Bright Future For HDFC Securities & Other Platforms

With the rising financial literacy among the common folks, the number of online transactions, buying and selling of securities, and the general rise in stock trading volume have increased exponentially in India and worldwide. As per a report by SEBI, the number of demat accounts rose from 2.3 crore in 2010 to 5.3 crore in 2021, and the number has been on the rise ever since. 

The Rising Trend Of Stock Trading Platforms

To cater to the rising volumes of transactions and to capitalise on the gains from this growing volume of transactions, the world saw a rise in stockbroking platforms. India’s online trading sector accounts for more than $14 billion. Unlike other industries, the pandemic gave the online trading industry a boost. The sector saw a rise in the number of Demat accounts and the number of transactions post covid. Many stock broking platforms like IIFL Securities, Kota Securities, and Zerodha flooded the online stock trading market. 

Companies like Upstox, AxisDirect, SBI Securities have growth potential for the future and are ready to claim their share of success. HDFC Securities, a stock trading platform of India’s leading private sector bank, has seen considerable growth. Not only did the company perform well in the trading sector, but HDFC unlisted shares also made good progress in the grey market. Let us look at HDFC Securities’ performance and analyse what led to the company’s growth. 

About HDFC Securities 

HDFC Securities is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank and is one of India’s leading stock broking companies. The company was founded in year 2000 and deals in various products and services. The list includes asset classes like equity, debt, real estate, gold, etc. 

The company also offers customers stocks, derivatives, FDs, MFs, bonds, and currency derivatives, to name a few. The company has not yet registered with NSE or BSE but sells its shares through the unlisted stock market. You can buy unlisted shares in the company to be a part of the company’s growth journey. 

The HDFC unlisted share has shown a consistent performance in the grey market. The current HDFC Securities unlisted share price is Rs. 11255 per share. There are multiple online platforms to trade unlisted shares that can be used to invest in the company. 

Notable Financial Performance Of HDFC Securities

Being a subsidiary of India’s leading private sector bank, HDFC Securities has shown a splendid growth in its financial figures over the years. 

ParticularsFY 2021-22FY 2020-21FY 2019-20FY 2018-19
Brokerage and Fee Income1,40,937114,02468,77965,216
Interest Income52,80421,11014,6436,980
Total Revenue from operations1,97,557136,81685,74777,056
Total Expenses67,00045,38250,90149.523
Profit before tax132,03194,56150,90149,523
Profit for the year98,43470,32538,41532,982
EPS (In INR)623.21446.64245.86212

The company’s performance has seen some ups and downs, still, the overall income, revenue, and profits give an optimistic hope for the company’s growth in the future and good news for the shareholders and investors in HDFC Securities unlisted shares. The company possesses a strong financial growth potential, which will lead to optimal performance of the company’s share in the grey market. Investors and shareholders are ready to buy HDFC Securities unlisted shares to generate significant ROI. Let us trace the performance of HDFC Securities unlisted shares. 

HDFC Securities Grey Market Performance

The company has been performing consistently in the unlisted share market and has earned its investors a fair share of returns in the past. The unlisted share performance of HDFC Securities unlisted shares shows that the dividend per share received has been on a growth journey. 

YearTotal IncomePATDividend Per Share

Not only this, but the unlisted share price has also shown consistency, apart from a few crests and troughs along the way.

What Led To The Rise Of HDFC Securities & Other Such Companies?

The major reason that led to such online stock trading platforms is the rise of financial literacy and the growing inclination of people towards the stock market and investing in general. If you have not started trading, join Stockify, India’s leading platform to trade unlisted shares

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the HDFC Securities unlisted share price today? 

Currently, HDFC Securities unlisted share is trading at Rs. 11,255. It should be noted that the unlisted share prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations. You can visit Stockify to get updated information. 

Q2. How can I buy HDFC Securuties unlisted shares? 

Buying HDFC Securities unlisted shares is easy with Stockify. Log in to the platform, and select the unlisted share. Complete the KYC and verification process and proceed to the payment. In a few clicks, you will have HDFC unlisted shares. 

Q3. Is HDFC Securities a trading platform? 

HDFC Securities is India’s leading online real-time platform to trade. You can also keep track of your stocks using this platform. It is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, India’s leading private-sector bank. 

Q4. Is it legal to buy HDFC unlisted shares in India? 

It is legal to buy and sell HDFC Securities unlisted shares in India. There are online trading platforms that make trading in unlisted shares easy. Stockify is one online stock broking platform you can use to buy HDFC Securities unlisted shares. 

Q5. How can I check HDFC Securities unlisted share price?

Stockify is the best platform to check the updated price of HDFC Securities unlisted shares. The website updates the prices of unlisted shares regularly by carefully calculating and analysing the market conditions. 

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With rising financial literacy, people are gravitating towards the stock market, which has led to a rising presence of stock broking companies.


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