The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Investing In Unlisted Shares

You must have heard about fluctuating unlisted share price or someone boasting about the huge money they made buying unlisted shares. These are very common terms used in the stock market, but if you are not even a bit aware about unlisted shares and worry about losing money, then this blog is just what you need. We have compiled a list of 10 benefits and drawbacks to buying unlisted shares. These points will help you gain a deeper insight into what unlisted shares are and how likely you are to make a profit after investing in them.

Brief Glimpse Into Unlisted Shares

The unlisted shares are shares of private companies that are not yet offered for sale in the IPO (Initial Public Offering). Or it can be simply said that the companies that have not yet gone public are unlisted or pre-IPO shares. To buy unlisted shares you will have to choose the  OTC (Over The Counter) since unlisted shares are not traded on major exchanges, unlike listed shares.

Let us learn the benefits and drawbacks of best unlisted shares to invest:

Benefits Of Investing In Unlisted Shares

The advantages to buying unlisted shares are many which can help you gain huge profits.

Diversification Of Risk

If you are someone who wants to diversify your risks associated with investments, you must search for the best unlisted shares to invest in. The unlisted shares price provides different risk dynamics, complementary to someone who has invested in IPO shares and can offer similar to better return potential compared to listed shares. Moreover, there are chances that these shares will go public in future which can lead to a substantial gain.  

Negotiable Share Prices

One of the greatest benefits to buying unlisted shares is their negotiable price, largely due to the limited buyers and sellers and limited companies offering best unlisted shares to invest. So clearly, the competition is low when investing in unlisted shares and therefore unlisted shares price are comparatively negotiable.

Probable Undervaluation Rates

This advantage is related to unlisted shares being illiquid. Due to low liquidity in best unlisted shares to invest in, only a few investors are willing to invest in them for a longer time period.  Due to low competition and participants, the unlisted shares price has probable undervaluation rates and if you have knowledge of investing you can earn huge profits by purchasing them at an early stage before they get a valuation and become expensive.

High Growth Investments

If you are willing to let your money stay in the market for an extended time period, you can buy unlisted shares and reach high-growth investments. Confused how? Since unlisted shares are often issued by smaller size companies that are yet to reach a level where they can go public to avail capital funds. On a good note, you can stay invested in the company through its growth and yield high returns when it lists on the exchange market.

Massive Profits

One of the major reasons to invest in the best unlisted shares is to get a good return on investment (ROI). When you buy unlisted shares there is always a chance that the company you invested in becomes listed and increases its share prices, from what they were originally.

Downside Of Investing In Unlisted Shares

The goods of unlisted shares can be tapered down by their downsides, so look at them carefully.

Lack Of Liquidity

The first and foremost downside to buy unlisted shares is they are not the best way to avail emergency cash. Since the best unlisted shares to invest in do not trade on the exchange market, they are comparatively harder to buy & sell and need more time to be liquidated. As a result, unlisted shares price will not provide you with cash flow until several days to weeks.

Higher Taxes

Talking statistically, the long-term capital gains taxes gain in listed shares is zero (when STT is paid) whereas the long-term capital gains for the unlisted shares is approximately 20% in India, which is a little high.

Limited Company Specific Data

As discussed in the intro section, the best unlisted shares are traded over the counter and are generally issued by startup companies. Therefore, the information on the company like the financial standing, business model, revenue, assets, liabilities etc is mostly inadequate or nonexistent. In simple words, it can be said that you are more likely aiming with your eyes closed and hoping for the bullet to strike.

Little To No Dividends

In most case scenarios, the best unlisted shares to invest in are issued by private companies that are majorly concerned about reinvesting profits into their own business to grow and do not declare dividends. Therefore, when you are ready to buy unlisted shares, know that there are very high chances of getting inconsistent dividends. Some companies might not even declare dividends which means you are getting none.

Loss Of Invested Capitals

The last downfall and the most important one to remember before getting fascinated by unlisted shares price is you can lose all your capital. Yes, since there is little to no information about companies issuing unlisted shares, the chances of you investing in a fraud or unstable company are high. This means you have to use professional help while investing in the best unlisted shares if you do not want your money to drown.
Stokify is an online trading platform which provides access to investors via substitute sources of investment at minimal entry barriers. We aim for retail investors to trade in the best unlisted shares and maximise the wealth of investors.

Guidelines to Invest in Unlisted Shares 

To avoid risk and heavy losses, investors should keep a note of certain points while investing in unlisted shares. 

  • The first factor to look into is whether the unlisted company is registered with the Registrar of Companies. It will show the authenticity of unlisted shares. You can visit the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) website to check it.
  • Before investing, keep up to date with the company’s financial performance by reading annual reports and prospectus. 
  • Go through the company’s management decision-making and recent development strategies. 
  • Read about the company’s growth and projected profit metrics to understand its future plan and offerings.
  • Learn about the tax implications for unlisted shares to track the exact profits you earned on unlisted shares.
  • Keep an eye on overall industry or sector performance to evaluate any unforeseen risk and downfall expected in advance. 

So, as you can see, investors can follow certain due diligence to mitigate the risk for unlisted shares and enjoy the benefit of high-margin profit in the portfolio. Recently, many startups announced their plan for IPOs, so investors can choose unlisted shares to get early access to their IPO shares in the future. Therefore, you can evaluate performance and keep researching to select the right unlisted investment. 

Stockify eases the research for unlisted companies by sharing financial information and updated share prices. It helps investors to get informed with authentic information through news and blogs. Follow us for more insights!

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Investing in Unlisted Shares has its pros and cons but only the well-informed wins max benefits


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