HDFC Securities Dividend History: What’s Future Hold For Investors?

The stock market offers vast choices in the form of shares, bonds, and securities to help investors adjust their risk appetite and make an informed investment decision. A dividend stock is considered one of the best investment options for those who want to earn a return on a specified time. HDFC Securities, an unlisted company, offers its Pre-IPO stocks to investors who wish to diversify their investment portfolio. 

HDFC Securities unlisted shares also provide a dividend to the investors based on the performance of unlisted shares in the market. In this blog, we will look at the dividend history of HDFC Securities and how it can benefit you in the future.

Why Are Dividend Options Beneficial For Investors?

You might have heard that dividend options are the best way to generate a consistent income stream for investors. A few investors know that companies like HDFC Securities, which are not listed on NSE/BSE, also pay a dividend to their retail investors. If you want to buy HDFC Securities unlisted shares, you should know its dividend history and how it can benefit in the future. Here are the benefits of dividend options for investors:

Offers Tax Advantages

One of the significant advantages of dividend options is that it offers tax advantages. You might not be familiar with it, but most of the qualified dividends securities are applicable for low tax rates. 

Growth Opportunities

Dividend stocks offer great growth opportunities to investors over time. A company like HDFC Securities tends to increase the dividend payout for investors with the business growth. 

That’s why investors are willing to invest in HDFC Securities unlisted shares before its IPO. One of the most significant benefits for investors here is to become a part of a company’s long-term growth and earn a certain percentage of dividend payout.

Less Risk and Volatile

Dividends-based financial securities are considered one of the significant factors in reducing risk and volatility. Dividend-based unlisted shares allow investors to diversify their investment portfolio and manage the loss efficiently. If you are looking for less risky and volatile investment options, dividend-paying unlisted shares of companies like HDFC Securities are great.

Dividend History Of HDFC Securities

Now, you better understand the core benefits of dividend-based financial securities. In this section, we will talk about the dividend history of HDFC securities over the years. Investors who buy HDFC unlisted shares are eligible to earn a certain percentage of dividends based on the performance of these shares in the Pre-IPO market. 

As per the data shared by the company till now, HDFC Securities has started paying dividends in the form of some percentage of the face value of its unlisted shares. Investors who buy HDFC Securities unlisted shares earn quarterly dividends, which increased over the years with the company’s growth. A subsidiary of HDFC Bank started paying dividends back in 1996 to its investors based on the stock performance. 

Financial Year 1996-1997

During 1996-1997, the dividend percentage HDFC Securities paid was only 8% of the current face value of its shares (at that time). This year, the size of investors was not huge and included retail and institutional investors.

Financial Year 1997-1998

The following year, the dividend percentage was increased from 8% to 10% due to the market conditions. In the financial year 1997-1998, an average investor earned 8% of dividends on its purchased equity shares. This slight growth indicated that HDFC Securities’ parent company plans considerable business growth.

Financial Year 1998-1999

In 1998-1999, HDFC Securities increased its dividend payout for investors from 10% to 13%. At that time, the company focused on substantial growth and added new financial services. All the early investors got a huge return and a higher dividend yield ratio than other financial companies in the Pre-IPO market.

Financial Year 1999-2000

During this financial year, the dividend on HDFC Securities increased at the same pace as the previous year. During the FY of 1999-2000, the company paid a 16% dividend to the face value of the unlisted shares. The growth rate in the dividend on shares was three times during this financial year.

Financial Year 2000-2001

During the financial year of 2000-2001, there was substantial growth in the dividend percentage, which increased from 16% to 20%. During this year, the operational revenue of HDFC Securities surged due to the high demand for services.

Financial Year 2001-2002

It was the year when the dividend ratio paid to the investors increased from 20% to 25%, which was higher than all its previous years. It shows that the dividend paid by HDFC Securities increased at a fast pace. 

Financial Year 2002-2003

In the financial year 2002-2003, the dividend paid by HDFC Securities was 30% of the face value of the shares. It also increases the demand for HDFC Securities unlisted shares in the Pre-IPO market.

Financial Year 2003-2004

The dividend paid by HDFC Securities to the investors during the financial year 2003-2004 was 35% of the face value of stocks in the market.

Financial Year 2004-2005

During the financial year 2004-2005, the dividend paid by HDFC Securities increased from 35% to 45%, which showed a huge growth in dividend payout compared to the previous financial year.

Financial Year 2005-2006

It was the year investors recorded the same growth in the dividend percentage shared by HDFC Securities. During this year, the dividend grew from 45% to 55% to the face value of shares.

Financial Year 2006-2007

During this financial year, the dividend percentage increased from 55% to 70%, which showed massive growth in a single year.

Financial Year 2007-2008

Investors who bought HDFC Securities unlisted shares during this year earned a dividend of 85% higher than any other dividend-based stocks.

Financial Year 2008-2009

In the financial year of 2008-2009, the dividend percentage offered by HDFC Securities was 100% and grew faster.

Over the years, the dividend percentage increased from 100% to 400% during 2008-2015. Here are the dividend percentage of the HDFC securities over the years:

  • 2009-2010- 120%
  • 2010-2011- 165%
  • 2011-2012- 260%
  • 2012-2013- 275%
  • 2013-2014- 342.5%
  • 2014-2015- 400%
  • 2015-2016- 475%
  • 2016-2017- 550%
  • 2017-2018- 650%
  • 2018-2019- 750%
  • 2019-2020- Not applicable
  • 2020-2021- 650%
  • 2021-2022- 1550%

In these years, the dividend payout rate increased faster. In addition, HDFC financial securities unlisted shares also perform well and provide a good dividend compared to the previous financial years.

The highest jump in the dividend value of HDFC Securities is seen in the recent year, which was 1550% and the highest since the company started paying dividends. It is a positive sign for the investors as these dividend percentages show the growth of the company and investors’ money over the years. HDFC Securities’ unlisted share price chart throughout these financial years also showed positive growth despite the global economic crisis and pandemic.

What’s the Future Hold For HDFC Securities Investors?

Investors of the HDFC Securities unlisted shares earned a 650% dividend of the shares’ face value in FY 2020-2021 which increased to 1550% in FY 2021-2022. The increase in the dividend percentage is more than twice, which is a good sign for any investor.

The dividend growth can be seen in the long term regarding the future of the investors who buy HDFC Securities unlisted shares. As we can see from the data, in FY 1996-1997, an average investor earned a dividend of 8% which increased to 1550% in FY 2021-22 per the face value of shares.

We advise you to buy unlisted shares to diversify your investment portfolio and earn a significant dividend in the long term. At Stockify, we have qualified experts who provide complete guidance and updated financial figures related to the company. To enjoy long-term dividend benefits on unlisted shares, connect with us today!


1- How Can I Get Dividend Details Of HDFC Securities Unlisted Shares?

You can get the dividend details of the HDFC Securities Pre-IPO shares on Stockify. Here you can also check the updated HDFC Securities unlisted shares price.

2- What Is The Yearly Dividend Of HDFC Securities Ltd?

The yearly dividend of HDFC Securities depends on the company’s performance and other metrics. To learn more, get in touch with our experts.

3- How Can I Buy HDFC Securities Unlisted Shares Online?

You can buy HDFC Securities unlisted shares online by using Stockify.

4- Can I Track The Dividend History Of HDFC Securities?

You can easily track the company’s dividend history using an online trading platform like Stockify.

5- Is Investing In HDFC Securities For The Long Term Beneficial?

HDFC Securities unlisted shares offer a huge return in dividend shares which was 1550% in FY 21-22. It is best to invest in this company for the long term.

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The dividend history of HDFC Securities proved profitable for investors as it paid an 8% dividend in 1996 that increased to 1550% in FY 21-22.


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