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What Is The Right Process To Buy NSE Unlisted Shares In India?

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Amidst the news regarding the launch of the NSE IPO, the share prices of the Exchange surged, and an uphill movement was seen in its unlisted share prices. Investors and HNIs(High Networth Individuals) have high hopes and expectations from the Stock Exchange to put up a good show in both the listed and unlisted markets. 

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) was recognised by SEBI in 1993 and ranked as the largest stock exchange in terms of total and average turnover in equity shares. The speculations placed by the investors on the stock earned them significant returns without a large investment.

For investors willing to diversify their investment portfolio to benefit from the fluctuations in the market, buying NSE unlisted shares can be a good investing option. The catch is to adopt the correct investing strategy and processes. 

NSE Unlisted Shares: Is It Worth Investing?

Before getting to the proper process for buying unlisted shares, it is crucial to have a little background about NSE unlisted shares and why investing in NSE unlisted shares is a good option.

The shareholders and investors were clouded by scepticism after the National Stock Exchange IPO news floated in the market. The delay in the IPO by the regulatory authority, SEBI, was due to the pending legal and regulatory issues that the stock exchange faced. Amidst all this rising uncertainty about the NSE Ltd shares, the unlisted share market showed a brighter picture for the Stock Exchange. 

About NSE Unlisted Share

The unlisted share price of the National Stock Exchange has provided significant returns to its shareholders over the past couple of years. Currently, the NSE unlisted share price is Rs. 3,300 per equity share. You can check the updated unlisted share price of NSE on Stockify.

The figure shows the NSE unlisted share price fluctuations in the past six months. The share price has seen multiple downfalls in the unlisted share market but has shown vital signs of recovery in the past few months. Moreover, investors have high hopes regarding the National Stock Exchange unlisted share price performance due to the strong financial statements, solid shareholding patterns, and a strong, established foundation in the industry. Buying NSE shares can be a good investment option for beginners with proper professional guidance. Connect with our experts if you are new to the field of investing! 

Reasons To Buy NSE Unlisted Shares

The share performance can be significantly affected by various factors, and before buying NSE unlisted shares, you must consider these facts and figures. The growth percentage of the consolidated revenue of NSE in 2020-21 was 53%, while the net profit rose around 44%. This has given hope for positive change in the future. 

Apart from the financials, National Stock Exchange is a premier institute. It has gained significant trust throughout its establishment and is backed by a strong and trustworthy group of shareholders. This reduces the chances of default and makes the investment less risky. So if you want to make an investment that yields maximum returns and is less risky, you should buy NSE unlisted shares!

The Process To Buy NSE Unlisted Shares? 

Now that the reason to buy NSE unlisted shares in India is apparent, you must also know the correct way to buy NSE unlisted shares. You can start your investment journey in the unlisted share market and buy NSE unlisted shares in several ways. Here’s a list of the different ways in which you can invest in the unlisted share market:

  • The use of Crowdfunding platforms (a group of investors collectively buy company shares).
  • Investment via financial institutions (usually done by investors with more funds and high-risk tolerance).
  • Investment in unlisted shares through Intermediary platforms. 

Of these three, the best and easiest way to start investing in unlisted shares and buying NSE unlisted shares is by using an online platform for trading in unlisted shares. The process of buying and selling unlisted shares is simple and hassle-free. If you want to buy NSE unlisted shares in a few simple steps, you can use Stockify. It is one of the best trading platforms to buy and sell unlisted, delisted, and pre-IPO shares and ESOPs. Within a few clicks, you can buy NSE unlisted shares via Stockify. 

You only need to sign up on the platform, choose the unlisted shares you want to buy, verify and update your KYC details, initiate the payment, and complete the transfer! 

That’s how simple buying and selling unlisted shares is with Stockify. 

So if you want to buy NSE unlisted shares and shares of other blue chip companies not yet listed in the Indian stock market, you can connect with the professionals at Stockify. 


Q1. What is the current price of NSE Unlisted shares in India? 

The current price of NSE unlisted shares in India is Rs. 3,300 per share. 

Q2. Where can I buy NSE unlisted shares in India? 

The best platform to buy NSE unlisted shares in India is Stockify. You can get recent updates and news regarding trends in the unlisted share market. 

Q3. How is the NSE unlisted share price determined? 

Multiple factors, directly and indirectly, affect the NSE unlisted share price, including supply, demand, and valuation in the funding rounds. 

Q4. Is it safe to buy and buy NSE unlisted shares in India? 

Even though there is little risk associated with buying and selling unlisted shares, trusting a credible site to buy and sell unlisted shares can reduce the risk. Stockify is one such platform that you can consider. 

Q5. How to keep track of NSE unlisted share price? 

Keeping track of the unlisted share is easy with Stockify. The site regularly updates the price of unlisted shares based on market trends. You can connect with the professionals for more information.

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The news of the NSE IPO has caused a storm in the unlisted market. The unlisted share prices are fluctuating and causing turbulence for investors.


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