Studds Accessories Limited Business Model Uncovered

A leading manufacturer of helmets and other motorcycle-related accessories in India, Studds Accessories Limited has been in the business since 1973. The company works to make riding safe for two-wheeler riders in India. Along with working towards the higher purpose of safety for bike riders, Studds Accessories Limited has also captured a significant share of the market in India and is now working towards making a mark in the global market for helmets and motorcycle-related accessories. 

To move forward in this direction, the company has worked on its business model to improvise its operations, revenues, and other financial indicators to stay ahead. The company’s growth profile, along with its P&L statements, has also given its investors hope towards the growth potential of the company, resulting in a better performance of the company in the unlisted share market. Studds unlisted shares have been significantly performed well in the market. 

About The Company: Studds Accessories Limited 

Studds Accessories Limited was incorporated in 1973. The company has been working on manufacturing helmets and other motorcycle-related accessories to ensure the rider’s safety. The company manufactures 14 million helmets annually and plans to improve this by establishing more manufacturing facilities. 

Located in Faridabad, Haryana, the company is classified as a public limited company and is not yet listed on the stock market. Studds Accessories is growing as a multi-product, multi-location, and multi-market business, with a presence in more than 50 countries and a market share of around 25.66%, having a significant portion of the sector and caters to over 50 million customers worldwide. The company works majorly in four business vertices, including Helmets, Motorcycle accessories, Bicycle helmets, Face shields, and Face masks. 

According to Frost & Sullivan’s report dated August 2018, Studds Accessories Limited is the largest manufacturer of helmets in the world. The company works on innovation and has curated five new designs in 2021-22. With a vision of safer mobility, the company is working tirelessly towards a better future in the industry and financial growth for Studds Accessories Limited. 

Business Model Of Studds Accessories Limited 

The company mainly manufactures accessories that ensure the riders are safe and sound. For this, Studds works on a business model that not only improves the overall society but should also generate significant profits in the long run for the company. The company has an in-house laboratory that works on industry standards and a well-trained research and development team working tirelessly to ensure new and better products that fit the parameters. Another distinct feature of Studds Accessories Ltd. that constitutes its robust business model is establishing Asia’s biggest helmet manufacturing facility under the “Make In India” initiative to support product development. Here’s a table depicting the company’s business model that made Studds Accessories share price skyrocket, giving the investors significant returns. 

Studds Accessories targets the mid-range segment, with helmet prices ranging from Rs. 825 to Rs. 2165. The helmet in this segment is sold under the brand name Studds. The company also caters to people with a slightly higher price range, i.e., Rs.2,300 to Rs.9,800, under the brand name SMK. Both have a market share of 25% and 27%, respectively. 

The Effect On Studds Unlisted Shares

The company has gained considerably owing to its good strategy in operations and an effective business model. This has led to an improvement in Studds Accessories Ltd’s share price. The authorised share capital is Rs. 25.00 cr, and the total paid-up capital is Rs. 9.84 cr. The stock price has seen a fair share of downfall in the past six months, but a few factors keep the hopes of investors and shareholders high amidst the downfall. The figures show a downfall in the share price. 

Currently, Studds unlisted share price is Rs. 815 per share, and the investors have an optimistic hope regarding the company’s growth, so investors are still holding on to the unlisted shares, and new investors are also showing interest in the company. So if you want to buy Studds unlisted shares, you can connect with the experts for better guidance at Stockify. 

The figure shows a fluctuation in the Studds unlisted share price, a few reasons being the global pandemic leading to a slump in the share prices. Another reason for the uncertainty and price fluctuations during the Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) filed by the company. The Studds Accessories IPO news also caused turbulence in the unlisted share market. 

Even after this, investors and shareholders are ready to get stakes in the company because of its dynamic business and revenue model, unsurpassed R&D and manufacturing facilities, consistency in operations, and a good standard of corporate governance. Even after all these indicators, knowing Studds Accessories Limited before buying its united shares is essential. 

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1. What is Studds Unlisted Share price in India? 

Ans- Currently, the Studds unlisted share trades at Rs. 815 per share. You can visit Stockify to get updates about the updated share prices. 

2. Is it legal to buy Studds unlisted shares in India?

Ans- Buying Studds Accessories unlisted shares in India is legal. You can use online trading platforms like Stockify to buy and sell unlisted shares.

3. How to check Studds unlisted share price? 

Ans- Stockify is the right platform to check Studds unlisted share price. It offers the best and most updated prices for unlisted shares. 

4. Is Studds Accessories IPO available for the people? 

Ans- The company has filed its DRHP, but there is no update on the IPO launch date, issue size, or any other related information. 

5. What is the minimum lot size to buy Studds Accessories Limited unlisted shares? 

Ans- The minimum lot size to purchase Studds Accessories Limited unlisted shares is 50-100 shares.

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