BCCI stopped IPL commentators, players, and teams, from sharing photos/videos from stadiums on match days?


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has recently made a surprising decision that has caught the attention of many cricket fans and players. They have stopped Indian Premier League (IPL) commentators, players, and teams from sharing photos and videos from stadiums on match days.

This move has raised many questions among fans who love to see behind-the-scenes glimpses of their favorite teams and players. It left all cricket lovers thinking about what might be the reason behind this out of nowhere decision that was not effective in the previous matches.

The Reason Behind The Decision By BCCI

The primary reason behind this new rule is the issue of broadcasting rights. The BCCI has signed exclusive deals with broadcasters who pay lakhs and crores for the rights to show IPL matches live. These broadcasters want to ensure they are the only ones providing live content from the stadiums. 

It might reduce the value of these exclusive rights if players, teams, and commentators share their photos and videos. By controlling the content, the BCCI aims to protect its agreements and ensure the broadcasters get what they pay for.

Security concerns

Another important reason is related to security. Sharing live photos and videos from the stadiums can sometimes reveal sensitive information about the security arrangements, which people can misuse with evil intent. By restricting the sharing of such content, the BCCI wants to ensure the safety and security of everyone present at the stadiums, including players, officials, and fans.

Maintaining focus and professionalism

The BCCI also believes that restricting the sharing of photos and videos will help maintain players’ and team focus and professionalism. On match days, players must stay concentrated on the game. Constantly updating social media can be distracting. By limiting this activity, the BCCI hopes players will be more focused and deliver their best performance on the field.

Impact On Fans

For fans, this decision might come as a disappointment. Many fans love to see their favorite players’ personal moments and behind-the-scenes activities. These glimpses make them feel more connected to the teams and the IPL. However, the BCCI believes that the quality of the content provided by the official broadcasters will compensate for this restriction. Fans can still enjoy high-quality coverage and exclusive content through official channels.

So far, players and teams have accepted this new rule without much public opposition. They understand the importance of maintaining broadcasting rights and ensuring security. Some players have mentioned that it allows them to focus better on the game. However, many players still miss sharing those personal moments with their fans.


The decision by BCCI to stop IPL commentators, players, and teams from sharing photos and videos from stadiums on match days is only to protect broadcasting rights, ensure security, and maintain focus and professionalism among players. While this move may disappoint some fans, the BCCI believes it is in the interest of the league and its stakeholders, with the overall goal being to preserve the integrity and value of the IPL.

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The BCCI has recently banned IPL commentators, players, and teams from sharing photos and videos from stadiums on match days. This decision aims to protect broadcasting rights, ensure security, and maintain players’ focus. How did this impact fans? Then, learn how to buy unlisted shares of IPL teams like Chennai Super Kings.


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