What Are The Strategies Of Polymatech Behind Investing $1 Billion In Chip Making?

Polymatech Electronics Limited, a Tamil Nadu-based company, proposed an investment plan of $1 billion by 2025. The company confirmed this Investment last year to integrate its operations with its current products along with imported ones. In addition, Polymatech also signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with the government of Tamil Nadu. According to the reports, the company will get an initial investment of $130 million during this MoU. Read this blog till the end to know the possible strategies of Polymatech regarding its chip making.

Polymatech To Invest $1 Billion in Chip Making By 2025

Polymatech Electronics Limited, India’s foremost chip-manufacturing company, expanded its business. As per the report of The Times of India, Polymatech will invest $1 billion in semiconductor chip manufacturing by 2025. 

According to the World Semiconductor Statistics, the global industry market size of semiconductor chips will be $1,340 billion by 2029. The current demand for the chips in the market is high, which makes Polymatech investment worth every dollar. However, in India, the semiconductor market largely depends on imports. 

In a recent statement, Polymatech said, “Our vision is aligned with the government’s vision and initiatives like Make In India and Digital India.” The Investment of $1 billion will be used to streamline its integrated operations of various current and indigenous products being imported.

Possible Strategies of Polymatech Behind Investing $1 Billion In Chip-Manufacturing

Polymatech Electronics Private Limited wants to expand its semiconductor chip manufacturing and reduce its dependence on global suppliers. In SEMICON India 2023, Polymatech showcased its cutting-edge solutions, clarifying its precedent business growth in the next few years. 

The company has enough capital to meet the market demand without relying on imports. Here are the possible strategies of Polymatech behind investing $1 billion in chip making:

Become Asia’s Largest Chip Manufacturer

The foremost strategy of Polymatech is to become Asia’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by 2025. It will focus on recognising the market’s future growth and plan its business operations accordingly. As per the information shared by Polymatech’s Founding President, Nandam Iswara Rao, the company will expand its business and create value in the ever-growing semiconductor chip market.

Increase The Capacity of Chip-making

Polymatech also plans to leverage the available resources and capital to expand its chip manufacturing process. As per the statement shared by the company, it successfully completed the trials with the first phase of imported machinery. Polymatech will aim to increase its semiconductor chip manufacturing process to 250 million chips annually. It further expanded the capital to set up a new semiconductor manufacturing facility.

Reduce Imports Of Semiconductor Products

Polymatech will devise various strategies to reduce its dependency on the imports of semiconductor products. The company aims to become self-reliant and manufacture the needed semiconductor chips and products in India. During this, it will also plan to take advantage of the various Indian government incentives.

Will Investment In Chip Making Affect Polymatech’s Performance In Grey Market?

Since the company is willing to extend its chip-making process by investing a whopping amount of $1 billion, there are various possibilities regarding its financial performance. In the grey market, Polymatech unlisted share price might increase due to the high demand amid its business expansion. According to the reports, Polymatech will target new geographical regions by setting up its semiconductor chip manufacturing plants.

As the company grows, it will positively impact its financial metrics like operating revenue, net profit, EBITDA, etc. There are higher chances that Polymatech pre-IPO shares remain in high demand. In addition, the company is also looking to leverage the available funds and establish itself as the prominent chip maker in Asia and also target the global market.

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1- What is the recent revenue of Polymatech Electronic Private Limited?

As per the consolidated report shared by the company in 2022, the operating revenue of Polymatech Private Limited was between Rs 100-500 crore. Check the revenue and other financial metrics of the company on Stockify.

2- Is it profitable to invest in Polymatech Electronic Private Limited?

Polymatech is consistently growing and participates in funding and acquisition deals. Recently, the company decided to invest $1 billion in chip manufacturing. That’s why it is profitable to invest in Polymatech unlisted shares.

3- How to check the updated Polymatech share price in India?

You can check the updated Polymatech stock price in India on Stockify. The unlisted shares broking platform shares the recent unlisted share prices along with the complete financial details.

4- What is the process of buying Polymatech unlisted shares online?

The process of buying Polymatech pre-IPO shares online is quick and simple. All you have to do is sign up with Stockify. Here, our expert unlisted share brokers will guide you with each step.

5- When will the Polymatech IPO launch?

Polymatech doesn’t share any details regarding an IPO date and timing. The company is reportedly launching its IPO in the next year. To stay updated with Polymatech IPO and the latest news, subscribe to Stockify.

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Polymatech plans to invest $1 billion in chip manufacturing and become Asia’s biggest chip manufacturer by 2025.
Polymatech plans to invest $1 billion in chip manufacturing and become Asia's biggest chip manufacturer by 2025.


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