Is Ixigo Plans To Raise ₹750 Crores In Primary Share Sale During IPO?

Ixigo, India’s leading online travel portal, plans to raise Rs 750 crores through a primary issue of shares as a part of its Initial Public Offering (IPO). LE Travenues Technology, popularly known as ixigo, already filed a DRHP with SEBI for Rs 1600 crore IPO. 

Regarding the previous funding, ixigo has raised $22 million so far as part of its primary funding via its investors, including Sequoia Capital India, Elevation Capital, Fosum RZ, and Micromax Informatics. Since the company is focused on raising new funds as part of its primary share sale, its effect can also be seen in the ixigo Pre-IPO shares price. 

Detail Of Ixigo Pre-IPO Round

Investors eagerly await the ixigo IPO, for which the company has already filed DRHP with the market regulator and seeks approval. Right now, ixigo doesn’t share an exact date and time of an IPO that might hit the stock market later this fiscal year. 

People who invested in Ixigo unlisted shares are concerned about its IPO share price in the future. According to the draft prospectus filed by the ixigo, Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar promoters are looking to sell their holding through an IPO. Recently, ixigo raised Rs 395 crore in a Pre-IPO round led by Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund GIC. Here are the key highlights of the ixigo Pre-IPO round:

  • The company is currently valued at an estimated $850 million and is expected to bring an IPO later this fiscal year. According to the information shared by ixigo’s officials, the size of an IPO will be roughly Rs 1,600 crore. All retail investors who buy ixigo unlisted shares can register for early access to its IPO shares. 
  • In the primary shares sale, ixigo plans to raise Rs 750 crore from institutional investors in the coming months. A certain proportion of IPO shares will be used to raise this amount, and the rest will be available for public issues. Right now, IXIGO unlisted shares are traded in the grey market, and anyone can buy unlisted shares by using an online Pre-IPO shares brokerage platform.
  • The goal of this primary share sale during an IPO is to facilitate business expansion. The company is already in talks with fund houses and institutional investors. ixigo is currently focused on the final capital target for which it appointed Ravi Shankar Gupta as Chief Financial Officer and Suresh Kumar Bhutani as the Chief Secretary.

Ixigo Performance In Pre-IPO Market

Amid the news of the ixigo IPO and the recent primary share sale round raising Rs 750 crore, there is also a fluctuation in ixigo unlisted share price. Retail investors who buy ixigo unlisted shares also plan to invest in its IPO, which will be released soon. That’s why it is essential to consider IXIGO’s current performance in the Pre-IPO market. 

As per the recent data, ixigo unlisted share price is Rs 95, which showed growth compared to the previous month, which was Rs 96. Regarding the overall performance, ixigo recorded an operational revenue of Rs 380 crore in FY22, which is higher than its FY22 operating revenue of Rs 136 crore. 

The company has grown at a positive CAGR of 83.26% over the years, which is profitable for any company. Here are the financial data of ixigo in the Pre-IPO market: 

Particulars (in cr)FY22FY21
Operational revenue380136
Profit Before Tax-183
Profit After Tax-218

Based on the recent data, it is clear that ixigo performance in the Pre-IPO market indicated good growth. The company’s strategy to raise funds in the primary share sale during an IPO is to boost business growth. In addition, ixigo’s Pre-IPO shares price doesn’t show a significant dip in price which is also a positive sign for investors.

Should You Buy Ixigo IPO Shares In The Future?

The online travel booking portal is one of the fastest-growing business models, and ixigo is a prominent company having a vast customer base. Like any other startup and unicorn, ixigo will launch its IPO and sell shares publicly. So, it is an excellent opportunity for retail investors to buy ixigo IPO shares in the future. Since the company has yet to disclose the exact date of an IPO, you can diversify your investment portfolio with the help of ixigo’s unlisted shares.

You can easily buy unlisted shares by using online Pre-IPO stock trading platforms like Stockify. Here, you will access trending unlisted shares and their complete financial reports like current unlisted share price, EBITDA, EPS, operation revenue, and more. Apart from ixigo, you can also invest in other top-performing unlisted shares like OYO, Capgemini, HDFC securities, and more. To buy unlisted shares, connect with us today!


1- What Is The Size Of The IXIGO IPO?

The estimated size of an IPO of IXIGO is Rs 1600 crore, and its IPO comprises Rs 750 crore new issue and Rs 850 crores offer for sale.

2- Is it possible for retail investors to buy IXIGO unlisted shares?

You can easily buy IXIGO Pre-IPO shares using online trading platforms like Stockify. For more information, contact us now!

3- What Is The Market Size Of Ixigo?

The total market share of IXIGO in an online travel booking segment is 42%, as per the latest data.

4- What Is The Release Date Of The Ixigo IPO?

IXIGO releases no exact date regarding an IPO. However, some sources suggest that its IPO will be released later this fiscal year.

5- Should I Invest In IXIGO Unlisted Shares Before Its IPO?

Investing in IXIGO unlisted shares is profitable as it involves less risk than IPO shares.

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Ixigo, an online travel booking platform, is in talks with investors to raise Rs 750 crores in primary shareholding during its IPO.


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