In the Shadow of Atma Nirbhar LAVA International Ltd, Unlisted Shares Are Soaring

The vicious pandemic taught the entire world how dependence on one country for components like panels, semiconductors, and raw materials for automobiles could have an adverse effect on production. A country can enhance its economic growth by promoting domestic production and becoming self-reliant. Many smartphone manufacturing companies dependent upon other countries for the production of mobile devices faced a major downfall during the pandemic, and one such company is Lava International. Thanks to the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme in line with ‘Make In India’ initiative launched by PM Modi with the principle of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat,’ the company has re-entered the market with its flagship brand ‘MyZ’ with phones priced in the Rs. 6,999-10,500 range. With this comeback, the company’s unlisted shares in India have started soaring. 

Let’s read how Lava International unlisted shares are in the limelight again. 

How Make In India Revised LAVA?

Launched in 2014 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Make In India is an initiative that aims to promote Indian-made goods resulting in higher employability. With the vision to do and achieve more, Indian handset company Lava International took an inspiring move exemplifying that ‘Make In India’ is not just a dream but something very achievable. The company provided opportunities to the underprivileged youth of the country to do more in the process to contribute to advancing the country. Further, in terms of productivity, quality, and cost- products made in India are superior and similar to China. With Make In India, the company became the 3rd largest phone company in India with a 13% market share in terms of sales volume in FY21. 

Here’s How Lava Is Planning To Regain Its Position In The Market

There is no doubt that with the Make In India initiative, the company’s comeback strategy is to replicate the success of Chinese smartphone markets by offering smartphones with top-notch specifications at lower price points. With this strategy, the Lava International unlisted shares will reach new heights and allow investors to earn exponential ROI. However, the company is determined to offer its customers the best experience with Indian-made smartphones by providing the following: 

Localised Software & Hardware

Lava smartphones are made with software and hardware that are no less than any international brand. The smartphones they design and build cater to the specific and diverse needs of Indian customers. The provision of localised language used in android smartphones ensures that people can use the end product without difficulty. 

Value For Money

Like any big brand, Lava International’s smartphones are worth buying as they offer the best mobile devices valued for money. Their smartphones provide all the advanced features like 5G, fingerprint sensors, high-resolution cameras, GPS tracking etc., at competitive rates. Further, Lava offers unique add-on benefits with its new devices. For example, all new Lava smartphones come with two years standard warranty on hardware. 

Transition From 4G to 5G

With the advancement in technology, anyone can notice how 5G technology is making a splash in the market. The company is also in the limelight by making a transition from 4G to 5G. By launching their phones with a 5G network, the company ensures that anyone can be a part of the Digital India Mission. 

Reasons To Invest in Lava International Limited Unlisted Shares

In line with the Make In India initiative, Lava International took a lead role in supporting the nation-building program. With this initiative, Lava is now the only company that truly makes ‘Make In India’ smartphones with complete control of design and manufacturing within India. Taking this into account, the Lava International unlisted shares offer an excellent opportunity for potential investors to earn high ROI on their investment. Here are some of the reasons you must know why to invest in Lava International unlisted shares before buying them:

A growing company 

Lava is an Indian multinational company in the mobile handset industry. After merging with the Make In India initiative, the company became the world’s fifth-largest feature phone company. According to the company’s financial report, in FY21, the company generated over 5000 Cr in revenue and made a net profit of Rs. 173 Cr, which was 107 Cr in FY20. Buy Lava International Unlisted shares from Stockify with optimum ease and convenience. 

Diversity investment portfolio 

Another best reason to invest in Lava International Unlisted shares in India is to diversify your portfolio to mitigate the risk associated with the investment. Since the company has made a comeback, it is an excellent opportunity to balance risk and reward by diversifying assets. 

Earn high ROI 

One or two years back, Lava International unlisted share price was available at Rs. 125 per equity share, but currently, they are available at Rs. 155 per equity share. It means that investors can expect to earn high ROI from the investment. So, investors expect to get at least 20x in three years. 
If you’re ready to buy Lava International unlisted shares, Stockify is an ideal platform for you. Connect with us today.

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