How Beneficial Is Investment In India’s Fastest Food Delivery Platform Swiggy?

Nowadays, everyone seeks comfort and convenience. Technological development has revolutionised how we order food, with online food delivery platforms becoming popular. Among food delivery apps, Swiggy has swiftly emerged as India’s fastest food delivery platform, catering to the demands of millions nationwide. What exactly makes investing in Swiggy a beneficial venture? 

This article explores the various advantages of investing in this food delivery platform. From its effective market presence and rapid expansion to its innovative approach and strategic partnerships, Swiggy unlisted shares offer a promising investment opportunity. By analysing its growth trajectory, customer satisfaction, and competitive edge, we can uncover the potential returns and long-term viability that investing in Swiggy can provide. Let’s look into Swiggy and find the advantages of Swiggy stocks in this growing food delivery platform.

Swiggy Vs Zomato: Who Wins The Race? 

In the highly competitive Indian online food delivery space, Zomato and Swiggy have emerged as the dominant players. Zomato, founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, started as FoodieBay before rebranding itself. Swiggy, on the other hand, was founded in 2014 by Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini.

Swiggy’s aggressive discounting strategy has had mixed results when comparing its financials. In FY22, Swiggy generated Rs 5,704.9 crores, surpassing Zomato’s Rs 4,687.3 crores. However, Swiggy’s losses in the same period were three times higher than Zomato’s. Zomato recorded Rs 1,220.3 crores, while Swiggy’s losses amounted to Rs 3,628.9 crores. 

Zomato takes the lead regarding the number of restaurant partners, boasting 390,000 compared to Swiggy’s 128,000. Additionally, Zomato has a more extensive user base, with 32 million monthly active users as of February 2022, while Swiggy had 20 million.

Swiggy’s Acquisitions 

Swiggy, a big player in the food delivery industry, has expanded its reach through strategic acquisitions, and you can also learn about Swiggy unlisted share price further. With six acquisitions, Swiggy has been actively pursuing opportunities to enhance its services and solidify its position in the market. The most recent addition to their portfolio is LYNK Logistics, a move that further strengthened Swiggy’s logistics capabilities.

Before that, Swiggy acquired Dine Out in May 2022, a transaction valued at $200 million, showcasing its commitment to growth and diversification. Another notable acquisition was in February 2019, demonstrating Swiggy’s focus on incorporating advanced technology into its operations. Also, Swiggy expanded its services by acquiring Supr Daily in September 2018, Scootsy in August 2018, and 48 East in December 2017.

These strategic acquisitions have enabled Swiggy to broaden its customer base, streamline its delivery network, and tap into new market segments. As a result, Swiggy stocks have seen positive force, reflecting investor confidence in the company’s growth approach. With its ongoing acquisitions, Swiggy is assured further to strengthen its position in the competitive food delivery segment.

Investments By Swiggy 

Swiggy has made a total of 5 investments. Their most recent investment was made on April 17, 2022, when UrbanPiper raised $24 million. Over time, Swiggy has actively invested in various industries. One notable investment was in Rapido, where they led the investment round, raising $180 million in Series D funding on April 15, 2022.

Another significant investment was made in Fingerlix, where Swiggy participated in multiple Series C funding rounds, raising $6.3 million. This organisation has also had one exit, which was Fingerlix. Fingerlix is a semi-cooked food delivery app.

In terms of acquisitions, the company has acquired a total of 6 organisations and even you can see Swiggy Unlisted shares. Their most recent acquisition was LYNK Logistics on July 13, 2023. Their other acquisitions include Dine Out,, Supr Daily, Scootsy, and 48East. Swiggy has shown a tendency to acquire organisations across different types of transactions, the most recent being LYNK Logistics.

Swiggy’s Fundings 

Swiggy has successfully raised significant funding throughout 16 funding rounds, totalling $3.6 billion. The most recent funding round, which occurred on August 19, 2022, was undisclosed, with no specific details available. However, the previous round, known as Series J, raised a substantial $700 million, led by Invesco, bringing the total number of investors to 16. 

Another notable funding round occurred on July 12, 2021, where Swiggy secured $450 million from SoftBank Vision Fund as part of Series J. In the preceding Series J round, Swiggy raised $800 million from prominent investors, including Alpha Wave Global, Amansa Capital, Carmignac, Goldman Sachs, and Think Investments. 
The funding journey for Swiggy began with Series E in May 2017 and has since witnessed several rounds with progressively more significant amounts. Notable investors throughout Swiggy’s funding history include Prosus Ventures, DST Global, and Invesco. These investments have provided Swiggy with the necessary resources to expand its operations and solidify its position as a leader in the food delivery industry. If you want to buy unlisted shares, Swiggy is the right platform for you. Speak to experts at Stockify and start trading.


  1. Is Swiggy listed or unlisted?

No, Swiggy is currently not listed in National Stock Exchange (NSE) or Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). But you can buy Swiggy Pre IPO shares from various online platforms. 

  1. Is Swiggy private limited?

Using the name Swiggy, Bundl Technologies Private Limited runs an online food ordering service. The business employs delivery drivers that pick up and deliver customer orders from restaurants.

  1. Who owns Swiggy shares? 

Swiggy’s shares are mostly owned by funds, which control 87.68% of the company’s shares, followed by founders (6.75%), ESOPs (5.16%), Enterprise (0.26%), and Angels (0.14%).

  1. What is Swiggy’s turnover? 

Swiggy’s revenue increased by 2.2 times during FY22, from Rs 2,547 crore to Rs 5,705 crore.

  1. Who is funding Swiggy in India? 

41 investors have financed Swiggy. The most recent investors are Axis Growth Avenues AIF – I and AvoInvest. Swiggy has invested in 5 things. When UrbanPiper raised $24M on April 17, 2022, they made their most recent investment.

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Investing in Swiggy: Strong market presence, technological prowess, and growing demand make it a promising investment opportunity in India’s food delivery.


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