Swiggy’s Future Plans To Increase The Sale Ahead Of Its IPO

Over the years, people’s interest towards ordering food online increased, so the demand for online food delivery apps also surged. Swiggy and Zomato are the two prominent players covering most of the food delivery business. Due to the Covid-19 and economic slowdown, Swiggy recorded fewer orders, which affected its sales. 

In the recent financial report of FY23, Swiggy reported that its food delivery business turned out profitable due to its cost-effective strategies. This news directly affected the Swiggy share price, which increased from Rs 287 to Rs 360 per share. However, the company is still figuring out ways to increase its sales. In this blog, we will discuss Swiggy’s possible plans to increase sales.

Understanding Swiggy’s Business Model

In the last few years, Swiggy emerged as the trusted and fastest-growing food-delivery platform with millions of active customers. The business model of the company depends mainly on the restaurants and customers. In simple words, Swiggy acts as a mediator between the restaurant owner and customer and delivers the freshly-prepared food in the least possible time; for this, Swiggy charges a specific percentage from the restaurant owner.

With this, Swiggy’s revenue mainly depends on the number of sales generated from its platform. If we break down its revenue model, it basically earns from two mediums: one from the restaurant owner and the other from the food delivery charges. 

The fewer sales directly affect its operating revenue, indirectly influencing Swiggy stock price. Since the company provides its unlisted shares for trading, the company’s financials, including operating revenue, profit, and loss, can lead to fluctuation in Swiggy share price.

Possible Business Plan Of Swiggy For The Future

For any business, getting consistent sales is crucial for the functioning of investors. Here are the possible business plan of Swiggy to increase sales in the future:

Rationalise Its Cost

The significant move Swiggy can make in the future is to rationalise its operating costs. For this, the company recently announced that it plans to sell its cloud kitchen business. The reason behind this decision is to bring down the cost as soon as possible.

Before that, the company recorded a widened loss of Rs 3,628 crore in FY22, affecting its business operations. However, the company does not disclose the complete details of selling the cloud kitchen business. The decision to rationalise the cost will positively affect its overall sale strategy and Swiggy stocks in the grey market.

Introducing New Loyalty Program

Another predicted move of Swiggy might be the new loyalty programs to increase trust among the existing program. Like Swiggy Super, which offers unlimited free delivery to selected customers, we can expect more loyalty programs in the future. In addition, there are also rumours that Swiggy works on strengthening its referral programs to add new customers to its platform.

Cost-Effective Service

The food delivery business mainly depends on the food quality and delivery service. Since Swiggy’s food delivery charges are high compared to its rival Zomato, the company plans to lower the delivery charges as soon as possible. One of the major moves Swiggy might make is to partner and expand its food delivery team per geographic location. The less delivery time will help Swiggy to lower the food delivery charges that increase its sales.

Global Expansion

Swiggy’s major target right now is India’s 500 cities, which covers a major part of its sales. The next move of the food delivery giant might be targeting the international market, including countries like UAE. Swiggy also raised new funds of $1.25 billion in a funding round in 2022. The global food delivery market is growing rapidly, bringing immense opportunity to Swiggy.

Prepare For Its IPO

The IPO might not be the major plan of Swiggy for expanding its sale, but it will directly create demand for its shares. Swiggy unlisted shares are traded in the grey market and are known as Pre-IPO stocks. It is expected to participate in the next few rounds of funding. As per sources, Swiggy is planning for a mega-IPO of $800 million which might launch at the end of this year.

However, it is difficult to predict the Swiggy share price NSE or BSE without accurate details of its IPO. The company’s efforts to increase sales and become listed is a great opportunity for investors interested in buying Swiggy unlisted shares.

Invest In Swiggy Unlisted Shares At Stockify

Swiggy is one of the fastest-growing online food delivery businesses that target 500 Indian cities. In addition, the company is planning for global expansion that brings investors a good return on investment. Swiggy’s IPO will allow investors to buy its listed stocks at the base price whose further details are not disclosed by the company. However, you can take advantage of an early investor by buying Swiggy unlisted shares.

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1- Is Swiggy Considered A Profitable Business?

Swiggy recently recorded a profit of Rs 67 crore in the last quarter of FY23. It is the first time Swiggy’s food delivery has become profitable.

2- How Can I Buy Swiggy Stocks Online?

Stockify is the best platform to buy Swiggy unlisted shares online. Here, you can check the company’s updated share price and other financial details.

3- What Is The Lock-In Period Of Swiggy Pre-IPO Stocks?

The lock-in period of Swiggy unlisted shares is six months from the date of acquisition.

4- What Factors Affect The Price Of Swiggy Shares In India?

The price of Swiggy unlisted shares can be affected by the company’s performance, market conditions, and overall demand.

5- How To Check The Updated Swiggy Unlisted Share Price?

You can check the updated share price of Swiggy by using Stockify. Our experts update the unlisted shares price after analysing the market trends.

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Before launching its IPO, Swiggy has been planning to increase its sales for which it has various plans in place. Know about Swiggy’s plan here.


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