Capgemini’s Business Model Explained- The Reason Behind Its Outstanding Success

With advancements in the Information Technology(IT) domain, various companies play a prominent role in providing much-needed services to the people. Capgemini is such a company that brings an evolution to the lives of millions of people through its wide range of services. This French-based multinational company offers technology, consulting, and outsourcing services worldwide. Headquartered in Paris, Capgemini operates in more than 50 countries and has a workforce of 270,000 employees worldwide. 

However, the company performed exceptionally in India and is widely known as Capgemini Technology Services India Limited. The company was incorporated in 1993 under the Indian Companies Act 1956. It is vital to know that Capgemini is an unlisted company that offers its pre-IPO shares for trading. Retail investors can buy Capgemini unlisted shares via trading platforms at their convenience. Before making an investment decision, let’s look at the Capgemini Business model and the core reasons behind its success.

Key Details Of Capgemini 

Capgemini was founded in 1967 by Serge Kampf and headquartered in Paris, France. The company engaged in tech-oriented services, including App development & maintenance, business intelligence, outsourcing, and re-engineering services. The company’s current status is unlisted.” Today, Capgemini unlisted shares are available for retail investors in a grey market. Over the years, the company’s performance has been positive, attracting more investors. Here are the key details of the Capgemini:

Company NameCapgemini
Founding Year1967
LocationParis, France
Founder Serge Kampf
SectorSoftware, IT-consulting service
Current CEOAiman Ezzat 
Market CapRs 68,996 crore

Business Model Of Capgemini Technologies

Capgemini has a mass business model that allows it to target the customer’s ever-evolving needs. To understand the company’s business model, you must know its various business segments. It has four different business segments, which are as follows:

Consulting Services

In this business segment, Capgemini provides consulting services to businesses and organisations. The consulting service helps the management of firms to streamline client processes and boost the organisation’s performance.

Application Services

Capgemini develops, deploys, and maintains IT-based applications for clients in this segment. With its team, it provides the organisation with system integration and various advanced application maintenance activities.

Other Services

The company also engages in other services, which include developing, integrating, and managing the IT infrastructure for global firms. Capgemini provides its outsourcing service, which examines the client’s digital transaction issues and business processing framework.

The company’s business model lies in value propositions for developing multidimensional operating models. It designs advanced IT-based infrastructure and offers its services to manage it. Capgemini focuses on understanding its clients’ values as a trusted outsourcing service provider. It has a strong demonstrated performance model, which makes it different from its competitors. 

The unique business model of Capgemini Technology services makes it a worthy investing company. The demand for Capgemini unlisted shares is high in India due to their good performance. Capgemini India share price increased in the past few years despite the  economic slowdown. One of the reasons behind this is the business model of the company and its risk management model.

Reasons Behind Capgemini’s Success Over The Years 

IT is one of the industries that involve high competition. Companies that deal in B2B and B2C have faced various challenges. However, Capgemini became one of the fastest-growing companies with a worldwide customer base. The company has development centres in various cities of India, including Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. You might be curious to know the secret behind the enormous success of Capgemini. Here are the prominent reasons that contribute towards its success:

Better Value Proposition

The value proposition of Capgemini is excellent in that it focuses on two factors: performance and brand status. Over the years, the company demonstrated strong performance and maintained an Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) that helps many firms worldwide. It is the reason the company gets global exposure and emerges as an industry leader.

Broad Channels

One of the major reasons behind its success is its customer acquisition method which involves its broad channels. Capgemini has an extensive network of its partners. The company promotes its offering through various mediums like social media channels and various business events.

Personalised Customer Relationship

The customer relationship approach of Capgemini involves personalised assistance to the clients. With vast customer support, the company caters to the organisation’s technology and outsourcing service needs. As a result, Capgemini gained trust among clients all over the world.

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1- What Is The Main Business Of Capgemini Technologies?

The main business of Capgemini is IT consulting, which offers its services in technology and engineering domains.

2- How Can I Invest In Capgemini Company?

Capgemini is not listed on any stock exchange yet. You can only invest in it via Capgemini unlisted shares. To buy unlisted shares, contact us now!

3- What Is The Current Capgemini Pre-IPO Share Price?

As per the market data, Capgemini unlisted share price today is Rs 11,300 per share.

4- What Is The Process Of Buying Capgemini Unlisted Shares Online?

The process of buying unlisted shares of Capgemini online is simple with the help of Stockify. From our platform, you can easily buy Capgemini unlisted shares.

5- What Is The Launch Date Of The Capgemini IPO?

Till now, there is no exact launch date released by Capgemini about its IPO. For getting future updates about its IPO, subscribe to Stockify.

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Capgemini is a multi-national company offering IT and consulting services worldwide. Let’s take a look at its business model and the reasons behind its enormous success.


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