Return On Investment (ROI) On NSE India Unlisted Shares

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) has played an integral role since 1994, after it started providing commodity exchange services. Today, NSE Nifty is one of the most preferred indexes in the stock market of India. However, NSE itself is a profitable business and has unlisted shares actively traded in the grey market. Retail investors have been favouring NSE India unlisted shares as a preferred investment choice which has been boosting NSE share price. 

What are the reasons that make NSE India unlisted shares popular in the grey market? Moreover, what is the return on investments (ROI) for NSE shares? A prediction on NSE share price in future shall answer these questions. However, NSE can’t perform well without the growth of the Indian stock market. Since the development and growth of the Indian market precede the growth of stock exchanges in India, let us take a closer look at the Indian stock market.  

Indian Stock Market – An Extrapolation

The stock market became less favourable during the pandemic of Covid-19; however, the businesses regained their pace in the last two years. After the market opened, the companies started drawing investments again, and the public issue of stocks became more common. Moreover, the continued efforts of the Reserve Bank of India to minimise the effects of global inflation on the Indian economy have brought remarkable improvements. Consumer Price Index (CPI), an essential indicator of retail inflation, reached its lowest value of 4.70% in 18 months in April. The picture saw even better days when Indian companies invited a record-breaking Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) of Rs. 37,316 cr in May 2023. 

India’s increasing role in global trade and the growing interest of foreign brands and businessmen in India’s market are opening more doors to a pretty stable economy. Moreover, stock investments and brokerage firms remain bullish about trade. In contrast, the world has been taking a careful approach to businesses and investments owing to the adverse business environment. This sums up the path of India’s stock market in the near future. 

The predictions for the distant future of the Indian share market aren’t much different either. In the long term, India’s stock market is expected to continue growing and expanding. More companies will join the pool of listed companies, more equity shares will be available for trade, and more commodities will be exchanged. 

Prediction Of NSE Share Price And Return On Investment  

Let’s start by understanding the reasons for the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) growth.

As more retail investors and companies join the pool, stock exchanges like NSE witness a higher trade volume. This, in turn, allows NSE to generate huge revenue and increase market capitalisation every year. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that NSE is a highly profitable business entity with spectacular yearly performance. The financial performance of NSE in the March quarter of FY2023 reflects this. 

Q3 FY23IndicatorsQ3FY22
Rs.2,834 crsRevenueRs.2,115 crs
Rs.792 crsExpenditureRs.564 crs
Rs.1,837 crsOp. marginRs.1,462 crs
Rs.2,118 crsEBITDARs.1,611 crs
Rs 31.68EPS (Rs.) (FV Re.1)Rs 23.46
14,863Net worth Rs. Crs.10,042
300Book Value per share Rs.203

The double-digit YoY growth rate and increase in revenue are answered by increasing share price. Therefore, NSE unlisted shares are a high-return investment option which mean they bring a high return on investment. Therefore, if you are looking for multi-bagger stocks, purchase NSE India unlisted shares on Stockify today. 

The Future Of NSE India Unlisted Shares And IPO

NSE India is not listed on the stock exchange and is only traded on the off markets. However, that hasn’t dimmed the popularity of NSE India unlisted shares, and they continue to be traded actively in the grey market. Experts advise investing in unlisted stocks like NSE, which bring significant returns when they become listed through Initial Public Offering (IPO). Therefore, for high returns, buy NSE India unlisted shares on Stockify.

Stockify is India’s most trusted platform for exchanging unlisted shares. Since stock prices are ever-changing, Stockify regularly updates the share prices of top-performing stocks and provides more information on their market performance. Browse the top-performing stocks on Stockify, and check their market indicators, like EBITDA margin, profit growth, and revenue growth, to find the right stock to buy. Or you can connect with the experts on Stockify and skip the research. These advisors are there to recommend the best stock and lot size per your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions On NSE India Unlisted Shares

  • Is it good to buy NSE unlisted shares?

NSE India unlisted shares are high-performing stocks and a leading investment option. Therefore, buying NSE unlisted shares is suitable for significant returns.

  • What is the value of the NSE unlisted share?

NSE unlisted share price is a changing quantity subject to the market behaviour and investors’ interest. Check the NSE share price today on Stockify, where it is regularly updated.

  • Is it safe to buy unlisted shares?

Unlisted shares are high-risk and high-return stocks, high risk because of lack of liquidity, and high returns as emerging companies are expected to grow. 

  • What is the minimum investment in unlisted shares?

The unlisted shares are bought in lot sizes, which depend on the specific unlisted shares. For more information, connect with our experts on Stockify, who will recommend the appropriate lot sizes.

  • Will I get a dividend from unlisted shares?

Dividends are announced after the company has a highly profitable performance in a financial quarter. 

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If you are a retail investor or a venture capitalist, the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is the best stock exchange for all your investment requirements.


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