Quick Comparison Of The Revenue Model Of Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited With Its Top Competitors

Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited (MOHFL) Company is a renowned name offering its customers various financial products and services. However there are many companies that, too, offer house financing services to customers, but MOHFL is performing far better than its competitors. Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd, PNB Housing Finance Ltd, and Aptus Value Housing Finance Ltd are some of its top competitors. If you plan to invest in Motilal Oswal Housing Finance Limited unlisted shares, then you must be aware of its competitors and how the company is performing in terms of its revenue, profit, and income. In this write-up, we will walk you through a brief comparison of MOHFL’s revenue model with its top competitors. 

Without much ado, let’s get started.  

About Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited Company

Incorporated in 2013, Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited company is famous for being a top housing finance company in India. The company helps lower and middle-income peoplde by providing them access to long-term house finance. MOHFL is a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited, which is a well-diversified financial service company whose major focus is on wealth creation for all its customers. Presently, the company has a presence in 113 locations across nine states and is still expanding its services to other states. The total outstanding loan of MOHFL in FY22 was Rs. 3435 Cr. With its remarkable services, the company recorded the highest-ever Profit After Tax (PAT) in FY22 at NIR 95 Cr registering a growth of 136% YoY. 

The value addition of the company is that it has collaborated with the U.S Development Finance Corporation, which is the world’s largest development finance institution. With this, the company got a commitment of USD 50 million for a tenure of 15 years. 

MOHFL Revenue Model 

Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited company business models entail potential stockbrokers and business takers. The company has 1400 partner strengths via its different business models, offering services at both retail and institutional levels. No doubt, the company has a robust business model. Additionally, the company’s revenue model comprises its loan book, interest rates, and finance services. In its fiscal year 22-23 financial statement, the company recorded massive growth in terms of revenue. The total revenue stood at Rs. 707 Cr. an increase of 19.46% from the previous year’s revenue, which was Rs. 592 Cr. Moreover, the company’s net profit was Rs. 136 Cr, increased by 43.15% from the net profit of Rs. 95 Cr. Significant growth has also been seen in the fiscal year 2022-23, as the company’s Net Interest Income surged to Rs. 312.86 Cr. from Rs. 271 Cr. in FY22. This growth happened due to the company’s focus on expanding its loan book and optimising its interest rate. The company’s positive growth entices people to check for Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited pre-IPO share price to make a wise decision about the investment. 

Comparison With Its Peers

A primary thing that makes the MOHFL revenue model stand out from its competitors is its value-based positioning strategy. It is because the company position itself as a Public Bank, which focuses on its business and customers to deliver high-quality services which are worthwhile for the customers. Further, the company has also launched a new marketing campaign to promote its mobile app – Live Life With No Fikr. 

As per the senior manager of MOHFL, Adrija Das, “Our goal is to make the Motilal Oswal Investing app the wealth manager for the retail investor and thus provide them advice on investing in a wide range of investment products,” 

Let’s understand the company’s financial performance of MOHFL and its peers in the table below. 

Company NamesLast 3 Yr sales CAGR (%)PE RatioNet Margin (%)MCap (INR Cr)
Indiabulls housing finance ltd 13.04.8312.965386
Aptus Value Housing Finance Ltd29.827.546.0213806
PNB Housing Finance Ltd 8.5213.116.2713852

MOHFL company performs better than its competitors in terms of services, revenue, and profits. If you’re ready to invest in MOHFL unlisted shares, speak to the expert brokers at Stockify. We will help you buy unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies in different industries like retail, finance, energy, pharmacy, technology, etc. Let’s connect and start trading with us. 


  1. What is the Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited unlisted share price?

Ans. Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited unlisted share price is Rs. 12. The prices keep fluctuating based on the market trends and performance of the company. 

  1. Where do I check Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited pre-IPO shares?

Ans. You can visit Stockify to check the unlisted share prices of different pre-IPO companies in real time. Our team keeps changing the prices by staying updated with the market trends. 

  1. Why should I invest in Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited unlisted shares?

Ans. Motilal Oswal Home Finance is a renowned housing finance company that has been performing better as compared to its competitors. The company can give you high ROI in the future. 

  1. Will I be paying short-term capital gain taxes on Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited pre-IPO shares?

Ans. You might have to pay short-term capital gain on unlisted shares if you sell shares within two years. The capital gains are added to your income, so as per the individual tax slab, you will have to pay capital gain tax. 

  1. Why should I trust brokers at Stockify?

Ans. Stockify is a leading online platform helping investors buy and sell unlisted shares of top pre-IPO companies. Connect with us for more info. 

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Motilal Oswal Home Finance company recorded 94.89 Cr revenue in 2022 as opposed to Rs.40.23 Cr in 2019. Check this blog to learn its revenue model and how the company performs well compared to its competitors.


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