Should Retail Investors Choose IPO Stocks in Pre-market?

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the prominent part of the primary market that comprises the equity shares companies issue for investors. It includes the shares of those companies that are listed in the stock market. However, it is never easy for retail investors to buy IPO stocks due to high demand or over-subscribed issues. Usually, when the demand for a specific IPO increases, there is a higher chance that the majority of investors’ applications will get rejected. As a result, these investors end up not receiving any shares. 

Various markets allow retail investors to buy IPO stock, one of which is pre-market. Recently, the Pre-IPO stock market that contains shares of companies gained huge popularity among investors. Today, more than 30% percent of retail investors use it for buying or selling IPO stocks. However, retail investors frequently ask a question regarding the risk involved in picking up the right IPO stocks. This post will answer whether you should choose IPO stocks in the pre-market or not.

What Does Pre-market Mean?

Pre-market, also known as the grey market, facilitates retail investors in buying or selling Pre-IPO stocks of companies before they officially get listed in the stock market. These shares of companies are widely known as unlisted shares. The pre-market is regulated by the Securities And Exchange Board Of India(SEBI) and includes the startups and unicorns like OYO, Tata Technologies, HDFC securities, etc. 

It is useful for those investors who want to invest in a top-performing company before it goes public. Moreover, pre-market also allows retail investors to analyse the success of a company and its financial performance. The IPO stocks listed here are considerably lower in price and risk factors.

Reasons Pre-market Is Ideal For Choosing IPO Stocks

Some retail investors have insecurity while choosing pre-market for buying IPO stocks. Investopedia reported the biggest concern traders to have regarding the grey market’s credibility. You need to understand that the pre-market is unofficial but not illegal in India. It signifies that pre-IPO stock trading follows all the SEBI regulatory principles to ensure that investor’s money is safe. Here are the reasons why pre-market is considered ideal for buying IPO stocks:

1- Less Risky Investment

Pre-market provides access to a wide range of unlisted shares of companies preparing or planning to launch their IPO in the future. These private companies have solid business models and provide transparency in terms of data to the investors. Choosing the IPO stocks from the pre-market is considered less risky. 

Also, the grey market has a broad range of unlisted shares whose price depends on market fluctuations. That is why every retail investor should know the benefits and drawbacks of investing in unlisted shares. It can help analyse the risk involved in buying IPO and Pre-IPO stocks.

2- Accessibility To Top-Performing Companies

The main reason for choosing pre-market for IPO stocks is the accessibility of the top-performing companies. Whether it’s a Capgemini or OYO, Pre-IPO stock trading platforms  enable investors to trade stocks of numerous unlisted companies along with their market performance data and current price. So, it is easier for retail investors to compare and select the stocks of their choice.

3- High Liquidity

Startups and unicorns occasionally face liquidity issues. In such conditions, these companies sell their stocks at lower prices than expected. Premarkets allow retail investors to buy these shares at the current price and become a stakeholder in the company. So, the grey market brings a great opportunity for investors to buy the equity of top unicorns and startups.

4- Better Value For Money

As mentioned above, pre-market involves less risk and gives a fair price on the company shares. One of the biggest issues investors face is the availability of IPO stocks. When the demand rises, accessing the stocks of a choice isn’t easy. Here, the grey market that has pre-listed shares of companies comes into play. Moreover, investors can also sell the stocks using the pre-market that provides the best value to the retail investors.

5- Potential Of Earning High Returns

The primary goal of any investor is to earn a high return on investment, given that IPO stocks involve an increased level of risk. Therefore, analysing the performance of the company you want to invest in. In fact, various platforms guide retail investors in making a first investment in Pre-IPO shares in a simple way.

Investors have huge potential to make high returns on investment when they use pre-market for choosing stocks. These are prominent reasons why retail investors should choose IPO stocks in the pre-market. Moreover, you can also invest in the unlisted shares of top-performing companies. Pre-IPO stocks are an ideal option to manage risk and diversify your portfolio.

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Do you use pre-market for choosing IPO stocks? Here is what you need to know about it before you make any purchasing decision.


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