What Factors Directly Affect The Reliance Retail Unlisted Share Price?

Reliance Retail, the retail arm of Reliance Industry Limited (RIL), has shown tremendous business growth in the last few years. Using omni-marketing channels, today it serves millions of customers by providing retail services in consumer electronics, fashion & apparel, grocery, pharma, and more. 

Reliance Retail consistently strived on the path of growth and made its position in the list of the top ten most valued companies in the world. Being a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd., Reliance Retail still needs to be listed on the stock market, and there are speculations that its IPO may launch this year. However, many retail investors have already invested in Reliance Retail unlisted shares. 

Since the unlisted share prices depend on the factors like the company’s performance and market fluctuation, it is also crucial to know about these factors in detail. In this post, we will share the prominent factors that affect Reliance Retail unlisted share price.

Details Of Reliance Retail Unlisted Shares

Before we discuss the factors that directly affect the price of unlisted shares, let’s have a quick overview of Reliance Retail unlisted shares. These shares are available for over-the-counter securities and accessible for trading in the Pre-IPO market. 

Reliance Retail shares are traded at a total valuation of Rs 28 lakhs crores in an unlisted share market. It is due to the high demand and low equity available. Here are key details of the Reliance Retail unlisted shares:

Details of Reliance Retail unlisted sharesValue
Face ValueRs 10 per equity share
Market CapitalisationRs 11652654.1 Million
Current unlisted share priceRs 2270 per equity share

Moreover, the equity per sale of the Reliance Retail unlisted shares was 9.0 (FY22), 8.92 (FY21), and 11.07 (FY20). The important thing here is that the price of unlisted shares of Reliance Retail fluctuates and doesn’t remain the same.

Various Factors That Directly Affect Reliance Retail Unlisted Share Price

Various factors play an important role when determining the exact unlisted share price. Reliance Retail’s Pre-IPO stock price depends on its current market performance and financial criteria like net operational revenue, PAT, present debt on the company, and more. Here are the following factors that affect the Reliance Retail unlisted share price:

1- Company’s Performance

A significant factor that applies to every company’s unlisted shares and largely affects the price is its current performance. Reliance Retail’s business performance in terms of total revenue, EBITDA ratio, Profit After Tax (PAT), and Expenses are the factors that play an essential role in determining the current share price. Another thing is the performance of Reliance Retail’s competitors like DMart and Big Basket. Investors need to take the factor of the company’s current performance into consideration while buying unlisted shares.

2- Net Asset Value

Net Asset Value (NAV) is the value of the total assets of Reliance Retail in the market. These assets provided by the company include tangible and intangible value determined by the market valuation method. In the case of Reliance Retail, it can identify assets the company disclosed while making its unlisted shares available for trading. Moreover, SEBI regulates the process of determining the NAV that keeps changing with the company’s performance. Reliance Retail unlisted share price also depends on the company’s net asset value.

3- Price To Earning Ratio

Price to earning ratio is another factor that can affect the price of unlisted shares of Reliance Retail. The value of the unlisted equity can be determined by forecasting its future earnings subjected to risk. With the change in the market due to inflation, the price of Reliance Retail unlisted shares gets affected. However, based on past data, Reliance Retail is one of the few companies that perform consistently well despite the economic slowdown.

4- Economic Metrics

Various economic metrics primarily affect Reliance Retail unlisted share price. Since it is a retail business, it is subjected to the different monetary policies released by the state and central government. Here various financial metrics like interest rate, debt ratio, and dividend percentage get essential. The company often changes its investment policy when announcing new dividends for investors. There is a high chance that economic metrics affect the price of Reliance Retail unlisted shares.

5- Demand And Supply

An important factor that directly affects the price of Reliance Retail Pre-IPO stocks is the demand and supply of the company’s products and services in the market. When the company meets consumers’ needs, there are higher chances that the price of its unlisted shares will go up and vice versa.

If you are confused about investing in unlisted shares, you should consider the factor of demand and supply while comprehending the financials of a retail giant. With a detailed analysis in this manner, you can make a sound investment decision.

Where To Check Reliance Retail Unlisted Share Price?

Given the changing share price of Reliance Retail unlisted stocks, staying updated on the latest price is crucial. However, only a few online trading platforms keep updates on the Reliance Retail unlisted share price. Stockify is investors’ first choice to check the price and buy unlisted shares hassle-free. 

Here, you will get the updated unlisted share price per the changing market condition. Moreover, we have an experienced team who guide you through buying and selling unlisted shares in a detailed and friendly way. On Stockify, you can also invest in Pre-IPO stocks of other top-performing companies like Tata Technologies, OYO, PharmEasy, and more. To start investing, connect with us now!

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Reliance Retail offers unlisted shares for trading in the Pre-IPO market. These are factors that directly affect Reliance Retail unlisted share price.


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