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HDFC Securities Limited, a financial services intermediary and HDFC Banks’ subsidiary, is a leading stock broking company in India and has completed 20 years in the market. The financial giant is a stockbroking and distribution arm of the HDFC Group, one of the oldest broking houses in India. Its services include stock broking and distribution of various financial products, and it is a corporate member of both NSE and BSE. In the third quarter of the financial year 2023, the net profit of HDFC Securities Limited increased by 8% to  ₹203 crore, which was ₹ 190 crore in the same quarter of previous years. HDFC Securities Limited unlisted share prices are also surging as the company is performing well in the market; it creates an excellent opportunity for investors to earn good returns by investing in its shares.

HDFC Securities Limited at a Glance

Established in 2000, HDFC Securities Limited is headquartered in Mumbai, and its branches are spread across India. Initially, it was a joint venture between HDFC Bank Limited, Indocean eSecurities Holdings Limited, and HDFC Limited, where it offered stock broking services and became a distributor of financial products. The platform is also known for its professional stock trading support and for operating an online trading portal. Currently, the fintech firm has 262 branches across 161 cities in India and various online platforms enabling customers to access their products easily.

In 2022, the total income of HDFC Securities Limited was 1990 crores, and its profit after tax was 984 crores. While the financials stats in 2021 were 1368 crore total income, and profit after tax was 703 crores. To know the last seven years’ financial stats, refer to the table below. All figures are in crores.

YearTotal incomePATDividend per share

HDFC Securities Limited is planning for an IPO, and soon its stock may be listed on the exchange. Retail investors can buy HDFC Securities Ltd pre-IPO stock as a safe investment move because the prices will likely increase when the company goes public. 

The increasing net profit of HDFC Securities Limited resulted in the surge of its shares in the unlisted market. In the last couple of years, the share prices have doubled as the company revealed its aggressive growth plans of going public. Investing in HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares or any other company can help you earn multi-bagger returns in the short term. Furthermore, it is the best way of diversifying your investment portfolio.

HDFC Securities Limited Unlisted Share Details

The following table depicts all important figures about HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares.

Market cap₹ 17412 crores
Current unlisted share price₹ 10,800 per equity share
Lot size2-5 shares
52 week high₹ 14250 per equity share
52 week low₹ 9999 per equity share
Face value10
Debt to equity2.79
Stock P/E17.7
Book value₹ 1047.4
Demat statusNSDL & CDGL

The market capital of HDFC Securities Limited is Rs 17,412 crores, and its unlisted shares are currently traded at ₹ 10,800 per equity share. The 52-week high of the company was ₹ 14250 per equity share, signifying the highest share price in the last year. Investing in  HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares can offer you better returns.

Are HDFC Securities Limited Unlisted Share Worth Investing?

On March 31, 2022, there were 1,58,28,975 outstanding equity shares of HDFC Securities Limited, and 95.96% of the share was owned by its parent organisation HDFC Bank. The fintech giant has been a consistent dividend payer from the beginning; in FY 2018, the company paid a dividend of Rs 110 per equity share, while the dividend reached Rs 547 per equity share in 2022. The rate at which the paid dividend is growing will create a wonderful opportunity for the investors to benefit from it by investing in the HDFC Securities Limited unlisted share.

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Q1 – How can I buy the HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – You can easily buy HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares through Stockify. This reliable online stock trading platform helps you sell and buy unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies in India. Connect with us to accelerate your stock trading journey.

Q2 – What is the current price of HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – The current price of HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares is  ₹10,800 per equity share. However, the share prices keep fluctuating depending on the market conditions.

Q3 – What is the lock-in period for HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – Lock-in period of HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares for Venture Capital Funds or Foreign Venture Capital Investors and other investors like Retail, HNIs, and Body Corporates is six months; for AIF-II, there is no lock-in period.

Q4 – What is the minimum ticket size for investment in HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares?

Ans – In the past few years, the unlisted share market has expanded a lot; therefore, the ticket size was reduced to 30-50K, which was 5-10 lakhs earlier. Get in touch with our expert brokers to buy HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares.

Q5 – Is trading of HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares legal in India?

Ans – Buying and selling HDFC Securities Limited unlisted shares is legal in India. For any kind of trading assistance, you can connect with expert traders at Stockify.

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HDFC Securities Limited is gearing up for an IPO and might get listed soon. Click here to learn about its IPO details and offerings.


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