When Subsidiaries Go Public: What Tata Motors’ Shareholders Can Expect From Its IPO?

Tata Group has a long history of delivering customer-oriented solutions with the help of its subsidiaries. It is one of the trusted groups that has served the people of India for decades and has a good reputation in the market. After nearly 19 years, Tata Group is all set to bring an IPO of Tata Motors’ subsidiary Tata Technologies, for which it filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus with the Stock Exchange Board Of India (SEBI). 

If you already have a shareholder of Tata Motors, one question that comes to your mind right now is how Tata Technologies’ IPO will benefit you. Until now, Tata Technologies shares can be traded in the Pre-IPO market, commonly referred to as unlisted shares. 

However, investors can easily invest using trading platforms once the IPO goes public. For all the shareholders of Tata Motors, it is vital to understand what benefits the IPO of Tata Technologies will bring for them. 

Why Did Tata Technologies Decide To Go Public?

Amid Tata Technologies’ IPO news, most people asked why Tata Motors’ subsidiary decided to go public. During the filing exchange, Tata Motors officials said that Tata Technologies filed for an IPO consisting of 95,708,984 equity shares of cash, representing 23.10% of paid-up share capital. 

It is interesting to note that it is Tata Motors’ first subsidiary that will go public in nearly 18 years. Now, the question is why Tata Technologies decided to go public or needed capital at this stage. Well, various reasons behind it are essential to understand for every investor.

A Subsidiary Of Tata Motors

Tata Technologies is a subsidiary of Tata Motors, so the upcoming IPO will directly benefit the parent company. Once it goes public, the proceeds will move to Tata Motors’ balance sheet, benefiting its existing investors. Moreover, it is also helping the company get debt free by making Tata Technology shares available for trading in NSE and BSE.

Getting More Exposure

With an IPO’s help, Tata Technologies aims to raise funds and get public recognition. Here Tata Motors is planning to get more exposure with the help of its subsidiary in technology and design. This step also signifies the preparation of Tata Motors to compete with companies whose IPO is coming in 2023.

Increasing The Demand For Shares

The upcoming IPO will increase the share demand, resulting in a high Tata Technology share price. It will create a high impact and let the investors know what is coming to the market. Tata Motors aims to raise the demand for IPO shares among retail investors.

About Tata Technologies IPO 

As the officials released no exact date for the launch of the Tata Technologies IPO, existing shareholders of Tata Motors must know about its IPO. The upcoming IPO will consist of the offer for sale(OFS) of 95.71 million shares, in which Tata Motors is offering 81.3 million shares, Tata Capital Growth Fund is offering up to 4.86 million shares, and Alpha TC Holdings Pte is offering up to 9.72 million shares. 

Currently, Tata Motors has a 74.69% stake in Tata Technologies. The size of an IPO has yet to be disclosed, and the recent buyback value of Tata Technologies is Rs 16,080 crore. Talking about the offer structure, 50% is reserved for qualified institutional buyers, 35% for retail investors, and 15% for non-institutional investors. There is no clear statement from the company regarding the expected Tata Technologies share price after the launch of an IPO.

Things Tata Motors’ Shareholders can expect from Tata Technologies’s IPO

The shareholders of Tata Motors can expect big benefits from Tata Technologies’ IPO. Since it is an IPO of Tata Motors subsidiary, the existing investors will easily claim the Tata Technologies shares. When filing IPO papers with market regulator SEBI, the shares of Tata Motors surged in the Stock market. Here are the things shareholders can expect from Tata Technologies’s IPO:

Bigger Gains for Tata Motors’ Investors

Tata Motors is expected to sell 8,11,33,706 Tata Technologies shares under this public issue. The auto-major acquired rate of share is expected to be Rs 7.40 per share. So, it is clear that the shareholders of Tata Motors will reap the major benefits from the Tata Technologies IPO as the market will go highly bullish on its parent company’s shares.

Highest Stakes In Tata Technologies

As a parent company, Tata Motors has the highest stakes in Tata Technologies, ultimately benefiting its shareholders. The IPO is expected to receive a great response that creates the demand to increase the price of Tata Motors shares in the stock market. Listing of Tata Technologies will unlock the value that could add a huge amount to the company’s total valuation.

Can Manage Strict Stop Loss

The share price of Tata Motors has a strong support of Rs 420 per share level. The upcoming IPO of Tata Technologies will allow shareholders of its parent company to hold the shares with a stop loss below Rs 420 per share level. Those who want to buy Tata Technologies IPO shares can maintain the strict stop loss at this level and enjoy future benefits. 

Invest In Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares Before Its IPO

Tata Technologies’ IPO may launch soon in the coming months, and there are a lot of benefits it will bring to shareholders of Tata Motors. However, investing in Tata Technologies unlisted shares is also beneficial to diversify your portfolio as pre-IPO shares are less risky and offer better value for money.

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Tata Motors’ subsidiary will go public as it filed DRHP with SEBI. Know what shareholders of Tata Technologies can expect from Tata Technologies’ IPO.


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