Possible Business Expansion and Acquisition Plans of Tata Technologies Ahead of its IPO

Tata Group is all set to launch an IPO of its subsidiary Tata Technologies after a long gap of 19 years since it launched an IPO of Tata Consultancy Services(TCS). Tata Technologies focuses on the business expansion and acquisition plans ahead of its most anticipated IPO. As per the latest reports, Tata Technologies IPO can launch in the next 3-4 months. 

The company’s positive response during initial discussions with potential institutional investors is due to its positive response. The majority of investors looking to plan their investment in Tata Technologies listed shares for which business growth is one of the crucial factors to consider now. This blog will discuss Tata Technologies’ possible business expansion and acquisition plans ahead of its IPO.

Details Of Tata Technologies IPO

The upcoming IPO of Tata Technologies will raise up to Rs 5,000 crore through the public issue of shares. As per the recent report of Business Standard, the Tata Group will sell 23.6 percent of existing capital in this IPO. In addition, Tata Motors will sell its 81.1 million shares while giving an exit to its existing private equity investors, Alpha TC Holdings.

As per the DRHP filed by Tata Technologies with SEBI, its IPO will be a complete Offer for Sale(OFS) in which its existing investors will offload their stakes. It also includes Tata Motors, Tata Capital Growth, etc. The interesting fact is that Tata Motors and its overseas subsidiaries Jaguar and Land Rover are the customers of Tata Technologies and contributed 40 percent of the company’s consolidated income for the last financial year. 

In addition, the group also delayed Tata Play and is currently focused on the upcoming IPO of Tata Technologies. The current market conditions ahead of Tata Technologies IPO indicate the high demand for its listed shares once the company gets public.

Possible Business & Acquisition Plans Of Tata Technologies Ltd

Tata Technologies and its subsidiaries have various business growth plans ahead of the most anticipated IPO. Tata Technologies also works on various business growth strategies, like expanding its presence in the EV sector or association with GKN Automotive. 

Acquisition Of Temasek’s Stakes

A parent company of Tata Technologies is planning to acquire Singapore-based Temasek’s stakes in Tata Play. For this, the company also shares the proposal, which will contribute towards its growth in the future. For Tata Technologies, these acquisitions might help during the IPO launch as Tata Motors also has a significant shareholding in the company.

Expand Its EV Market Share

Tata Technologies Ltd is expected to expand its EV market share in the coming months. The business performance of the company in the last 5 years remained stellar in terms of total income and net profit margin. Tata Technologies is working on expanding its non-captive shares and reach to generate high profit and revenue in the next financial year. The company also partnered with GKN Automotive to pioneer the electric drive systems.

Target Non-Automotive Sector

Tata Technologies will also target the non-automotive sector, including aerospace and industrial machinery. The company’s future business plan is to increase its business participation in this sector from 12 to 20% ahead of its IPO. In addition, Tata Technologies will also look for business deals with major aircraft manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing, etc.

These business expansion and acquisition plans will help Tata Technologies to maintain its growth ahead of its IPO. Apart from this, it might cause positive effects on Tata Technologies unlisted shares currently traded in the grey market. Since the company plans to launch its IPO in the coming months, investors can expect an increase in Tata Technologies share price amid its business growth plans.

Plan Your Investment In Tata Technologies With Stockify

Tata Technologies showed positive business growth over the last 5 years. The company also has clear plans ahead of its IPO, which will be a great investment option for retail investors. As per the financial market prediction, high demand for Tata Technologies IPO shares might negatively impact their availability.

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1- When will Tata Technologies IPO launch?

Tata Technologies released no official statement regarding its IPO date and time. However, its anticipated IPO will launch at the beginning of the next year. For future updates regarding Tata Technologies IPO, subscribe to Stockify.

2- What are the possible business growth of Tata Technologies in the future?

The predicted business growth of Tata Technologies for the next fiscal year is 25-30%. The company is expected to have plans for increased service in different segments.

3- What is the price of Tata Technologies unlisted shares?

As per the fresh market data, Tata Technologies share price right now is Rs 960 per share. The price of Tata Technologies pre-IPO shares depends on the company’s current performance and market conditions.

4- How can I check the updated Tata Technologies unlisted share price?

You can easily check the updated share price of Tata Technologies on Stockify. On our platform, you will get an accurate stock price as our team updates the price based on fresh market data.

5- How can I invest in Tata Technologies pre-IPO shares online?

You can invest in Tata Technologies Pre-IPO shares online by using Stockify. We are the best unlisted shares broking platform to help retail investors trade pre-IPO shares hassle-free. To buy unlisted shares of Tata Technologies, connect with our experts today!

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Tata Technologies Ltd has various business and acquisition plans ahead of its IPO, which will help it in the future.
Tata Technologies Ltd has various business and acquisition plans ahead of its IPO, which will help it in the future.


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