on investment. Let’s take a look at a detailed analysis of its IPO.


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