MobiKwik Growth Trajectory: What Are Its Growth Plans? 

Turning profitable in the March quarter of the financial year 2023, the growing fintech company MobiKwik is leading its way to become a thriving business in the coming years. The company’s co-founder, Upasana Taku, notified that it is expected to double its revenue in the current financial year, accounting for Rs. 1,000 crores. This has opened new avenues, as the company generates good profits and revenue figures. The company’s financial performance has benefited its shareholders as MobiKwik unlisted shares perform well in the grey market. Investors have generated significant returns. You can also buy MobiKwik unlisted shares to get a good return from the company’s growth. 

Before investing in MobiKwik unlisted shares, you must know if the company is capable of performing well in the market, which will, in turn, reflect in the unlisted market. So, let us look at the current performance and future growth plans of MobiKwik. 

MobiKwik Current Performance

The company has been in the spotlight due to its exemplary financial performance. In the financial year 2022-23, the company has generated a net revenue of Rs. 560 crores, which rounds up to a 39% year-on-year growth. The distribution of digital credit products generated over  50% of its revenue and the remaining amount was collected through payments.

With an aim to double the revenue in the next financial year, the co-founder is expecting a rising growth trajectory for the coming years. These ambitious plans by the company are making investors hopeful towards a better performance of MobiKwik unlisted shares. Apart from this, there are other growth initiatives that make the investors optimistic about the company’s future performance. 

MobiKwik Growth Plans 

MobiKwik is on its path to growth and development and is taking substantial steps to improve its future performance. One of the significant developments is the ambitious plan of the company to double its revenue in this financial year and reach the Rs. 1,000 crore mark. Along with this, MobiKwik plans to become 100% profitable in the coming few years, cutting the losses to nearly half by the end of the financial year. 

Along with making financial progress, the company has also been hiring people for senior and mid-level positions to foster innovation and manage the growing verticals of the company. MobiKwik is expected to add 80-100 new members to the team by the end of this year. This will indirectly affect the growth of MobiKwik unlisted shares, and investors can expect a good return generation by trading MobiKwik pre-IPO shares.  

MobiKwik is also planning to launch its IPO in the coming few months after it paused its IPO documentation process in March 2023. The company has now been making new plans after the plans to launch the IPO took a halt, seeing the dreadful performance of Paytm IPO in the same year. The company plans to raise Rs. 1900 crore, of which Rs. 1500 crore is expected to be raised by a fresh issuance of shares and the remaining amount (Rs. 400 crore) by an offer for sale (OFS). 

The company has also raised a total of Rs. 147 crores ($178.94 M) in the various funding rounds. MobiKwik has been utilising the funds to implement developments and action plans for the company’s future growth. This effect has also been highlighted in the grey market, where the MobiKwik unlisted shares are performing well. You can buy unlisted shares to generate returns. 

Invest In MobiKwik Unlisted Shares

Now that you are aware of the company’s growth plans, you can make a decision to invest in the company’s unlisted shares. Moobikwik’s future plans paint a promising picture regarding the company’s growth, so it is rather apparent to buy MobiKwik unlisted shares to generate returns from the company’s growth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What is the current price of MobiKwik unlisted shares? 

The current Mobikwiki unlisted share price is Rs. 395. This price may change due to fluctuations in the stock market and the company’s performance. You can get an updated price of unlisted shares on Stockify. 

Q2. Where can I buy MobiKwik unlisted shares? 

MobiKwik unlisted shares are available on multiple online platforms. To get the best deal on unlisted shares, you can visit Stockify. The platform provides expert advice, updated price, well-researched financial analysis of the company and much more. 

Q3. What is the MobiKwik IPO issue size? 

MobiKwik IPO issue size is Rs. Rs 1,900 crores, out of which the issue of fresh sale amounts to 150 crores, and the rest an offer for sale will raise 400 crores. Until the IPO is listed in the stock market, you can buy MobiKwik pre-IPO shares using Stockify. 

Q4. Is it legal to buy and sell MobiKwik unlisted shares in India? 

Yes, you can buy and sell unlisted shares in India using various online platforms, like Stockify, where you can get the best price for unlisted shares and a competitive analysis of the company details. 

Q5. Is it good to invest in MobiKwik unlisted shares? 

Buying and selling MobiKwik unlisted shares can generate good returns. If we look at the past performance of the unlisted shares, the company’s performance and the performance of its unlisted shares have given investors an optimistic outlook for the performance. You can visit Stockify for expert advice before buying unlisted shares. 

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