Polymatech Planning To Invest $1 Billion In Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing- Analysis of Company’s growth plan

Polymatech Electronics revealed a notable $1 billion investment in semiconductor chip manufacturing, sparking attention throughout the world in a significant drive to alter the semiconductor business. This strategic move demonstrates the firm’s constant dedication to supporting its standing in the market. We have researched and noted down some of the finer points of Polymatech’s expansion strategy, examining its potential development and outlining how this enormous investment can send the business to previously unheard-of levels of semiconductor innovation. In this blog, we will talk about the growth aspects of Polymatech and how it can become a massive opportunity for investors. 

Polymatech: Company Overview

Established in 2007, Polymatech Electronics Ltd is one of India’s initial semiconductor chip manufacturers. With a focus on cutting-edge Japanese technologies, Polymatech Electronics is a leading player in the microelectronics domain. Its products are integral to various applications where microelectronics enhance everyday life. The company prioritises exceeding customer expectations and maintaining a competitive edge, aiding clients in adapting to industry changes. Owning two strategically located plants, the company’s Oragadam facility resides in South Asia’s automotive hub, while the company’s Krishnagiri plant is positioned near crucial urban centres.

History of the Company

Polymatech’s history is based on 1947, when Fuji Rubber Co., Ltd initiated production in Tokyo. After undergoing a series of name changes, the company transformed into Polymatech Co., Ltd in 1997. In 2007, a significant milestone was achieved with the incorporation of the Indian subsidiary, Polymatech Electronics Private Limited, in partnership with Polymatech Company Limited Japan and Polymatech (Malaysia) SDN BHD. In 2018, the company underwent an ownership transition, with Polymatech Electronics Private Limited being acquired by the Nandam Family. This interesting journey reflects Polymatech’s growth and adaptability in the semiconductor industry.

Polymatech Investment Of $1 Billion In Chip Manufacturing

Polymatech Electronics has announced a significant investment of $1 billion toward expanding its semiconductor manufacturing capabilities in the country. The company aims to position itself as an important player in the global chip industry and capitalise on India’s potential in the sector. This move comes as the demand for semiconductor chips continues to rise across various sectors, including automotive, lighting, medical, and food sanitisation applications.

Currently, Polymatech produces opto-semiconductor chips primarily used in lighting, medical, and food safety applications. These chips play a crucial role in enhancing various technological solutions, and the company sees immense potential for growth in this market. Nandam Eswara Rao, the Founding President of Polymatech, emphasised that the global market for opto-semiconductors is projected to reach $2.2 trillion by 2030, with the current size standing at approximately $1.35 trillion.

Polymatech aims to significantly ramp up its chip manufacturing capacity in line with its expansion plans. By December 2023, the company is projected to reach a production output of 2 billion chips. To achieve this, the firm has been diligently working on acquiring the necessary machinery, with additional machines expected to be operational by the end of November. Moreover, Polymatech is on track to expand its production capacity to an impressive 10 billion chips by December 2024, up from the current output of 300 million chips.

Polymatech has strategically established new manufacturing facilities to support its growth ambitions. While the company’s initial production facility is located in Chennai, it is planning to set up two new plants in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. These plants will contribute significantly to the increased chip manufacturing capacity. The second plant is scheduled to commence operations in September, while a third plant is in the pipeline, further solidifying the company’s presence in the region.

The Indian government’s support has played a significant role in facilitating Polymatech’s expansion plans. The government introduced a production-linked scheme (PLI) with a financial outlay of Rs 76,000 crore to encourage semiconductor manufacturing within the country. This initiative aims to reduce India’s dependency on chip imports and establish the nation as a leading semiconductor manufacturing hub. Polymatech has successfully completed the required trials with the initial phase of imported machinery, with a capacity of 250 million chips.

Polymatech’s investment aligns with its business growth objectives and resonates with India’s broader technological ambitions. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted, India’s domestic consumption of semiconductors is projected to surge to $80 billion by 2026 and $110 billion by 2030. The semiconductor manufacturing industry is gaining traction as global players recognise the country’s potential and are eager to contribute to its growth story. In addition to Polymatech, other major semiconductor manufacturers have expressed interest in setting up operations within India, further cementing the nation’s position on the global semiconductor map.

Effects Of Polymatech Investment On Its Unlisted Shares

The investment made by Polymatech is having a notable impact on its unlisted shares. The current Polymatech unlisted shares price stands at INR 490.0, and interested investors can easily create a purchase by logging into the platform. The rating of these shares is at a commendable 5 out of 5 stars, indicating their attractiveness in the market.

As of 2023, some key indicators shed light on the company’s financial health. The face value per share is INR 10.0, while the book value per share is INR 45.2. The price-to-earnings (PE) ratio is 20.5, suggesting a reasonable valuation. The price-to-sales ratio is 5.2, and the price-to-book ratio is 10.5.

Polymatech currently has 71.8 million outstanding shares, contributing to a market capitalisation of INR 34,105.00 million. The company maintains a healthy debt-to-equity ratio of 0.8, indicating a balanced financial structure. Despite the current absence of dividend per share, the company is on a positive trajectory.

The company’s financial performance is promising. The return on total assets is 25.3%, showcasing effective asset utilisation. The return on equity stands impressively high at 45.6%, reflecting strong shareholder value creation. The return on working capital (ROWC) is at a commendable 42.2%.

Polymatech specialises in producing opto-semiconductor chips, particularly in the lighting, medical, and food safety sectors. These chips have a significant role in advancing technology across various applications. The company anticipates substantial growth opportunities with a projected global opto-semiconductor market size of $2.2 trillion by 2030. The current market size is around $1.35 trillion.

Polymatech is focusing on scaling up its chip production capacity to support its expansion plans. By the end of 2023, the company aims to manufacture 2 billion chips, with ongoing efforts to acquire the necessary machinery. By late November, additional machines are expected to be operational. Furthermore, the company’s ambitious goal is to elevate its production capacity to an impressive 10 billion chips by December 2024, a significant increase from 300 million chips.

Polymatech’s investment efforts are positively influencing its unlisted shares. With strategic expansion plans, a growing market, and favourable financial indicators, the company appears poised for substantial progress in the field of opto-semiconductor chips.

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Shareholding And Valuation Of Polymatech

As of March 31, 2022, Mr. Eswara Rao Nandam and Mrs. Uma Nandam were the main investors in PEL. In the unlisted market, PEL shares traded at Rs. 400 each, making a market capitalization of 2540 Crores with about 635 Crore shares outstanding. The FY22 EPS based on these shares is 535, and the P/E ratio is 74x. Media reports suggest new investors joined in FY 22-23.


  1. What is the revenue of Polymatech?

With sales of 126 Crores and a PAT of 34 Crores, the upward trend persisted in FY22. 5. Increased Production Capacity: By 2024, Polymatech hopes to increase its production capacity from 300 million chips per year to 20 billion chips per year.

  1. Is Polymatech listed in NSE?

Founded on May 29, 2007, Polymatech Electronics Private Limited is a subsidiary of a foreign company. It is categorised as a “company limited by shares” and is a private, unlisted firm.

  1. What is the current Polymatech unlisted share price?

At present, Polymatech Electronics unlisted share price is INR 450. 

  1. Which country made Polymatech?

Polymatech is the first maker of semiconductor chips in India, having opened in 2007. With the unrivalled industry process of Japanese technologies, Polymatech Electronics promotes the flourishing environment of our customers. Products made by Polymatech can be found in environments where microelectronics improves human life.

  1. What is the market cap of Polymatech Electronics?

The market cap of Polymatech Electronics is INR 34105 crore.

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