Demystifying NCL Buildtek’s Journey In The Unlisted Share Market

Before investing in any company, it is crucial to have complete information about its past and current performance in the share market. NCL Buildtek is an unlisted company established in 1989 and engaged in manufacturing and selling windows, doors, glass panels, paints, and more. The company has a wide range of portfolios and a prominent list of clients, which includes Tata, Toyota, Wipro, Indian Oil, BSNL, etc.

Apart from the business market, the journey of NCL Buildtek Ltd in the unlisted shares market is also worth knowing. As an investor, you can easily buy NCL unlisted shares using the online trading platform. However, it is advised to closely examine the company’s past and current performance in the grey market. This blog will discuss NCL Buildtek’s journey in the unlisted share market.

Past Performance Of NCL Buildtek Ltd In Grey Market

The journey of NCL Buildtek Ltd in the unlisted share market is full of ups and downs. NCL allows investors to trade its unlisted shares, whose value or price decides the company’s performance. At the time of entry of NCL in the unlisted share market, it provided limited pre-IPO stocks at the face value of Rs 10 per equity share.

However, today the number of NCL Buildtek unlisted shares is approx 10,000 with a lot size of Rs 100 per equity share. Another important metric here is NCL share price which will give a better idea about its past performance in the grey market. Over the years, the price of NCL pre-IPO shares depends on the company’s business performance. If we 

closely analyse the financials of NCL unlisted shares over the last three years, it gives us a better idea about its past performance.

Financial YearOperating Revenue (in Rs. Crore)EBITDAPATExceptional ProfitDebt

As you can see, the NCL unlisted shares’ financial report for 2018-2023 showed growth in operating revenue over the years except for 2020 and 2021. It was the year when the company’s performance was affected due to the pandemic, which negatively affected its PAT and exceptional profit. However, NCL managed its growth during 2022 and 2023, when its financial metrics increased. That’s why it is recommended to get the real picture of unlisted shares in the grey market before making an investing decision.

Current Performance Of NCL Buildtek In Grey Market

As you better understand NCL Buildtek’s past performance in the grey market, it’s time to look at its current performance. Recently, NCL Buildtek Limited released its financial results for the quarter ending 30th June 2023. 

The financial report clearly mentioned that its operating revenue increased by 13% compared to the previous fiscal year. As per the information shared by the company, it recorded operating revenue of Rs 450 crore due to its strategy for market expansion and capitalising on market opportunities.

One of the noticeable metrics that depicts NCL Buildtek’s growth is its high gross margin. The company’s gross margin increased by 43% in FY23 compared to FY22. Another aspect in which NCL Buildtek recorded growth in the unlisted share market is Profit After Tax (PAT) which increased from Rs 11 crore in FY22 to Rs 20 crore in FY23.

After seeing this, we can say that the performance of NCL Buildtek Ltd improved over the years. The company only recorded a loss during 2020-21 due to the impact of Covid-19.

Why Should You Invest In NCL Buildtek Unlisted Shares?

NCL Buildtek Ltd is considered an underdog which offers high returns on investments. For investors, NCL unlisted shares showed a positive growth in price from the last few months. As per the fresh market data, NCL share price today is Rs 245, which keeps changing along with the company’s performance and market conditions.

We advise you to occasionally keep an eye on NCL unlisted share price and avoid common mistakes while investing in unlisted shares. The company is expected to work towards its business expansion plan, which will increase the demand for NCL unlisted shares. So, it is advised to invest early in NCL pre-IPO shares to gain future benefits like access to NCL IPO shares.

Stockify allows you to buy unlisted shares of NCL Buildtek hassle-free. We have a team of unlisted share brokers who will guide you with the right information about the company. Here, you can check NCL share price history and other financial details. Start investing in NCL Buildtek unlisted shares today!


1- How Is The Performance Of NCL Buildtek In The Unlisted Share Market?

The performance of the NCL Buildtek in the unlisted shares remained positive. As per recent financial reports, ncl reported a positive growth in terms of revenue and net profit. 

2- What Is The Process Of Investing In An NCL Buildtek Company?

You Can Invest In This Company Via NCL Pre-Ipo Shares By Using Stockify. Here, You Will Get Assistance From Experts While Buying NCL Unlisted Shares.

3- What Is NCL Share Price Today?

As Per The Fresh Market Data, NCL Share Price In The Market Today Is Rs 245 Per Equity Share. For Checking The Future Shares Price Of NCL, subscribe to Stockify.

4- When Will NCL Get Listed On The Stock Exchange?

There is no exact date released by the company yet regarding NCL IPO. Till then, you can buy NCL unlisted shares by using Stockify.

5- Where Can I Check The Financial Report Of NCL Buildtek Limited?

You can access the financial report of NCL Buildtek Limited on Stockify. It is the best-unlisted shares trading platform that allows investors to buy or sell pre-IPO shares online.

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NCL Buildtek performed well in the unlisted share market and recorded positive growth in the last fiscal year.


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