Mohan Meakin Vs. Its Sector Peers: A Comparison Of Performance

A British brewery setup in the nineteenth century, Mohan Meakin became a large group of companies today. When established, it was Asia’s first brewery. Today Mohan Meakin produces whiskies, rums, brandies, and beers well-known in India and abroad. The company generates billions of rupees annually and is traded actively on Calcutta Stock Exchange.

Given its popularity in the alcoholic beverage market, Mohan Meakin is often compared with its competitors.

In this blog, we bring you a detailed analysis of the performance of Mohan Meakin Limited and where it stands amongst its peers in the industry. 

Mohan Meakin Ltd: Background

In 1855, Edward Dyer established a brewery in Kasauli. The brewery famously brought out Asia’s first beer-branded Lion, which was acclaimed to be “as good as home” by the British settlers in India. Later, the brewery was shifted to Solan, and more were set up in Shimla. After India was no longer a British colony, Narendra Nath Mohan accumulated funds and went to London to take a significant shareholding in the stocks of Dyer Meakin Breweries. 

The company underwent a significant change in its assets when Myanmar became a separate country from India in 1935. The company’s name, including its assets and liabilities, was changed from Dyer Meakin & Co Ltd to Dyer Meakin Breweries Ltd. 

In 1949, Mohan took over the company’s management and set up new breweries back home. The company entered into relevant businesses such as breakfast cereals, mineral water, and fruit juices in the decade of 1970. Mohan Meakin Ltd. now features a portfolio of cherished brands like Old Monk, Lion, and Golden Eagle Beer. 

Mohan Meakin Ltd: Performance

Mohan Meakin Ltd.  ended the financial year 2021-22 with annual revenue of Rs 13.7 billion, significantly higher than Rs 10.09 billion in the last financial year.

Moreover, total income from other sources summed up to be Rs 89.5 million compared to Rs 28.6 billion in the last year. This amount was not included in the amount of Rs 13.7 billion. The company recorded a net profit of Rs 527.7 million in FY2022. 

Over the years, the revenue of Mohan Meakin Ltd. has consistently increased from FY2017 to FY2022. In general, Mohan Meakin has shown substantial growth in the yearly figures. 

Mohan Meakin Ltd Vs Its Competitors

Mohan Meakin Ltd has companies like Diageo, John Distilleries, and Associated Alcohols & Breweries as its competitors. The alcohol and beverages industry is quite competitive and witnesses cut-throat rivalry. Let us compare Mohan Meakin Ltd and its rivals based on experience and performance.

  • Years In Business

While the other three were founded in the 19th century, Mohan Meakin Ltd was established in 1855. On the contrary, Diageo was founded in 1997, John Distilleries in 1996, and Associated Alcohol & Breweries in 1989.

Mohan Meakin has more than a century of experience and supplied beverages for the world war as well. There is no doubt that it has a rich heritage when it comes to alcoholic drinks, and that transforms into great trust in its consumers.

  • Performance

Mohan Meakin Ltd has exhibited a yearly growth trend in revenue and total profit.  The annual review of Mohan Meakin Ltd in the financial year (2021-22) was Rs 13.7 billion. In comparison, Diageo had a revenue of Rs 22.4 billion. However, Mohan Meakin has shown better growth in terms of its revenue.  

Mohan Meakin Ltd Share Price

Mohan Meakin Ltd is a public company listed on Calcutta Stock Exchange. It is registered with the business name ‘Mohan Meakin Ltd’ and bears the scrip code 23333. The company is active in stock trading platforms. Mohan Meakin Ltd has a paid-up capital of Rs 42,542,400 and complies with the listing agreement. 

Leading shareholders of Mohan Meakin Ltd are Hemant Mohan (Narinder Mohan Foundation), Life Insurance Corporation of India, Hemant Mohan (HUF), and Vinay Mohan. Yash Mohan, Arti Mohan, and Anju Khanna are more prominent stockholders in the company shares. 

StockholderPercentage Owned Of Total StockNumber Of Equity Shares
Hemant Mohan (Narinder Mohan Foundation)11.96%10,17,337
Hemant Mohan3.72%3,16,936
Life Insurance Corporation of India8.38%7,12,749
Hemant Mohan (HUF)2.75%2,33,865
Hemant Mohan (Ram Rakhi Mohan Trust)1.17%99,667
Hemant Mohan (Ram Rakhi Mohan Trust)0.80%68,081
Vinay Mohan8.23%6,99,874
Arti Mohan4.45%3,78,224
Yash Mohan2.20%1,86,776
Anju Khanna1.64%1,39,228
Trade Links Private Limited27.84%23,68,802
Kaplansky Investments Private Limited1.59%1,35,286
M/s Eco Rrb Infra Private Limited0.65%55,339

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Given its popularity in the alcoholic beverage market, Mohan Meakin is often compared with its competitors. In this blog, we bring you…


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