Key Reasons Tata Capital Outshines Its Competitors

Tata Capital is the financial arm of the Tata Group and has been providing premium financial services for a long time and has been outshining its competitors and contemporary players. Multiple reasons have led the company on this development path. This growth, in turn, has also led to an improvement in the performance of Tata Capital unlisted shares performing well, generating substantial returns. 

If you also want to buy unlisted shares, this is the best time to place your bet on Tata Capital unlisted shares. The reason is its unsurpassed financial performance and overall growth 

compared to its competitors. Let us look at why Tata Capital performs better than its peers. 

Tata Capital | An Introduction 

A subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited, Tata Capital is registered with the Reserve Bank Of India(RBI) as a Systemically Important Non-Deposit Accepting Core Investment Company (CIC). It also provides an array of financial services, including commercial finance, asset finance, private equity, investments and leasing services via its various subsidiaries (like Tata Capital Financial Services Limited (TCFSL), Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited (TCHFL), and Tata Cleantech Capital Limited (TCCL)). 

Born out of the 150-year-old legacy of the Tata Group, Tata Capital Limited is carrying forward the value of excellence, integrity and customer support along with providing consumer loans, wealth services, commercial finance,  and distribution of Tata cards. 

The company has multiple unique points that make it a cut above the rest in outperforming its competitors. Let us examine why Tata Capital performs better than its contemporary players. 

Tata Capital | A Notch Higher Than The Rest 

Compared to its competitors, Tata Capital is performing better and making considerable advancements in the financial domain. Apart from being part of India’s oldest and most trusted company, Tata Capital is backed by a strong team of shareholders, with 94% of the shares with Tata Sons. 

Along with this, the company offers services to diverse sectors (in almost 10 different sectors) and has a presence in more than 100 countries. The company conducts its export operations in more than 15 countries, which gives it an edge over its competitors. 

Tata Capital is also an active player in providing B2B and B2C services to retail corporate and institutional investors. The list of services includes: 

B2B Offerings,B2C Offerings,
Commercial Finance, Consumer Finance 
Leasing Solutions,Home Loans,
CleanTech FinanceLoan Against Property, 
Private Equity Wealth Management
Investment Banking,Investment Advisory,
Rural Finance Tata Cards

This is not the only thing that separates the company from its competitors. Tata Capital also considers the “Corporate Sustainability” aspect that makes him out of the league. The company has identified livelihood & employment, health, education and

environment as its key area for work. 

These are the main reasons Tata Capital is a better player than its competitors. These significant developments have made Tata Capital unlisted shares a lucrative option for investors and shareholders. If you want to buy Tata Capital unlisted shares, consider the financial statements and the performance of unlisted shares. 

Tata Capital Financial Performance 

The features that made the company different from its competitors have also led to the company’s optimum financial performance. The year 2023 depicted an excellent performance, as the company registered the highest-ever PAT, accounting for Rs. 2,975 crores. The NIM (Net Interest Margin) also showed a sharp rise of 34%. The NIM stood at Rs. 5,253 in 2022 and has now aggregated to Rs. 7,023 in 2023. 

INR cr. FY23FY22Y-O-Y Growth
Loan book94,3491,20,94028%
NIM + Fee4.3636,27229%
Investment Income39075192%
NIM + Other Revenue52537,02334%
Operating expenses1,9862,68435%
Credit cost1029548
Profits before tax22383,79069%
Profits after tax1,6482,97580%

These positive growth figures are indicative of the outstanding performance of the company. If you think that the company has been performing well in comparison to its competitors, you must buy Tata Capital unlisted shares to be a part of the company’s growth. Similar to the company’s performance in the financial market, Tata Capital unlisted shares are also performing exceptionally well. You can visit Stockify, the best platform to buy and sell unlisted shares, and you can get the best-unlisted share prices. Connect with the expert brokers at Stockify! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What is the share price of Tata Capital Unlisted Shares? 

The Tata Capital Share Price today is Rs. 620. Unlisted share prices are subject to fluctuations based on the market trend and the company’s performance.

Q2. Where can I check Tata Capital unlisted share price? 

You can check the share price of Tata Capital unlisted shares on Stockify. We provide updated information on all the latest unlisted shares of blue-chip companies.

Q3. Why should I trust Stockify to buy Tata Capital unlisted shares? 

Stockify is India’s leading platform for buying and selling unlisted shares. We provide a complete analysis of the latest unlisted shares and provide a well-researched and updated price of the unlisted shares. 

Q4. Is Tata Capital a listed company? 

Tata Capital is not yet listed on the stock exchange, so it is not a public listed company. You can buy Tata Capital unlisted shares if you want to invest in the company. Before the company gets listed, you can buy the pre-IPO shares using Stockify. 

Q5. Is it legal to buy Tata Capital unlisted shares in India?

Buying and selling Tata Capital unlisted shares is 100% legal in India; in fact, there are online stock brokers that buy and sell unlisted shares. Stockify is one platform you can use to buy and sell Tata Capital unlisted shares in India.

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