HDB Financials Services Gives Unusual Growth. Analyzing 9M FY 24 Results

Renowned Non-Financial Banking Company HDB has released its results for the first 9 months of FY 24, that is till the quarter ended on 31st December 2024. This time it’s an unusual growth scenario if we compare the same period to last year’s financials. This analysis can be beneficial for investors and analysts who keep an eye on the hdb share price.

Key Financial Analysis  of HDB Financials Unlisted Shares

HDB has shown significant growth, especially in its core lending operations. If we analyze the 9 months that ended on 31 December 2023, the Net Interest Income has grown to Rs 8098 crore from Rs 6546 Crore in the last year, indicating a 23.7% growth in the same period. This growth in core operations turns out to be a positive indicator for HDB financial unlisted shares.

If we check the overall revenue growth, it has increased by 14.4% to Rs 10,504 crore from Rs 9,182 crore in the same period the previous year. This does indicate an overall upward performance by HDB. 

HDB results reflect operational efficiency and cost control.

If we analyze the costs quarterly, there has been only a 1.4% increase in the 3rd quarter of FY24 standing at Rs 2746 crore as compared to Rs 2708 crore in FY24 2nd quarter. The 9-month expense climbed up by 10.1% 9 months, indicating a stable increase with the scaling operations and increasing revenue.

This indicates HDB’s successful cost control mechanism and efficiency of their operations turning into better profit growth of hdb financial services share price.

Profitability analysis

HDB Financial Services Unlislisted Shares have been profitable for the last five years. Their profitability is the main factor that attracts investors into this NBFC. If we analyze the quarter that ended on 31st December 2024, the profit before tax (PBT) increased to 855.6 crore as compared to Rs 806.8 crore in the previous quarter, indicating a 6% quarter growth.

The profitability increase stands even more remarkable as the FY 24 9 months PBT increased by  27.9 %  to Rs 2422.9 crore in the current year from Rs 1894.2 crore in the previous fiscal year.  The profit margin also grew from 15.40 % to 17.18% in the same period. This consistent rise in profit figures with significant change gives a positive sentiment about the growth of hdb share price. 

NPA(Non Performing Asset)

In 9M FY 24, the Gross Non-Performing Asset (GNPA) Stage 3 ratio reduced to 2.25 % from 3.73% in 9M FY 23.

How is HDB’s business portfolio and operations?

HDB is a leading NBFC that offers financial solutions to both individual and business clients. Incorporated in 2007, it currently stands at a market capitalization of Rs 77488.6 Crore in the unlisted share market. It is accredited with CARE AAA & CRISIL AAA ratings for its long-term debt & Bank facilities and an A1+ rating for its short-term debt & commercial papers, making it a highly trusted institution. 

Their business services are divided majorly into two categories.

1. Lending – HDB offers secured and unsecured loans to its customers ((including gold, durable, auto, personal, and MF-backed loans) and also gives loans against property and asset financing. They currently have around 1680 Branches across 27 States & 4 Union Territories. 

2. BPO Services-  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an additional service provided by HDB, where they deliver back office services such as forms processing, document verification, finance and accounting services, and correspondence management.

Is it the best time to invest in HDB Financial Shares?

The results from this 9 months financial statement give a hopeful direction to the investors.

Its revenue growth, cost-cutting, and significant increase in profitability make it an attractive option. We have also seen a decrease in the NPA, a positive indicator of HDB’s financial health.

This can be your best chance to invest and gain from hdb unlisted shares. Currently, the hdb financial share price is being actively traded around and is expected to increase further with the year-end financial results.

Your timely investment can help you generate significant gains before hdb financial services ipo comes up.

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Table of Contents

Renowned NBFC, HDB Financial released their FY24 9 Months performance, showcasing an unexpected growth trajectory. With a staggering 23.7% surge in Net Interest Income and a 14.4% in revenue, HDB’s operational efficiency has increased. Cost control measures reflect in a mere 1.4% increase in expenses. Profitability soars by 27.9%, signaling a bullish sentiment for HDB’s unlisted shares. GNPA ratio dwindles to 2.25%, solidifying investor’s confidence.


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