Bira 91 – A Journey Of Expansions, Acquisitions & Fundraising

In India, Bira91 is the most preferred choice among millennials when it comes to beer. As per the sources, Bira91 is the 4th largest beer company and claims to hold a market share of 5% across the beer industry in India. Not only is the company performing well in the beer market but also in the grey market. Since the company is not yet listed on the stock market, people can buy Bira 91 pre-IPO shares available in the market. The company is also planning to release its IPO in the next two to three years. If you want to invest in Bira91 unlisted shares, you should know the company’s journey, expansion, acquisition, and fundraising. 

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About Bira91

Incorporated in 2015, Bira91 was formally known as B9 Beverages, famous for its delicious beers, robust draft network, and goodwill in the market. With its premium beer, the company became a rage amongst urban millennials. The company produces beer made from wheat, barley, and hops available in different drafts like 330ml, 650ml, 500ml cans. The company has 5 beers in its portfolio, including Bira91 White, Bira 91 Light, Bira91 Strong, Bira 91 Blonde, and Bira 91 Indian Pale Ale. The company’s authorised share capital is Rs. 151.88 Cr, and the total paid-up capital is Rs. 128.59 Cr. Since it is an unlisted company, Bira 91 pre-IPO shares are available in the grey market to trade. People who want to invest and earn a high ROI can invest in Bira 91 unlisted shares

Expansion Of The Company

In the beginning, the company was selling its products across India, but gradually, it expanded its business to other countries. Today, the company serves 500 towns and cities spread across 15 countries. In addition, the company also expanded its business by launching its products in five new markets: Singapore, the United Kingdom, Thailand, UAE, and Hong Kong. The CEO of the company said that they’re looking to embark on the journey toward creating the first global brand of craft beers. The company has been performing quite well and earned Rs. 2,265 Cr in revenue in the FY21-22 as opposed to Rs. 1,129 Cr in revenue in FY2021. The EBITDA of the company also witnessed growth from Rs. 272cr. in FY2020-21 to Rs. 341cr. in FY2021-22. The company’s positive financial performance allows investors to invest in Bira91 unlisted shares.


Last year, the company acquired Alcoveb Retail Chain The Beer Cafe in an all stock-deal. The cafe plays a significant role in the pubs and taproom market. With this acquisition, the bar chain will become a fully owned subsidiary of the beer manufacturer. Ankur Jain, CEO of the company, also said that the company would boost its presence in a large-scale direct-to-consumer platform focused on Beer & Innovation. It is revealed that the company will incorporate its experience, infrastructure, and expansion capabilities to upgrade its Beer Cafe operating model to serve its beer enthusiasts. This step will also boost Bira91 unlisted share price in the grey market. 

Sneak Peek Into Fund Raising

According to the CEO of the company, Ankur Jain, they raised $1.5 million from a group of friends when he initially started the company. So, in the first round of funding, the company raised $6 million (Rs. 40 crores) from Sequoia Capital. The Series A funding also witnessed participation from Angel Investors in India, such as Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl (Co-founder of SnapDeal), Ashish Dhawan (ChrysCapital) Deepinder Goyal (Zomato), to name a few. In 2018, the company raised an additional $50 million from Sofina, a Belgian family-owned fund, and its existing investors. 

In 2019, Bira91 raised funding of $4.3m from Sixth Sense Ventures in its pre-series C round. In the D series, the company raised a total funding of $70 million from leading Japanese firm Kirin Holdings. 

This is Bira91 largest fundraise. There is a strong recovery of demand for beer led by younger and new consumers. The Indian beer market, at $8 billion by value share, will grow to $20 billion by 2023,” said Ankur Jain, CEO of Bira91. 

The company raised $10 million in debt fundraising to expand its production capacity from 400,000 cases to 1.7 million cases. The funds raised by Bira9 1will help the company expand its existing services and increase its production capacity by commissioning new breweries. 

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  1. How do I buy Bira 91 pre-IPO shares?

Ans. Buying Bira91 unlisted shares is easy with Stockify. We help investors with buying and selling unlisted shares throughout the process. 

  1. What is Bira91 unlisted share price today?

Ans. The current price for Bira91 pre-IPO share is Rs. 700. However, the price keeps on fluctuating based on the market trends and the company’s financial performance. 

  1. Are Bira91 unlisted shares regulated by SEBI?

Ans. No, SEBI doesn’t regulate the unlisted market share; however, there are certain rules and regulations that are applicable in the grey market, like DP charges for each transaction, 

Stamp duty, lock-in period, etc. 

  1. Is buying Bira91 unlisted shares legal in India?

Ans. Yes, buying and selling unlisted shares are 100% legal in India. To make the process seamless, connect with experts at Stockify. 

  1. Why should I go with Stockify for unlisted shares trading?

Ans. Stockify is the leading platform helping people with buying and selling unlisted shares seamlessly. Connect with the experts today. 

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Last year, Bira91 raised Rs. 570 Cr from Japan’s Kirin Holdings and is planning to raise $20 billion by 2030, as per CEO Ankur Jain.


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