Polymatech Showcases Cutting-Edge Innovations at SEMICON India 2023- Possible business plans of the company

Polymatech Electronics, India’s famous semiconductor chip manufacturer, is spotlighted at SEMICON India 2023 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. As the exclusive hub for cutting-edge innovations, the event unites industry leaders and enthusiasts. Polymatech seized this opportunity to uncover its latest technological strategies, making connections with potential allies, patrons, and stakeholders. This strategic presence opens doors to various business prospects, spanning collaborative ventures, expanded clientele, and heightened industry influence. It is now possible for Polymatech to display its products and leave its stamp on semiconductor technology. In this blog, we will talk about its innovations at SEMICON India and future expansion plans.

Polymatech’s Demonstration In SEMICON India 2023

Polymatech Electronics showcased its cutting-edge innovations at SEMICON India 2023 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. This event united industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts, offering Polymatech a platform to highlight its technological strides and engage with potential partners and stakeholders.

The Honourable Prime Minister’s visit to Polymatech’s exhibition stall underscored the company’s commitment to advancing technology in India. Equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and a skilled engineering team, Polymatech continues to pioneer opto semiconductor solutions across diverse sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and healthcare.

The event successfully solidifies existing partnerships and forges new connections with industry stakeholders. Eswara Rao Nandam, Founding President of Polymatech, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to present their innovations, believing they will significantly contribute to the semiconductor industry’s progress.

With a $1 billion investment in semiconductor chip manufacturing, Polymatech aims to become a significant player in Asia’s chip manufacturing landscape by 2025, targeting a revenue of $12 billion by 2030. Currently producing 1 million chips daily in Tamil Nadu, the company is set to scale up to manufacturing 10 billion chips annually in 2023, specialising in opto-semiconductors.

To increase production capacity, two additional facilities are in the works. The first plant in Oragadam, Tamil Nadu, features state-of-the-art machinery imported from Japan and follows an Industry 4.0 approach. Polymatech also focuses on product integration, localization, and enhancing both forward and backward integration of its offerings, which span optical communication, quantum computing, and industrial measuring devices.

Business Plans Of Polymatech

Polymatech Electronics, India’s sole producer of semiconductor chips, is on the verge of commencing large-scale production of cutting-edge semiconductor components for 5G and 6G applications. Polymatech is gearing up to craft these chips in the testing phase at its main manufacturing facility in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. In anticipation of the widespread launch of 5G in India, the industry is grappling with challenges in 5G infrastructure. Polymatech’s semiconductors are poised to slash procurement expenses for telecom enterprises and accomplish minimal power wastage and heightened efficiency. By achieving this, India is poised to join the ranks of South Korea and Taiwan as the third Asian nation capable of manufacturing 5G and 6G components.

The continuous growth of the 5G network is underpinned by the demand for intelligent urban centres, automated factories, and the rise of fully self-driving vehicles. The complete implementation and realisation of 5G’s utmost potential hinges upon establishing a comprehensive 5G network infrastructure. Cutting-edge semiconductors are a linchpin for technologies like 5G, cloud data hubs, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, intelligent municipalities, and autonomous automobiles. Polymatech is favourably positioned in this realm, boasting a notable advantage due to its skill and capabilities. With their leading-edge semiconductor know-how, they are ready to conduct the charge in shaping advanced solutions to drive the forthcoming generation of technology.

Eswara Rao Nandam, Polymatech’s Founding President, shared insights on the breakthrough: “We are harnessing our expertise in Sapphire-based GaN Semicon chips to manufacture semiconductor components for 5G and 6G applications, prioritising minimal power loss, effective signal insulation, and dependable functionality. By leveraging Polymatech’s native technology and our proficiency in LTCC and HTCC packaging, we can actualize miniaturised communication and sensor units that function at ultra-high frequencies. Also, we can create photonics modules featuring low resistance, rapid switching speed, quick reverse recovery, and efficient lossless optical interfaces. While our in-house scientists pioneered this technology, we’re also in advanced dialogues with European industry experts to streamline testing timelines for enhanced reliability and compliance with European Union standards.”

A whopping investment of $1 billion is being funnelled into semiconductor chip manufacturing by Polymatech. By 2025, the company envisions standing as one of Asia’s foremost chip manufacturers, eyeing a revenue projection of $12 billion by 2030. Specialising in Opto-semiconductors, the firm presently fabricates one million chips daily at its Kancheepuram hub, while its ambitions extend to producing ten billion chips annually in the year 2023. Photonics, essential to all technologies involving light, has been revolutionised by Polymatech in domains like optical communication, quantum computing, and industrial measuring tools.

Investment Opportunity For Polymatech Unlisted Share Investors

Investing in Polymatech unlisted shares presents exciting opportunities. As they gear up for large-scale production of cutting-edge 5G and 6G semiconductor components, investors can tap into the potential growth of this sole Indian semiconductor chip producer. The impending launch of 5G in India amplifies the demand for these components, promising reduced costs and heightened efficiency for telecom companies. With Polymatech’s advancements, investors could benefit from the company’s strides towards joining the League of Asian Tech Leaders. In the future, Polymatech unlisted share price is likely to increase. Currently, Polymatech unlisted share price is INR 490. For a seamless investment experience, contact us to buy unlisted shares.


1. Is Polymatech listed in NSE or BSE?

Polymatech is not listed on BSE or BSE, but its unlisted shares are available online.

2. What is the market cap of Polymatech?

Market Cap. of Polymatech is INR 34105 million.

3. What is Polymatech pre IPO share price?

Currently, Polymatech Pre IPO share price is INR 490.

4. Who is the owner of Polymatech Electronics?

Eswara Rao Nandam is the founding director of Polymatech Electronics.

5. Is buying Polymatech unlisted shares legal in India?

Buying and selling Polymatech unlisted shares is 100% legal in India.

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