Ixigo’s Business Model: How Does It Make Money?

Be it an unplanned weekend outing with friends, or a well-organised trip with family, both have one thing in common…Ixigo; An online travel portal that provides customers with confirmed ticket bookings, hotel bookings, real-time travel, reservation information, and other travel-related details. 

Online travel bookings are expected to increase to $833 billion by 2025. Ixigo is one of the leading industry names expected to add to a significant chunk of the growing industry. Some investors and shareholders already anticipate its future growth and have started to claim a part in the company’s growth. Investors are buying Ixigo unlisted shares and are expecting significant ROI. 

Before you decide to buy Ixigo unlisted shares, you should be aware of the company’s business model, revenue strategies, and other necessary details that make the shares worth buying. 

About The Inception Of Ixigo

The founders, Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar, launched the company in 2007 in an attempt to ease the chaos that one faces while planning a trip. From travel bookings to hotel reservations, Ixigo is a one-stop shop to streamline all holiday plans. In its initial phases, the company started with a flight meta-search website and kept adding to it as it proceeded. In 2008, the hotel search was added to the website, and further in 2014; the company launched its ticket booking app. 

The company has a market capitalisation of Rs. 3660 Cr and has raised Rs. 7.2 Cr in funding over seven rounds. Talking about the valuation, the company has a valuation of $800M as of July 2021. The company was launched under Le Travenues Technology Pvt. Ltd. and now has a more than 170 million user base. These valuations make the company a favourable option for investors to buy Ixigo unlisted shares. 

How Does The Company Earn Money? 

Ixigo works on a commission-based business model. A major chunk of the company’s earnings is earned as an intermediary between the customer and the travel booking website. After each successful booking, the company makes some amount as a part of the commission. 

The company provides a fair and transparent assessment of all the various options available to the user to provide the best alternative. The main source of revenue is the official website. Multiple options are available on the website, like ‘Fare Alerts,’ 180-day fare viewpoint, and several filters to make hotel searching more accessible and convenient. 

Apart from this, another source of revenue for the company is the Meta Search business model that connects travel contracts from different sites to help customers explore different options at the same place. Along with this, the metasearch for cabs makes up a part of the revenue stream. Ixigo also has an in-app booking system that allows users to book their conveyance via the website using a third-party app. The company generates a significant amount of revenue using this business model, and some trading experts and investors have realised this potential, so they are placing their bets on the Ixigo unlisted shares to capitalise on the company’s growing market share. 

The Revenue Generation Of Ixigo 

The company clocked a revenue of Rs. 500 crore in the financial year 2023 and has projected a revenue of Rs. 700 crore by 2024. This ambitious goal of the company adds up to the likeability of the company for the investors. People are betting on the company by purchasing Ixigo unlisted shares to get a share of the company’s financial growth. 

Apart from this, the company generates more than 1 billion train tickets every month and has connected more than over 80 million travellers across the globe. 

Here are a few financial figures that can help assess Ixigo’s growth over time. 

Net Sales109.1111.6135.6379.6179.951.5
Total Income114.1113138.4384.9178.150
Net Profit-40.4-26.67.5-21.1-381.3-19.5
Shareholder Funds13.7-22529.9342.71046.2192.5
Total Assets53.470.1185.1538.5190.9116

Even though the net sales and total income has seen a boost across a span of 4 years, the net profit saw a fall in company’s profits. Talking about the recent figures, the company has achieved an EBITDA margin of more than 7% in 2023 and a 2x growth in the gross transaction value run rate. The investors are hopeful of the company’s growth in the future and are speculating a positive road ahead for Ixigo. Considering the records and future projections, investing in Ixigo unlisted shares can be a worthwhile decision. Buy unlisted shares to claim your share in Ixigo’s predicted success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Ixigo unlisted share price? 

The Ixigo unlisted share price is Rs. 95 per share equity. You can log on to Stockify to get the latest updates. 

Q2. Is it legal to buy Ixigo unlisted shares in India?

Yes, buying Ixigo unlisted shares in India is legal. You can visit Stockify to buy and sell Ixigo unlisted shares. 

Q3. Is Ixigo listed on the stock market? 

The company is not yet listed in the primary market, as it has not yet floated its IPO. In the meantime, if you wish to invest in the company, you can buy Ixigo pre-IPO stocks on Stockify. 

Q4. Where can I check Ixigo unlisted share price? 

To get the latest updates on Ixigo unlisted share price, you can visit Stockify.

Q5. What is the lot size to buy Ixigo unlisted shares? 

Two hundred shares are the lot size to buy Ixigo unlisted shares. Log on to Stockify for more details. 

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Ixigo has projected a revenue of $833 billion. This gives hope to the investors for substantial return generation. Let us look at the company in detail.


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