Travel Firm Ixigo Gets SEBI’s Nod For Its Rs 1600 Crore IPO: What Future Holds For Its Investors

2021 was an excellent year for the tech IPOs; during this year, the companies raised more than 1.2 lakh crores. However, the following year, 2022, was a complete flop in the Indian stock market as companies could only raise Rs 57,000 crores. According to a report by Research & Rankings report, in the last two decades, 2021 was the best year for the Indian stock market. 

As the year passed, the IPOs continued to break the heart of share market lovers. Still, it would be interesting to see how investors and the share market reacted to the upcoming initial public offering of Le Travenues Technology (Ixigo). In this article, we explore the forthcoming initial public offering of Le Travenues Technology (Ixigo) and opportunities for investors.

Le Travenues Technology Initial Public Offering (Ixigo IPO) Details

Launched in 2007 by Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar, ixigo is an online travel aggregator helping travellers plan, book and travel via buses, trains and flights. The Gurugram-headquartered company leverages trending technologies like AI and data science for innovations, and more than 250 million users trust this platform. In addition, investors also make the most out of this opportunity by investing in ixigo unlisted shares and earning high ROI.

Ixigo’s parent company, Le Travenues Technology Ltd, gets SEBI’s nod for its initial public offering. The Indian market regulator has approved the letter favouring the company and allowed it to proceed with its Rs 1,600 crore IPO.

IPO dateNot announced
IPO statusComing soon
Total IPO sizeRs 1600 crore (new issue of Rs 750 crore and OFS of Rs 850 crore)
Total number of IPO sharesNot announced
Issue price bandNot announced
IPO listing atBSE and NSE
Face value per equity shareRs 10
Issue typeBook built
Current unlisted share priceRs 95 per equity share

With the public offering of Rs. 1,600 crores, the company plans to generate fresh issuance of shares worth Rs 750 crores and offload the equity shares worth Rs 850 crores by existing shareholders.

As a part of the Offer For Sale (OFS), Saif Partners India IV plans to sell shares worth Rs 550 crores, Micromax Informatics will offload shares worth 200 crores, and founders of the company will divest their shares worth Rs 50 crores each.

Post IPO Plannings

Ixigo made Rs 8.7 crores PAT and managed a positive cash flow for the first quarter of FY23. The recent acquisitions, ConfirmTkt and AbhiBus, continuously grow and generate huge revenues. AbhiBus, the recently acquired business, became the second-largest bus OTA in India.

Furthermore, the travel company is planning to acquire more companies that are relevant to their services and run by committed founders. By acquiring multiple companies, ixigo plans to create its own network of companies and rule the market.

Financial Stats Of Le Travenues Technology (Ixigo)

The following table shows the financial details of Le Travenues Technology (Ixigo) in detail – 

Particulars (Fig. In Cr)2019202020212022
Revenue from Operation40112136380
Other Income2135
Total Revenue42113139385
Change in fair Valuation of Preference Shares142000
Employee Benefit Exps30343595
Other Exps508297297
Finance Cost2123
Profit Before Tax-57-273-18
Tax Exps00-53
Profit After Tax-57-278-21
EPS (Basic)-1.58-0.750.21-0.66

Ixigo Pre-IPO Offerings For Investors

The travel management company can go public anytime soon. According to market experts, ixigo pre-IPO shares are expected to surge. You should purchase the ixigo Ltd unlisted shares as an investor to diversify your investment portfolio and earn potential returns. 

Should You Invest In Ixigo Pre-IPO Shares?

As per the expert stock traders, pre-IPO share prices surge. Investing in the ixigo pre-IPO shares is the best way to diversify the risk and earn multi-bagger returns. You can count on Stockify to buy unlisted shares of pre-IPO of companies.


Q1 – Which is the best place to buy ixigo unlisted shares?

Ans – Stockify is the best online platform for buying or selling ixigo unlisted shares. Our team of expert brokers will guide you throughout the investment process and share relevant information about the company to make your investment experience safe and smooth. Connect with us and start your stock trading journey.

Q2 – What is the minimum ticket size for investment in Ixigo unlisted shares?

Ans – As the number of investors in the unlisted share market increased, the minimum ticket size significantly dropped. Now you can start investing in unlisted shares at Rs 35-50K; this amount earlier was Rs 5-10 Lakhs.

Q3 – How can I check the ixigo shares price today?

Ans – You can vregularly isit Stockify to check the updated prices of ixigo unlisted shares. Our in-house team of stock experts continuously tracks the latest share prices and periodically updates the prices on our website.

Q4 – Is buying or selling ixigo unlisted shares legal in India?

Ans – Yes, trading of ixigo unlisted shares is 100% legal in India, and buying and selling of shares occur in the over-the-counter market via online brokerage platforms like Stockify. 

Q5 – How can I sell or buy ixigo unlisted shares in India?

Ans – You can connect with expert share brokers at Stockify to sell or buy ixigo unlisted shares in India without hassle. Our stock trading professionals will thoroughly guide you and provide you with all the necessary financial details to make smart and informed investment decisions.

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Travel aggregator gets a green signal from SEBI for Rs 1600 crore IPO. Click here to learn what it has to offer to its investors.


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