How Aligned Are Fino Paytech Ltd. Offering To Meet Market Demands?

In a recent report, Fino Paytech Limited’s subsidiary Fino Payments Bank, posted a 52.3% increase in its net profit in FY23. The company’s net profit after tax deduction was ₹ 65.08 crore, which was ₹ 42.74 crore in FY22. The Mumbai-based fintech company has offered high-margin fintech products like cash management services (CMS) and current account and savings accounts (CASA), contributing to its growth. A 1.77% surge was observed in the Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted shares, making it the best time to invest and diversify the portfolio. 

Furthermore, the unlisted shares are illiquid, thus leading to undervaluation and low volatility concerns. In this write-up, we will discuss the financials of Fino Paytech Ltd and its offerings to meet market demands.

Fino Paytech Ltd. Financials At A Glance

Founded in 2006, Fino Paytech Ltd. is a Mumbai-based company offering its services and banking technology directly to customers, banks, government, and insurance companies. The cutting-edge technology solutions of Fino Paytech Ltd. made it functional in the government’s popular initiative, MNREGA, where it provides seamless domestic payment services. Additionally, it enrolled more than 25 million families under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY). The exponential expansion of the fintech company in public, private, and government sectors has resulted in its immense growth.

Offerings By Fino Paytech Ltd.

In FY22, the total revenue of the fintech firm increased by 20% due to its continuous scaling and sale of products, remittances, commissions, exchange, and brokerage. The Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted shares recorded a surge of 20% after the initial public offering (IPO) of its subsidiary Fino Payments Bank. Again, any of the subsidiaries of Fino Paytech Ltd. or the company itself will be going public, and as per the financial experts, Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted shares prices are again going to rise. Being a potential investor, keeping an eye on the Fino Paytech Ltd. pre-IPO shares or unlisted shares can give you multi-bagger returns and diversify the risks associated with the investments. 

In terms of services, Fino Paytech Ltd. has successfully captured micro customers with its advanced technical applications. The robust hardware products like biometric verification, enrollment, and effective backend management also contributed to the company’s rapid growth and net revenue. 

Fino Paytech Limited Unlisted Shares Details – 

Total available shares1000
Lot size100 shares
Face value₹ 10 per equity share
Current unlisted share price₹ 130 per equity share

Backed by giants like LIC of India, Indian Bank, Union Bank of India, ICICI Bank, ICICI Lombard General Insurance, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, and Exide Life Insurance, Fino Paytech Ltd. is heading towards the expansion of its services and maximising its profit. The unlisted shares of Fino Paytech Ltd. were trading at ₹ 100-120 at the beginning of FY22; after two months, the unlisted shares were high in demand and trading at ₹ 300-325. Fino Paytech shares are usually available in the market; what was the reason for the surge?

The surge in the price was caused by the speculations of the IPO. The IPO announcement of the company has led to a shortage of its unlisted shares in the market. The demand for the shares increased their prices.

Financials (In Lakhs)FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020FY 2021FY 2022
Total revenue37,694.0254,739.185,291.2983,451.261,00,081.9
Gross profit37,694.0254,739.185,291.2983,451.261,00,081.9
Net Income-16,720.81-7,332.71-2,099.64-5,040.18-5,314.69

How Can You Benefit From The Fino Paytech Ltd Unlisted Shares?

Previous IPOs of Fino Paytech Ltd. subsidiaries have surged the prices of its unlisted shares by almost 20%, making an excellent earning opportunity for investors. One of the best ways to begin your investment journey is by investing in unlisted shares using an online stock trading platform like Stockify. The process is simple: sign up on the platform and select the unlisted shares you want to buy, submit the necessary details, initiate the payment, and kickstart your investment journey. Buying and selling unlisted shares is very easy with Stockify; it is India’s best online unlisted shares brokerage platform, where you can get all the financial data of Fino Paytech Ltd, along with updated unlisted share prices. Connect with experts.


  1. Is buying and selling Fino Paytech Limited’s unlisted shares legal in India?

Yes, trading in unlisted shares is entirely legal in India. You can visit Stockify, the best online stock trading platform, for detailed information about unlisted shares and IPO details.

  1. What is the minimum investment size for Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted shares?

The minimum investment value has decreased over the past few years as the majority of people are investing in the unlisted market. The minimum investment size for Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted shares is 30K to 50K.

  1. Where can I get the best price for Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted shares?

To get the best price for Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted shares and a seamless stock trading experience, you can visit Stockify – India’s best online trading platform.

  1. Does SEBI regulate unlisted shares?

No, SEBI does not regulate the unlisted share market in India. Still, it does regulate certain things that apply in the unlisted market space as well, including the DP charges that are associated with every transaction, stamp duty, lock-in periods, and so forth.

  1. How can I daily check the Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted share price?

To check Fino Paytech Ltd. unlisted share price, unlisted shares of other blue chip companies, and IPO details, you can rely on India’s leading stock broking platform – Stockify. Connect with us!

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Fintech giant Fino Paytech Ltd. and its subsidiaries are growing exponentially and planning for an IPO. Interestingly, its offerings are aligned with market demands.


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