How Has Bira91 Dominated The Beverage Market?

Which company has India’s first net-zero brewery? Who has won the Asia Beer Challenge Award 2020? Which company makes the best hand-crafted beer in India? 

The answer to all of these questions is Bira91. One of the leading names in the Indian brewery industry, Bira91, has secured a top spot in the face of Indian breweries and has made considerable progress in expanding its networks all over the globe. The company is in 18 countries, with 31,000 outlets in 550 towns and cities. Bira has gained significant popularity in a short time and has made its presence felt, not only in India but throughout the globe. Here’s what Bira91 did to shine through and make its presence felt in the Indian brewing market 

Unsurpassed Taste

Fed up by the taste of strong foreign beer, the taste of Bira91 proved refreshing to the Indian taste palette. The drink is low on bitterness and high on light, sweet, caramel and honey flavours. The sales of the beer brand moved from 150,000 in the year 2015 up to 700,000 just a year after its inception in 2016. The unparalleled taste of this alcoholic beverage made it stand out from the crowd, and the company gained popularity, not only by marketing but by word of mouth. This rise in demand has also led to a better performance of Bira91 unlisted shares. The current Bira91 unlisted share price is Rs. 650. 

Exemplary Marketing Skills

The beer company has kept its marketing game strong and has marked its social presence by deploying various techniques and strategies. The idea of presenting a bottled craft beer with less alcohol content became one of the attracting factors the Indian youth related with. Additionally, the unconventional logo and the cool brand colours kept Bira91 separate from the other alcoholic beer brands. 

On top of all of this, the company has also skillfully used social media to improve its brand presence. The efforts by the beer brand have reaped significant results not only in the revenue aspect, but Bira91’s share price has also witnessed this growth. Investors have an optimistic hope regarding the excellent performance of Bira91 shares, so it is the right time to buy unlisted shares. You can connect with the experts to get more information.

A New And Fresh Addition To The Market 

Another factor that marked the success of Bira is its distinction from the other beers available in the market. Craft beer was popularised when Bira91 entered the Indian brewery market. The company’s founder, Ankur Jain, keenly analysed the beer market and identified the untouched “craft beer” segment of the Indian market.

In 2014, 270 million cases of beer were consumed in India, out of which craft beer constituted only one per cent of the total share. This led Ankur to tap this market and have the first-mover advantage. The amalgamation of all these features led the company to financial success and the price of Bira91 unlisted shares to grow in the grey market. 

Targeted The Correct Audience 

Another strategy that led Bira91 to success was identifying and targeting the correct group of people. The company’s target audience was the urban millennial youth, and Bira91 worked towards attracting this pool of people. The first strategy was to present a varied colour pallet and an attractive, catchy name to the brand. Bira originally was supposed to be called “Biru”, meaning beer in Japanese, while 91 defined the country code. The letter “B” is written in reverse to show an insurgency against the existing beer brands in the market. Apart from the catchy name, the mascot: A Monkey, was another distinguishing factor of the brand, which adds up to the fun element of the beer. 

To sum up, an amalgamation of all the factors, including a distinct taste, a breakthrough “craft beer” in the Indian market, targeting the right audience, and impeccable marketing and design strategies, helped Bira91 to gain a competitive advantage in the Indian market. This advantage came packed with multiple fluctuations in Bira91 unlisted share price. 

Still, people hope to generate significant profits by investing in Bira91 unlisted shares due to its strong market presence and the trust it has built amongst its consumers. To generate returns from the company’s growth, you can visit the best online stock trading platform – Stockify, to buy and sell unlisted shares in India. If you are a beginner, using Stockify can ease the process of investing. 


Q1. Where can I buy Bira91 unlisted shares? 

There are multiple unlisted shares broking platforms where you can buy Bira91 unlisted shares, but you can use Stockify to trade Bira91 unlisted shares to get the most competitive prices. 

Q2. What is the current Bira91 unlisted share price? 

The price of Bira91 unlisted shares is Rs. 650.0 per share. To know the recent price updates of unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify. 

Q3. Is it legal to buy and sell Bira91 unlisted shares? 

Buying and selling unlisted shares are legal in India, and you can visit Stockify to get ahold of the latest updates regarding unlisted shares. 

Q4. What is the minimum lot size to buy Bira91 unlisted shares? 

The minimum lot size to buy Bira91 unlisted shares is 50-100. 

Q5. Where can I check the price updates of Bira91 unlisted shares? 

To check the daily price update of Bira91 unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify, a leading stock brokerage platform. You can get updates and information regarding the leading unlisted shares.

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India’s leading craft beer brand B91 has made some exemplary decisions to rule the market. What all strategies have been used? Let’s find out!


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