5 Key Reasons Why Investors Should Prioritise NSE

Every day,  more than Rs. 50,00,000 lakhs (USD 6,065495 million) equity value is traded on the National Stock Exchange of India. However, this is only equity; NSE features ETFS, MFSS, SLBs, SGB, SME, and more. In the derivatives market, NSE has made a global mark and is the world’s largest derivative exchange in terms of future contracts and options traded. NSE Nifty 50 has become the flagship index the international business community refers to for understanding the capital market of India.


The above table reflects the average daily trade value (ADTV) of equity shares at the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that most of the investors and stock traders in India rely on NSE. If you are a retail investor or a venture capitalist, the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is the best stock exchange for all your investment requirements. In this blog, we will explore the salient aspects that make NSE an investor’s go-to choice. 

Salient Aspects Of NSE

National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is a cutting-edge, technologically lashed stock exchange renowned globally. Here are the key points that make it one of the best stock exchanges in India and the world.

  1. State Of The Art Technology

NSE has been an innovation model for India’s capital and derivatives market. NSE was established with the objective of increasing transparency in the trade and exchange market of India. The National Stock Exchange of India introduced an electronic, screen-based, and fully automated trading system. Moreover, it utilizes the latest technology for commodity exchange and continues to bring new initiatives in the field.

  1. Large Liquidity

NSE is the foremost in the trade volume and therefore offers high liquidity to its investors. It means more equity shares are available on NSE to be explored, and it’s easier to buy and sell here. Stock exchanges with relatively less liquidity make it difficult to buy or sell equity shares.

  1. Largest Derivative Exchange

Derivatives are less risky investment options where the third party replaces the risks with a fixed rate. NSE is the world’s largest derivative exchange and features numerous future contracts and options to invest in.

  1. Extensive Network

While BSE is present in over 450 cities, NSE has a more extensive network of 1700+ cities in India. The NSE’s presence in India reflects the investors’, stockholders’ and business owners’ faith in the NSE. 

NSE Vs BSE: Why Is NSE Investor’s Choice?

NSE and BSE are renowned exchanges and have unrivaled contributions to the country’s economy. NSE and BSE have immense average daily trade value, and their market capitalization is over USD 2 trillion. However, when it comes to commodity investments, liquidity is an important aspect. NSE offers investors more options to buy and sell equity and derivatives. The higher liquidity allows the investors to trade with more freedom and fewer risks.

NSE – A Story Of Spectacular Performance

NSE has been on a journey of outstanding performance, with double-digit YoY (Year Over Year) figures. This continued on, and NSE disclosed a special financial report in FY2023. The company recorded a 19 percent (Rs 1,810 crore) increase in its March quarter,  and the revenue for Q4 jumped 32 percent (Rs 3,295 crore)  YoY. The company celebrated that by announcing a dividend of Rs. 80 to its shareholders, cashing out Rs 3,960 crore. 

This has boosted the NSE share price, and therefore, NSE stocks are in demand in the grey market. Overall, NSE India unlisted shares have brought good returns to its stockholders. For the uninitiated, NSE is an unlisted entity, and its unlisted shares are available on Stockify, India’s leading stock trading platform. If you want a high ROI(returns on investments), buy NSE unlisted shares today. 

To make your first investment, register with Stockify, and start trading. On Stockify, you can check NSE share price today, EBITDA margin, profit, market performance, etc. Moreover, you can browse the top-performing stocks on the website. A team of advisors is always only a call away to answer your queries and recommend you the right stocks and lot sizes to buy. 

Frequently Asked Questions On NSE

  • Is NSE an excellent stock to buy?

NSE unlisted shares are one of the top-performing stocks in the unlisted market. This is because the NSE share price has been holding strong. 

  • Is NSE a share price?

NSE is both a stock exchange and also an unlisted business entity whose shares are available to buy on platforms like Stockify. Check NSE share price today on Stockify and other market indicators.

  • Which NSE stocks to buy today?

NSE Nifty 50 lists the most traded stocks on NSE.  The list is dynamic and changes every day. Therefore,  check the actively traded stocks on the Nifty 50 index of NSE. 

  • Which share is high in the market?

The indices like NSE Nifty and SENSEX reflect the highly traded shares in the market. Moreover, you can connect with the experts on Stockify for real-time updates on top-performing shares.

  • Which is better, NSE or BSE?

NSE and BSE are both the leading stock exchanges in India. However, NSE has an edge when it comes to the volume of stock traded. 

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If you are a retail investor or a venture capitalist, the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is the best stock exchange for all your investment requirements.


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