What Made Tata Capital Raise $200Million Foriegn Loan? 

Tata Capital Ltd has raised a $200 million three-year loan from Taiwan’s CTBC Bank and Singapore’s DBS Bank. The company wants to diversify its liabilities and is looking to raise up to $750 million through overseas loans, bonds, and other debt instruments in FY25.

Tata Capital’s expansion efforts

Earlier, Tata Capital could answer 75 percent of customers’ questions with a chatbot. Today, the company uses AI for more than 90 percent of the questions. This shows that at least 90% of human efforts in customer services have been reduced.

Sabharwal, MD CEO of Tata Capital, told Businessline that they only use AI for customer service. However, in the future, they intend to use AI in marketing and credit processes like credit scoring and risk management. They are working hard to expand their AI play.

On the other hand, they are not settling down on their offline services either. Tata Capital has seen a significant increase in physical branches, growing from 175 stores in 2021 to over 700 in the last 2.5 years. As their MD CEO Rajiv Sabharwal said, their target is to reach 1,000 branches by March 2025.

Tata’s need to raise debt capital

Ever since US bond yields eased after the hike in 2020, Indian companies have seen a lot of interest in raising loans in dollar denominations. Tata Capital’s loan book stands at around INR 116796 crores. This means that currently, the NBFC’s Debt-to-Equity ratio stands at 6.43. For any NBFC, a ratio between 4 and 8 is considered good and manageable.

So, Tata does have enough room to take on an extra $200 million loan (INR 1660 crore), which should increase the ratio to 6.543.

With the financial sector doing well in India, Tata’s growing operations may have also made it face tight liquidity in Indian markets, just like other NBFCs in the country. This has been one of the major reasons why NBFCs have been raising medium-term loans or bonds recently.

Borrowing international cash helps Tata diversify its liabilities and not concentrate everything on one source. The landing cost of this loan is almost equal to its domestic cost of funds. Tata Capital initially paid around 6.55% for its dollar loans, which was 120 basis points above the 3-month/quarterly SOFR rate. However, the ultimate rupee rate might be higher after hedging and tax liabilities. 

Now, the company can value the loan 120 basis points higher than the 1mo, 3mo, or 6mo SOFR, depending on market conditions. 

This loan is also a part of its big move of raising a total of $750 million in external commercial borrowing (ECB) scheme, by Reserve Bank of India requirements.

The rising profits of Tata Capital: an efficient asset management system

Tata Capital saw a substantial growth in 2022-2023 when its Revenue grew by 33%. But, what’s more interesting is that its Profit After Tax (PAT) grew by 64% in the same year. This suggests how brilliantly and efficiently the company managed its expenses.

Indicator2021 (Crores)2022 (Crores)2023 (Crores)
Profit After Tax₹124.46₹180.08₹294.61
Cash & Cash Equivalents₹205.06₹213.58₹305.89
Total Assets₹8,293.03₹10,238.63₹13,556.23
Total Equity₹1,080.68₹1,283.60₹1,814.87
Total Liabilities₹7,212.35₹8,955.03₹11,741.36

Source: Stockify

Over the three years, the company saw a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 11.9%. EBITDA increased by 48.1% from 2021 to 2023, with a CAGR of approximately 22.4%, and Profit After Tax (PAT) also surged by approximately 95.7% CAGR.

So, Tata Capital has seen a strong revenue expansion, coupled with improved profitability. This is mainly due to its expansion efforts in digital, and offline fronts.

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Tata Capital has taken loans from different banks as part of its expansion programs. Due to this expansion, Tata Capital may face tight liquidity in scaling its operations.


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