How Is The NSE IPO Creating A Buzz In The Unlisted Share Market?

n Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a step for every company to get listed and provides its shares for public investing. It is an opportunity for investors to make a long-term profit and advance to a better future. The National Stock Exchange(NSE), India’s one of the prominent stock exchanges, announced its IPO. 

As the news of an IPO breaks out, there is a buzz about future investment opportunities in the unlisted share market. NSE is the country’s largest equity market by trading volume and surpasses the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Being a stock market exchange, NSE gained significant trust among its investors due to its transparent trading process. 

As per the report of Mint, the demand for NSE unlisted shares increased by 30% since March 2023 after the company announced a dividend of Rs 80 for investors. As a result, investors are willing to buy NSE unlisted shares amid its IPO news to reap its future benefits. This blog will shed light on how the NSE IPO creates buzz in the unlisted share market.

Effects Of NSE IPO In the Unlisted Share Market

The IPO of NSE is something every investor is not expecting right now. However, the NSE IPO creates enough buzz in the grey market that largely impacts the NSE share price. As per the financial observation by experts, NSE unlisted shares are among the top five shares in the market in terms of turnover in the last few months.

Since the market exchange gets approval from the SEBI for launching an IPO, the future position of NSE shares in the market looks strong. Incorporated in 1992, NSE was recognized as a stock exchange by the capital market regulator in 1993. After that, it became the first stock exchange to launch fully automated trading. Today, NSE facilitates trading stocks, derivatives, indices, and more.

In addition, NSE also performs well in the unlisted share market ahead of its IPO news. One of the primary reasons behind this is the entry of new retail investors who want to leverage the market position of the stock exchange. In the past few months, the NSE share price increased from Rs 2,890 to Rs 3,276 per share. 

As per the recent market data, NSE’s share price today is Rs 3,550, which is higher than its previous price point. Through its subsidiary NSE indices, NSE recently launched a brand new municipal bond index, highlighting it in the grey market. Since the stock exchange is gearing up for its IPO, which might launch next year, it is an excellent opportunity for investors to buy NSE unlisted shares before its IPO.

How Can Investors Get Benefits From NSE IPO?

With an announcement of an IPO, NSE invites investors to buy a significant portion of public issue shares. However, the stock exchange has yet to announce the lot size, NSE IPO price, and other details. As an investor, you can buy NSE unlisted shares to get early access to its listed shares. 

The company pre-set the criteria in which it will reserve a significant portion of IPO shares for different classes of investors. It will include high net-worth individuals(HNIs), institutional investors, private equity firms, and retail investors.

You can access a specific portion of NSE-listed stocks as a retail investor. 

Once a company launches its IPO, there are assumptions that the demand for its shares suddenly increases, impacting availability. There are chances you may not get access to its first sale of a public issue. In this case, the best solution is to invest in NSE pre-IPO shares and become an early investor of it. Doing this will give you early access to its IPO stocks at better market value. 

Invest Early In NSE Pre-IPO Stocks With Stockify

Confused about how to plan an investment in NSE unlisted shares? We can help you out in planning your investment in NSE unlisted shares. These shares are less risky and are considered a great way to diversify an investment portfolio. In the future, when NSE-listed shares will get publicly available, you can easily invest in them. 

The performance of NSE pre-IPO remains exceptional in the grey market, which entices every investor. As per the future perspective, the value of these shares will be expected to get higher once the company launches its IPO. 

That means you will get a better face value of your unlisted shares and the opportunity to invest in the stock exchange’s listed shares. Stockify, the best unlisted shares broking platform in India, provides access to unlisted shares and financial data. 

Here you can analyse the company’s financial performance and check the updated share price. Our professional team of share brokers will guide you throughout the process. Ready to buy NSE unlisted shares? Contact us now!


1- Will NSE IPO Affect The Price Of Unlisted Shares?

The IPO will have some effect on the NSE unlisted shares in the future. After an IPO, the price of NSE pre-IPO shares might increase.

2- Who Can Invest In The IPO Of NSE?

There is an eligibility criteria for investing in NSE IPO. Investors with NSE unlisted shares can quickly pre-register for early access to its IPO.

3- How Can I Buy NSE Unlisted Shares?

You can easily buy NSE unlisted shares online by using Stockify. You can access its updated share price, financial report, and other metrics here.

4- Is Buying NSE Pre-IPO Stocks Legal In India?

Buying or selling NSE unlisted shares is 100% legal in India. You can invest in NSE using a credible unlisted share broking platform like Stockify.

5- What Is The NSE Unlisted Share Price Today?

As per the recent market data, the current price of NSE unlisted share is Rs 3550. For getting future updates about unlisted shares price, market valuation, financial reports, and more, subscribe to Stockify.

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NSE IPO creates a buzz in the unlisted share market, resulting in huge demand for its pre-IPO stocks.


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