The Growth Potential For Care Health Insurance Ltd (Religare)


Established in July 2012, the Indian health insurance company has been providing premium quality services encompassed under the umbrella term of ‘Healthcare.’ The company has generated significant revenue and paid its shareholders considerable dividends. Care Health Insurance has not been listed in the stock market, so you can buy Religare unlisted shares if you want to make profits. Care health insurance has shown signs of growth in recent years, giving investors positive hope to buy Religare unlisted shares. Before you bet on Religare pre-IPO shares, you should know more about the company, its financials, and future growth plans. Let’s start with an introduction to the company. 

About The Company 

Care Health Insurance, formerly Religare Healthcare Insurance Limited, was incorporated in July 2012 and offers premium health insurance services to employees, corporate, and individuals. The company provides its products to the retail segment for Health insurance, illness, travel insurance, maternity, and group insurance for corporates. Care Health Insurance has a customer-centric approach and ensures to provide the best quality services and products to meet the client’s needs. 

At the company’s core lies the customer’s benefits, so to make the process easy and convenient for its customers, Care Health Insurance also provides its services digitally. The benefits of using the company’s services are: 

  • Cashless treatment in the network hospitals 
  • Ambulance cover 
  • No claim bonus 
  • Annual health checkups and much more

Care Health Insurance Financial Health 

After knowing about the company, it’s essential to check its financial details before deciding to invest in Religare share. The financial indicators will not only help you decide on the purchase of Religare pre-IPO shares but will also lay down a roadmap for the company’s future growth plans. Here are some key financial facts and figures that Care Health Insurance has reflected for the past few years.

Net Sales-6.4262.5278.4322341.46NAN
Total Income-6.4262.5279322.9341.45.7NAN
Net Profit-16.356.965.7102.211.5-88.7NAN
Shareholder Funds594.8702.5783.71132.21289.213.921.3
Total Assets594.2700.97811130.51288.71421.4

The table above shows a promising future for the company and the growth of Religare unlisted shares. Compared to the financial year 2019, the insurance company made significant progress in net sales, income, and net profits in 2022. The earnings per share and the total assets also showed a considerable increase in2022 numbers compared to the financial details of 2019. 

The company put up an excellent show in the recent quarter of the financial year 2023. Financial reports show that the net profit for Q4, FY23 stood at Rs. 99.27 Cr, compared to Rs. 56.84 Cr in the Q3 of the same year. The company’s net worth also increased from Rs. 1298.20 crores in 2022 to Rs. 1749.17 crores in the final quarter of this year. Along with these developments, other financial indicators like EPS, operating profits, and premiums also depicted a bright future for the company and Religare Health share price. The investors have a positive growth outlook for Care Health Insurance and are eager to invest in the company. You can buy unlisted shares to generate returns from Care Health Insurances’ growth. 

The Growth Potential 

Religare Health Insurance has tremendous growth potential for the years to come. Not only is this rising potential depicted by the company’s strong financials, but the performance of Religare unlisted shares also indicates a positive growth trajectory for the insurance firm. The Religare Health Insurance share price is currently Rs. 160 per share and has yielded considerable returns to its shareholders. You can also buy Religare unlisted shares to generate a substantial ROI. 

Along with this, the company also planned to raise Rs. 300 crores by the rights issue in 2022 to expand the insurance business. Care Health Insurance is also undertaking various initiatives, collaborations, and other awareness causes to pave the road for success in the future. You can invest in unlisted shares if you also want to march with Care Health Insurance in its growth journey. Visit Stockify,the best platform to buy and sell unlisted shares,to invest in Religare share. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the current price of Religare shares? 

Ans. Currently, Religare Health unlisted share is trading at Rs. 160. The price is subject to fluctuations in the market so the unlisted share price may vary. To get updated information, visit Stockify. 

Q2. How can I buy Religare unlisted shares? 

Buying Religare unlisted shares is simple with Stockify. You can easily buy and sell unlisted shares with the help of experts using a few simple steps. Log on to the website, select the unlisted share you want to buy, complete the verification, and proceed with payment. This is how simple it is to buy unlisted shares with Stockify. 

Q3. What is the size of the Care Health Insurance IPO? 

The company plans to raise Rs. 2,000 crore through an initial public offer for Care Health Insurance. For all the other details related to an IPO release date, issue size, etc., visit Stockify. 

Q4. Is Care Health Insurance and Religare the same? 

Care Health Insurance is a subsidiary of Religare Enterprise. Previously, the name of the company was Religare Health Insurance Company Limited. 

Q5. Where can I check the Religare stock price daily? 

Religare Health share price can be checked regularly on Stockify. The platform provides updated information on the latest unlisted shares and expert advice on buying and selling unlisted shares. 

Table of Contents

Religare Health Insurance is now Care Health Insurance. Is the change only limited to the name, or has the insurance firm undertaken other initiatives to drive growth? Let’s find out.


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