What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Nayara Energy Ltd Unlisted Shares?

When making an investment, choosing the right company is crucial for a high return on investment. Oil refineries and energy-producing companies are often considered the best option as their business growth remains positive. One such company is Nayara Energy Limited, formerly Essar Oil which provides its unlisted shares for trading. The company’s performance in the grey market remains positive, attracting investors to buy Nayara Energy Limited unlisted shares. 

As an investor, you should analyse a company’s various risks and financial figures before making an investment decision. If you want to invest in Nayara Energy Limited pre-IPO shares, this blog will share the essential factors to consider while buying its unlisted shares. 

Nayara Energy Limited- An Opportunistic Company For Investors

Petrochemical and energy companies remain in huge demand in every country. One of the main reasons behind it is people’s daily need for gas and energy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the global oil market demand 2025 is expected to reach 2.1 million barrels. To meet this huge demand, the role of global energy companies like Nayara Energy Limited will be huge. It means investing in this company can provide investors with a multi-bagger return.

Nayara Energy Limited is an international integrated downstream oil company previously known as Essar Oil. It is engaged in the complete hydrocarbon value chain from refining to production and marketing across various segments, including retail.

The company was acquired by Rosneft, the world’s largest public oil and gas company, in 2016, after which it was renamed from Essar Oil to Nayara Energy Limited.

However, in the same year, the company was delisted from the stock market with a final price of reverse book value of Rs 262.80. At that time, investors were curious to know why Nayara Energy Limited delisted in 2016.

Nayara Energy Limited unlisted shares have been trading in the grey market since then. Today, retail investors can buy Nayara Energy pre-IPO stocks from the best unlisted shares broking platform in India.

The financial performance of the unlisted shares of Nayara Energy Limited has remained positive in the last few years. It continues expanding its domestic distribution network in different states of India, including Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Nayar Energy Ltd recorded the highest-ever PAT during FY19-20. So, it is an opportunistic time for investors to buy Nayara Energy Ltd shares. However, there are various factors you need to consider before investing in unlisted shares.

Factors To Consider While Buying Nayara Energy Ltd Unlisted Shares

Since Nayara Energy Limited allows investors to buy its unlisted shares, knowing its financial details without accurate resources can be cumbersome. While planning to buy Nayara Energy Limited unlisted shares, you should keep the following things in mind.

Analyse Share Price History

One of the primary things you need to check is the price history of Nayara Energy Limited pre-IPO shares. It will let you know how the unlisted share price of the company fluctuated in the last few months or years. We advise you to rely on trustworthy platforms like Stockify to check the current unlisted share price of Nayara Energy Limited.

Risk Assessment

Assessing the risk involved in trading Nayara Energy Ltd is equally important as its price. If you don’t have any untapped strategy to trade Nayara Energy Limited unlisted shares, we advise you to take the help of the best unlisted share brokers in India to know the possible risk. Since unlisted shares involve some risk, you should keep in mind while investing in Nayara Energy Limited.

Check Its Financial Performance

Once you analyse the risk, it’s time to check Nayara Energy Limited financial performance in different fiscal years. It usually presents the company’s various financial metrics like operating revenue, PAT, EBITDA, etc. We advise you to check the financial report for at least the past five years. 

Count On Stockify To Buy Nayara Energy Ltd Unlisted Shares

Planning a profitable investment often requires access to resources like company financial performance. That is why it is recommended to get professional assistance from unlisted share brokers. At Stockify, we provide retail investors with the right guidance and strategy to buy unlisted shares hassle-free.

Here, you will access the updated Nayara Energy Ltd shares price in India and the financial report. Apart from Nayara Energy Ltd, you can also invest in other top-performing companies in the unlisted share market, like Chennai Super Kings, Capgemini, Tata Technologies, and more. Start investing in Nayara Energy Limited unlisted shares with Stockify today!


1- Is It Safe To Buy Nayara Energy Ltd Unlisted Shares?

Trading in the unlisted shares of Nayara Energy Limited or any other company involves some sort of risk. It is advised to check its financials and get guidance from unlisted shares brokers for making profitable investments.

2- Why Did Nayara Energy Limited Get Delisted?

The main reason behind the delisting status of Nayara Energy Limited was its weak financial performance. However, you can still buy Nayara Energy Limited unlisted shares.

3- How Can I Check The Updated Price of Nayara Energy Limited Pre-IPO Shares?

You can easily check the updated Nayara Energy share price in India on Stockify. Here, you will get an accurate share price along with financial details.

4- Is It Legal To Buy Or Sell Nayara Energy Limited Unlisted Shares In India?

Buying or selling Nayara Energy Unlisted shares is legal in India. To buyunlisted shares, connect with us today!

5- What Is The Current Price Of Nayara Energy Limited Pre-IPO Shares?

According to recent market data, Nayara Energy Limited share price today is Rs 230.0. For future updates, subscribe to Stockify.

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Investing in Nayara Energy Limited can be risky when you don’t have enough information. Consider these factors before making an investment decision.


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