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Reasons To Hold PharmEasy Unlisted Shares For The Long Term Ahead Its IPO

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PharmEasy, a startup operating under the parent company API Holdings, is set to file its IPO and raise an amount of Rs 6,250 crores through a fresh issue of shares. The company filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) in November 2021. India’s leading digital healthcare brand is set to enter the primary market.

Will this IPO lead to a change in PharmEasy unlisted share price? Is it worth holding PharmEasy unlisted shares? This write-up will answer all such questions.

PharmEasy Chose The IPO Route 

There’s been a lot of buzz around the PharmEasy IPO as it filed the DRHP and made its plan clear. Founded by Dharmil Sheth and Dr. Dhaval Shah in 2015, the company gained significant growth impetus throughout its journey. It has now planned to extend the growth further by issuing shares in the primary market. 

Objectives Of PharmEasy IPO 

The IPO issued by PharmEasy is said to raise around Rs. 600 crores via the issuance of fresh shares. The primary objectives of the IPO issued are:

  • Out of the Rs. 6,250 crores, Rs. 1,929 crore will be allocated to repay the outstanding debt of the company (repayment and prepayment).
  • Rs. 1,500 crores will fund inorganic growth for the company through acquisitions of other players in the digital domain, while Rs. 1,259 crores will be put towards organic growth.
  • The rest will be used for general corporate purposes.

Why is it Worth Buying PharmEasy Unlisted Shares?

Claiming to be India’s largest digital healthcare platform based on Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), PharmEasy is the best platform that offers online medicine, diagnostic tests, and consultations. The IPO has overtaken the stock market as people are eager to buy PharmEasy shares. Here’s why you should buy PharmEasy unlisted shares:

As a reputed name, the company has 25 million registered users and has around 87,194 pharmacies, 3,261 wholesalers, 4,617 clinics and prescribing doctors, and 926 hospitals. The company works on advanced AI/ML techniques to manage the workflow and streamline the company’s transactions.

Not IssuedRs 6,250 croreBook BuiltNot IssuedNot Issued

The PharmEasy IPO price, open and closing dates are yet to be declared, and investors are eagerly waiting to place their bets on the IPO.  The issuance of this IPO has also caused severe fluctuations in the PharmEasy unlisted share price. Let’s see the effect of PharmEasy IPO on unlisted share prices. 

IPO Affecting PharmEasy Unlisted Share Prices: The Spiral Down Effect

The unlisted share price of PharmEasy (API Holding Holding) has seen a significant downfall in the past few years, falling from Rs 135 to Rs 22 per share. The company has seen muted growth in the unlisted market. 

Even though the grounds seem murky for the company’s growth, the investors are still betting on the company to generate significant returns. Buying unlisted shares is the best way to make a fortune out of the company’s growth, and investors are buying and selling the unlisted shares of the company to generate profits. 

Future Outlook 

After the IPO announcement, even though the company’s unlisted shares dropped, there is still hope for recovery in the long run. Here are a few reasons that reinstate the facts. 

The Financials

PharmEasy financials have shown significant progress in the past few years. The company has seen a growth of 220% in the year 2021, primarily due to the rising demand for health services during the pandemic. 

ParticularsFY 2020FY 2021FY 2022
Revenue(in cr.)667.542,335.275,728.82
Expenses(in cr.)1,084.402,980.938,491.59
Net income(in cr.)(335.28)(641.34)(3,992.50)
Margin (%)(in cr.)(50.23)(27.46)(69.69)
OPM (%)(57.85)(24.38)(39.00)
EBITDA (%)(57.82)(24.37)(40.18)

Industry Potential:

The outlook of the overall industry also has a significant effect on PharmEasy unlisted shares. The company has a target addressable market (TAM) of Rs 10.4 lakh crore as of 2020 and is expected to grow at 14% CAGR to reach Rs 20 lakh crore by 2025. This gives a good chance for the company to grow in the market. 

So, all these factors show a green signal toward the prospect of PharmEasy. The company has touched several milestones and has shown vital signs of growth and progress. If making a profit is your sole aim, buying PharmEasy unlisted shares is the best option. To invest in PharmEasy unlisted shares, Stockify is a good platform where you can buy and sell unlisted shares; not only PharmEasy, but you can also get access to the unlisted stocks of top-performing companies not yet listed in the stock market. As far as the growth and the price fluctuations of the unlisted share are concerned, PharmEasy has some leaps and bounds to cross. 


Q1. What is the PharmEasy unlisted share price in India? 

As per the updates by Stockify, the current PharmEasy unlisted share price is Rs 22.0.

Q2. Can I sell PharmEasy Unlisted shares in India? 

Yes, selling PharmEasy unlisted shares is legal in India, and the best platform to sell unlisted shares in India is Stockify. 

Q3. How can I buy PharmEasy unlisted shares? 

The process of buying PharmEasy unlisted shares is simple if you use Stockify. You just have to log in, verify your KYC details and make the payment. Connect with our experts for more information. 

Q4. What is the PharmEasy IPO issue size? 

The issue size of PharmEasy IPO is Rs. 6,250 crores. 

Q5.Is it legal to buy PharmEasy unlisted shares in India? 

Yes, buying unlisted shares in India is legal, and you can use Stockify to get unlisted shares in India.

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PharmEasy’s IPO has caused turbulence in its unlisted shares, making investors question the worth of holding them.


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