What Makes Tata Capital Ltd’s Business Model Profitable In B2B Financing?

Tata Capital Limited is the Tata Group’s well-known subsidiary company. The company is a renowned name in the financial services sector for offering unmatched financial solutions to its clients. Not only is the company doing great in the financial sector in India, but also enticing investors with its unlisted shares. The rage amongst people in searching for the Tata Capital pre-IPO price can be significantly seen. In FY2022-23, the company recorded Rs 13,637 Cr revenue as opposed to 10,253 Cr in FY21-22. As the company performed exceptionally well last year, what makes Tata Capital’s business model profitable in B2B financing? It is a prime question that potential investors would love to know before making an investment in Tata Capital unlisted shares. Let’s talk about it in this blog. 

Tata Capital Company Details At A Glance 

Tata Capital Limited is a prominent financial and investment service provider in India. The company was founded in 2007 by Ratan Tata. The company has more than 100 branches across India, offering various financial services like consumer loans, commercial finance, wealth management, infrastructure finance, and many more. The company is a subsidiary of Tata Sons Private Limited and is registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Systematically Important Deposit Accepting Non-Banking Financial Company. The unauthorised share capital of the company is INR 5,500.00 Cr, and the paid-up capital is INR 1,718.85 Cr. As the financial sector in India is growing rapidly, Tata Capital is majorly contributing by offering exceptional financial services to the people. 

Business Model Of Tata Capital 

Tata Capital is a renowned company that operates in multiple sectors, including B2B financing. Most of you ask why the Tata Capital business model is so successful. Well, each Tata’s company operates independently in more than 100 countries. Here are some factors that make Tata Capital’s business model successful:

Diversified Services

One thing that makes Tata Capital set apart is its range of B2B financing services and products, such as equipment financing, working capital loans, supply chain finance, trade finance, invoice discounting, and a lot more. With their diversified services, they fulfil the needs of different businesses and thus capture a large market share. This is one way of generating revenue. 

Competitive Fees And Interest Rates

Revenue generation and profitability in B2B financing primarily depend upon the interest rates and fees charged. Tata Capital keeps a balance between fees and interest rates to ensure that these are sufficient to cover their cost of funds and operating expense. They attract customers and maintain profitability by managing their fees and interest rates. 

Capital Management & Fund Strategies 

Robust and effective capital management is vital in B2B financing to ensure profitability in the business. Tata Capital always focuses on managing and optimising its capital structure and liquidity and adopts appropriate funding strategies. This includes capital market issuances, a mix of debt financing, and collaborating with Tata Group to access funding at favourable terms. 

Effective Operational Process

In B2B financing, running an efficient operational process that reduces inefficiencies is essential. Tata Capital leverages advanced technology and automation to increase operational efficiency in areas like documentation, credit evaluation, disbursement, loan origination, etc. This further reduces cost and improves customer satisfaction, ensuring business profitability. 

Should You Invest In Tata Capital Unlisted Shares?

Tata Capital has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the finance sector since its inception. The company follows a strong business model, which ensures high revenue and profitability. The company has performed well in the past five years and earned high revenue, which entices people to invest in Tata Capital pre-IPO shares. However, the company has not filed for its IPO yet, but they’re planning to launch an IPO soon. Early investment in the company will be highly beneficial for people who want to earn a high return on their investment in the future. 

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  1. Where do I buy Tata Capital unlisted shares? 

And. You can buy Tata Capital pre-IPO shares at Stockify. The expert brokers at Stockify will help you throughout the process and make trading hassle-free. 

  1. What is the Tata Capital pre-IPO share price today?

Ans. The unlisted share price of Tata Capital is Rs. 620. However, the prices fluctuate based on the market trends and financials of the company. 

  1. Why is an investment in Tata Capital pre-IPO shares profitable?

Ans. The company recorded a PAT of Rs. 2975 Cr, depicting a growth of 80% in YoY in FY23, led by healthy Net Interest Margin (NIM) and other revenue growth. So, investment in its unlisted shares will surely be profitable. 

  1. What is the minimum ticket size of Tata Capital unlisted shares? 

Ans. In the past few years, the unlisted share market underwent many changes; therefore, the ticket was reduced from 5-10Lac to 35-50K in the present scenario. So, anyone can easily invest in unlisted shares of pre-IPO companies in India. 

  1. Which is the bests platform to buy unlisted shares in India?

Ans. Stockify is India’s leading online stock broking platform helping people buy and sell unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies. You can connect with experts at Stockify to start trading seamlessly. 

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Tata Capital is a trusted, one-stop destination offering financial solutions to retail, corporate and institutional customers. Learn how the company’s business model is profitable in B2B financing.


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