Swiggy’s Heartwarming Gesture_ Delivery Partner Attends IPL Match

Swiggy’s makes delivery partner attend IPL match, warms hearts

Swiggy’s Heartwarming Gesture_ Delivery Partner Attends IPL Match

In a heartening gesture, Swiggy, India’s leading food delivery company, made headlines recently by granting one of their delivery partners a chance to attend an IPL match. This act of kindness has won the hearts of many and showcased swiggy’s commitment to appreciating their hardworking delivery partners.

What Happened?

Recently, Swiggy did something special for one of its delivery partners, Anand Kumar. He has been working with Swiggy for over three years and appeared in YouTube vlogs with much energy and zeal as a delivery partner with Swiggy. Having noticed his commitment to work, swiggy sent him a surprise invitation to watch an IPL match live. 

He was thrilled and emotional as he had never watched a cricket match in a stadium before. Anand’s story quickly went viral on social media. Soon, pictures of him enjoying the match and waving to the crowd went viral. 

People praised Swiggy for looking after their delivery guys and making them feel special. Gratitude like these and exceptional customer service made Swiggy one of the best choices for investors to invest in. But how is Swiggy performing now?

Swiggy’s Shares in the Unlisted Market

Swiggy is not just known for its service but also its growing presence in the market. Although Swiggy is yet to get listed on the stock exchange, its shares are public in the unlisted market. Many investors are interested in buying Swiggy’s shares, and there are reasons for that. 

  • Swiggy’s valuation in the unlisted market is estimated to be around ₹89,000 crore. 
  • The company has shown consistent growth, with ₹6,000 crore in revenue during FY 2022-23.

Investing in unlisted shares can be risky but rewarding because of the company’s continuous innovation and expansion into new areas, such as grocery delivery and cloud kitchens, making it a promising investment.

Swiggy’s Recent Financial News

Swiggy has been making noteworthy strides in the financial arena as well. Recently, swiggy announced its acquisition of Dineout for ₹1,640 crore.

  • Moreover, swiggy is reportedly planning another funding round to raise around ₹5,700 crore. 
  • Swiggy’s financial performance has also been impressive, with a 40% increase in its revenue for the FY 2022-23 compared to the previous year.

The company’s strategic investments and acquisitions have played a crucial role in its growth. Swiggy’s entry into the quick-commerce space with Instamart and its expansion of Supr Daily, a subscription-based grocery delivery service, have been significant growth drivers.

What does the future hold for Swiggy?

Swiggy, which started in 2014, has become a household name in India. With millions of users and thousands of delivery partners, Swiggy has changed how we order food. 

Swiggy’s future looks promising, with plans for an anticipated IPO. The company continues to innovate, expanding its services in quick-commerce with Instamart and subscription-based grocery delivery through Supr Daily. 

Strategic acquisitions like Dineout strengthen its market position and diversify its offerings. Swiggy’s focus on technology and customer satisfaction ensures it remains competitive. This ongoing growth and innovation make Swiggy a company to watch for potential investors.


Swiggy’s gesture of inviting a delivery partner to an IPL match warmed hearts and highlighted the company’s commitment to its workforce. With a strong presence in the unlisted market and significant financial growth, Swiggy continues to innovate and expand its services. 

Strategic acquisitions and a potential IPO make it an exciting prospect for investors. As Swiggy moves forward, its focus on technology, customer satisfaction, and employee appreciation will likely drive its success, making it an influential player in the food delivery market. 

Currently, Swiggy share price today is trading around ₹350, which has a chance of increasing. If buying Swiggy shares is on your list, contact Stockify. We are India’s leading online trading platform, helping thousands of investors like you buy and sell unlisted stocks from the comfort of their homes. 

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Swiggy’s heartfelt gesture of inviting a delivery partner to an IPL match has touched many hearts. What exactly happened? Why did Swiggy invite him? Here’s more than that. Click here to find out.


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